Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 13


She had to keep her child with a friend, because she could not bring her daughter , she stopped a taxi and booked down a hotel for herself to stay for the main time and she had to figure where Alex would be staying. if she wasn’t on a mission to fish out her husband, she might use her time now in Lagos to enjoy her self, but she couldn’t do that not when her husband might be in the hand of another woman. she had to deal with too many women because of Alex, including the delectable Amara, she thought bitterly. was Alex worth all this fight? she could not leave him, she could not leave the fame and wealth the marriage had provided for her, she can not do without the luxuries now. and if any woman think she can just come and take it away from her, she should think over again, no one can take away Alex from her.
The hot sun had already made the exist ground
disappearing behind the cloud when Amara drove into her compound, this is the first time she got home on time; but then this particular day and the date always comes with bitterness, she would never had step out of her house if not for the client she was expecting, she had been close to tears all the day, her usual bossiness and harshness didn’t surface today, and once again she had been the Amara she used to be. the girl who was ruled by her emotions, it was a relief to be home, where she could pass over this day on her own, every March 23 she would remember how close she was to be a mother, it slipped away from her finger how every other things do slip away. even thou the child had been a product of abomination, she felt the child could have given her a reason to live: a reason to smile over her past. but now she had nothing to live for other than this unending bitterness and strive to prove every body wrong.
She finally got out of the car with her hand bag on her hand, she walked to her apartment after locking her door but her eyes caught something after getting to the landing, she saw a form sitting at the entrance of the other apartment, the small girl sitting at the entrance was the daughter of her neighbour, the girl probably five or six years old, she was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. although Amara had been hash and uncaring to her neighborhood but she couldn’t do it when it comes to children, instead she had soft spot for them. they always reach her heart unhindered and where she didn’t know all names of her neighbours but she knows their children names, Nadia looked like an Hausa girl with her dark long hair parked in two bonds reminding Amara of a cute little doll as she sat sleeping resting her head on her school bag, Amara was moved, walking fast as she could towards the little girl, she got to the little girl bending down to the level with the little girl touch her on her face, until Nadia opened her innocent little eyes, Nadia seems to notice where she was instantly sitting up, Amara smiled at her, hey sorry for waking u up.
good afternoon, Aunty Ara she said with her little voice.
why are u sleeping here, and where is mummy amara asked her,
a sad look crossed her face, mummy isn’t back yet, she comes home late;
Amara felt the girls pain, for the first time she felt like having a word with her neighbor and it seems like the girl is used to sitting outside waiting for her mother. you know what sweetheart y not come inside with me why u wait for mummy, I will prepare something delicious for u to eat. what would you like to eat?
Amara watched as a look of panic crossed the little girls face, and Amara quickly said mummy would not mind Nadia.
Nadia smiled, and said thank you Aunty Ara , placing her little hands on Amara, Amara could not explain her feeling of joy in Nadia’s trust. a millions butterfly ran thru her stomach as she walked the excited Nadia into her apartment, as they entered Amara wished for the firs time she painted her sitting room, the little girl did not seems to have noticed anything wrong with the room because she was bouncing up and down in happiness probably happy because she was out of the cold and would get a hot meal, alright dearly sit, and what would u like to eat? and she put on the television, Nadia said indomie ,,.