Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 12


Amara placed her aching head on her table,seeing other people had been really bad because half of her brain was completely stuck with the thought of kelvin, the men notice her distraction, but some had been understanding.she shouldn’t have behaved like a fish out of the water in the presence of her workers but with kelvin , she couldn’t just help it. he had a way of reaching out to her, going beyond her defence, what no other person could, she had saw him and she was behaving like an idiot, she was shaking like a fish, making it obvious he had effect on her. that is completely bad she thought,she remembered the look on kelvin face when he stood to live, he had wanted to kiss her. she saw it in his eyes, the way he looked on her lips, making it known that her lips are very dry. but instead of kissing her he turned and left and she was very disappointed.
are there other people waiting to see me she asked taga, who sat on the chair facing Amara with a slow smile on her face” Definitely not” if there is am not sure they would be handsome like that man you had ur eyes fixed on few minute ago.
Amara signed , her secretary also hit the nail head,
sometimes I Wonder if I pay u to scan people good face , Amara said.
come on Ara” even u too agreed of the mans good look, and the man is just breath taking. that explains why u turned into a status when u saw him”
amara looked at taga, she knew that she behaved stupidly by gawking like an idiot, but she taga be mean by pointing it out? she averted her eyes looking at her system.
so tell me, and history between you too she asked, cuss the look I saw in his eyes was enough to melt a stone,
Amara looked at taga, what stupid history uhh, mind ur business and go back to ur table. I have no time for ur stupid observation. you are such a big pain in the neck and I still winder y I haven’t fired you yet.
so there is a history she said not minding what amara was saying laughing mischievously, My God’ I have never seen u so worked up about a man before. it so good to know that u have a red blood in your veins after all. the door suddenly got opened and Tina walked in, Amara looked at taga, the day is just getting worst my the day. go back to ur post taga before someone else barged in to my office again and I will visit ur matter later. taga stood up as Tina walked in looking at Amara.
What is this Amara I have been calling you for the past two days and u refused to pick my calls.
Amara took a deep breath and said I have been busy,
oh don’t give me that ridiculous statement, it sulks, when will u stop running?
I think I have heard enough of that question today amara said angrily.
.that good then, because all the world now know how bitchy you have been behaving,
Bitchy? Tina I will not have you here to be insulting me, I have heard enough.
insult you? my friend you need someone to give u a hot slap and bring u back to reality, what the hell is wrong with you, Amara it had been years when will you forget all that happened and move on, I worked my a-s off to get you a date hoping to bring u back to ur senses, but what did u do, you just ignored me she ranted angrily.
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