Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 11


Alex carried his bag down the stairs, with Lisa voice ringing out loud, when he got to the foot of the stair his driver collected his bag to his car.
it seem like am joking Alex Lisa shouted, what business do u have in Lagos Alex, since when do u now have business in Lagos eeh?.
Alex taped his foot angrily on the floor praying for patient, woman ” what I do or where I go is none of ur business, will u stop barking like dog, you have my daughter to take care off till I return.
you lie, she shouted, everything you do is my business because am ur wife. am not ur nanny you hear me, ohh” u want to go and meet ur whores right? shameless man”
Alex hissed and made for the door, ignoring her high ranting.
you don’t know me Alex, don’t try me oh, following him outside the house. he ran into the car slamming the firmly, ordering the driver to lock the door instantly. Lisa laughed angrily, so u think u can get rid of me easily, you know noting as she watched the car speed off, knowing he was going to the air port. she looked at the moving car with her hands on her hips” do u expect me to sit here why u run around ur whores in Lagos, right? she hissed and turned around marching back to the house. if you think I will let u do that then I have a surprise for u dear husband.
Kevin put his open hands into the running water, splashing water into his face, his brain seems to be in overdrive, thinking of too many things at a time. all centered in one person. the hot burning sun had made matters worst, increasing the temperature of his brain, giving him a big headache to deal with. what he had feared had come to limelight, he had known the bad event in Amara ‘s life would not heal so quickly, but how would it heal? when u find out u got pregnant for your brother and not only that, it cannot be easily be forgotten.
kelvin entered his bedroom not minding the water falling off his body, he couldn’t believe that Amara was back to his life again after six years, he had given up hope of ever seeing her again, he moved to Lagos years back, but then, he couldn’t live Abuja’ completely. he had made sure some part of him still remain there, just because he thought amara was still there, he took out his camera looking at the pictures he took back then, when she was standing by that beautiful flowers, even then with her problem she still looked beautiful. he smiled at himself, he remembered when he was standing beside her, he had the strong desire to pull her into his hands and kiss her, but the look in her eyes had stopped him. he just kissed the picture in his hand instead and ran his hand around her face,I will see to it that u are happy again” Ara’ I promise. even if you are going to hate me at the end, he said bitterly.
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