Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 10


No! you haven’t Ara , I can see that in ur eyes.
you have only locked ur past inside, when are u going to stop running?.
when my past stop pursing she barked, I have successfully got over my past until Tina showed up , now u . bringing back those bitter memories, I won’t be surprise if Alex shows up at my door step tomorrow. why can’t you all let me be happy for once in my life? why, she cried.
Kelvin looked at her, seeing the hurt she had locked up bouncing to surface, when she had walked away six years ago he had prayed she finds happiness and achieve all she wanted maybe it will help her heal her wounds. right now he could see that the wounds had not heal completely,he could still see the hurt burning bright red . he circled the table, moving towards her, he could see her shaking as he came closer to her, pls don’t see pleaded as he moved even more closer to her, but he ignored her, he stopped directly in front of her. amara was still the same woman he knew years back , but many things have changed about her and he feared he might not see the old amara again.he brought out his hand to brush the hair in her face, her breath got caught in her throat.
and she couldn’t look at him in his eyes until he put his hands in her chin lifting her face up.
amara you have not been happy , and I can see it in your eyes. u have been carrying a shied around you all this years. u can’t fully bury ur past behind u honey” you have to face it, accept it in other to be truly happy. he brought his head to level with hers, remember u promise me years back that u will be happy.
Amara averted her eyes, am not sure I can keep that promise kel, she said not even noticing what she just said.kelvin could hardly keep his happiness just hearing her call him kel, she was the only person who had called him kel. he felt happy when he saw the name of her company , he was the one who gave her that name “Ara”.honey’ I will see to it that you are happy, very happy and that is a promise. I will see to it that u live again he said firmly.
she looked at him, kelvin had been there for her, helping her thru all but then she knew he was fighting a lost battle because if he think he can make her happy that would be lies. she had tried to make her self happy but could not achieve that, until she faced the cold side of life and he had been comfortable with it, and don’t wish risk getting her hope dashed again by believing that she could have something better, she took a deep breath and said pls there are other people waiting to see me Kelvin.
kelvin smiled it had been the time she closed up her self again, putting an invincible distance between them. he knew that nothing he said now would make sense. how strange , he had imagine the day he would meet amara again more than a million times but he never imagined it would be like this. he was too tempted to kiss her, if not on the lips he badly desire then on her fore head, but he decided against it, he would not have her assumed he his doing this because of the feelings he had for her. as much as possible he would make her see he his willy to help her without demanding for any thing in return, if he had to put aside his feeling for hr to make her trust him again he will do it.I will not live u again like I did years back , no matter how hard you try and with that he left her without looking back