Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 25


1 one. he came to me years back to ask for a favour, she turned her watering eyes as she faced Mrs bello. he was so much in love with u but when his family started asking for grandchild and you didn’t give him one even after three years: he was stressed out on the pressure that was mounted on you she paused and started. when u both came to the hospital for check up the doctor told him that you are infertile.
What! Mrs bello shouted” and turned to her husband who was walking up and down, infertile? bello how can I be? why didn’t u tell me?
he couldn’t tell u, Hannah cutted out before the senator could say any thing. the doctor said there is a high chance that u can never get pregnant and he didn’t know how to break the news to you. he was already under pressure from his family to give then grandchild and they were planing on given him another wife. I saw him as he was leaving looking dejected. then… he asked me… she raised her worried eyes to Mr bello grave ones and swallowed hard. he asked me to bear a child for him.
Mrs bello gasped, looking pale
what’s this Hannah Bello barked as Alex started walking around. we didn’t go through it why bring it up now.
Hannah smiled drly, that what I made you believe she said and faced Alex. one mouth three weeks after we made the arrangement, I discovered I was pregnant. I was to tell you when u shocked me with the news of ur wife been pregnant. it was the most shocking news I have ever heard. appreantly the doctor was wrong with his diagnosis, he gave u the report of another patient, a cold dread settled as the story became clear, I didn’t want to destroy ur family with the news of my pregnancy, so I kept my pregnancy hidden; Mr bello turned pale as sheet as Hannah wiped away the tears from her eyes.
Lord have mercy Alex said as he put his hands on his head.
I carried the pregnancy without lettn him know but… but..
but what bello barked he didn’t like this at all, it was the most shocking news he had ever heard. he hated injustice he couldn’t believe he left a woman carrying his child all by herself. how could Hannah made him look like a bad person
Hannah looked around in fear, am sorry , am sorry I never meant to cause any harm, I was trying to protect you all and keep you happy.
but what Alex shouted throwing his hands in the air.
Nine month later, after I put to bed, I was in my ward when I was in my bed with my baby when Kate was brought in, I didn’t know anything until when a fellow nurse came into my room and… she raised her guilty eyes as she looked at Mr bello who looked terribly tence. she took a deep breath and continued again, she told.me that you.. she turned her eyes to Katerine that u lost the baby”
dead silence gained every one by the revelation, even Alex stopped walking around when he heard the news, Katherine looked like she might faint soon by the news, Mr bello stood rooted on the ground like he was graved out of the stone looking murderously to Hannah.
I couldn’t bear the thought of such a lovly couple would again stay childless after so much hope, so I did the hardest thing I have ever done” she wiped her tears which are gushing out now, I had the doctor gave u my child.
that’s a lie Katherine shouted, as she grabbed hannah shaking her like a doll, you lie, you lie Alex is my son.
Alex ran out of the room hitting the door so hard that it almost came out of the frame.
Alex , bello shouted after him but Alex was too fast, he vanished into the elevator before the senator could catch him, he returned into the room but Kate caught him on his shirt, how could you bello, his could you do this to me she used all her strength to shake the immoveable bello, I have spent years begging you for my mistake yet u did something to me and you hid it, how could you!
I didn’t know Kate he said in anger as he grabbed her by the shoulder to clam her down.
leave me she cried, leaving her husband to fall on the floor, I threw away my daughter for a child that isn’t mine, oh my God she cried.
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