Echoes of the past Season 2 Final Episode 25



Holy hospital was the place Beryl received the report about her womb. It was also the place she did several abortions. In the doctor’s office, there sat a lady with an odd look. She wasn’t a green horn but a familiar person to both the doctor and some nurses coz she did series of abortion there too. Opposite her was the doctor who waited to hear her purpose of coming.

“Umm, doctor, i hope you remember me”

“Sure, by face but not by name”

“Okay” the lady adjusted in her seat. “I want to get married and i carried out a test in another hospital where i was told that my womb is damaged. If i can remember sometime ago, i came here for the same test but was told that nothing is wrong with my womb”

“Since then, have you done any other abortion?” the doctor asked.

“No doctor” the lady replied. The result of the test was requested by the doctor and she gave it to him thus making it easier for him to locate her file from a large cardboard that stood behind his chair. He opened the file on his table then looked at the lady again.

“I gave you the same report young lady. Your womb is damaged”

“No, doctor, that wasn’t the report i received” The doctor became confuse and summoned one of the nurses he normally work with. The nurse arrived wearing a white nursing dress standing aside. The doctor stared at her.

“I remember giving you a result about womb damage to give to this lady”

“Yes doctor, which was negative” the nurse said.

“What? It’s positive!” the doctor showed her the file.

“Who did you then give the positive one?” Already the nurse had started trembling.

“Doctor, you know they were two ladies who carried out the same test on that day. I think i must have mistakenly swap the result” she said.

“Oh, Christ!” the doctor returned to the cardboard and brought out another file bearing the same date. He looked at it to see the name ‘Beryl Scott’ and her address.

“This is the lady you must have given a wrong result, Beryl Scott. Have you seen how stupid you are! Do you know the implication of what you did? Do you know the emotional pains that lady must have been passing through?”

“I’m sorry doctor” the nurse apologized.

“Get out of my sight!” the doctor ordered.

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Cheryl had been told everything about Beryl’s womb and she understood why she was encouraged by her to get married. Nevertheless, the house was quiet and empty, both upstairs and downstairs. Beryl remained in her room without going to the office that day.

Cheryl had also returned from school. She didn’t hesitate to tell Prisca about the party and what happened between her and Jaydan. As quiet as the building was, a knock came from downstairs and Cheryl rushed out of her room.

“Hold on, I’m coming!” she hurried down the staircase wearing a skirt. She opened the door to behold Gavin and his parents whom she welcome and offered a seat before running up to call her sister.

Beryl gently climbed down the staircase wearing a long fairy gown she supported with her hand. After taking a seat too, she called Cheryl to come sit beside her for a reason Cheryl didn’t understand.

“My daughter” Mr Lewis began. “My son brought us here to apologize to you. Actually, he believed he was impotent until what happened last night. He call his doctor who said that the result was swap”

“And my son is ready to marry you. What happened between him and Ethel was totally my fault, and i regret it. Please, accept and forgive us” the wife interfered. Beryl looked at Cheryl then asked,

“What about Ethel?” Before an answer was provided, a knock came from the door again and Cheryl opened it to see Ethel. She allowed her in. Ethel stood before them in the room with her hands folded downward.

“It’s a good thing I’ve met all of you here” she began. “Beryl, I’m sorry for what happened last night. My friend did that without my knowledge, and i want to let you know that i will not be a stumbling block between you and Gavin” she paused to know their reactions.

“Perfect!” Mr Lewis exclaimed.

“And we will take good care of you and my grandchild” he added smiling.

“Thank you, sir” Ethel smiled too wanting to go but Beryl called her back. She stood up and hugged her. Gavin also stood up to them.

“I guess we are clear now. Please forgive us, Beryl” he said.

“Sure” Beryl hugged him too as the parents and Cheryl smiled. Just then, the Holy Hospital doctor and his nurse entered to everyone’s surprise.

“Doctor” Beryl recognised him. “What brings you here?”

“We are sorry” the doctor said.

“For what?”

“The result about ur womb was swap. Your womb isn’t damaged” Hearing that, Beryl fainted in Gavin’s arms.

She woke up after a while and started shedding tears of joy embracing Gavin tightly. Others were also filled with joy as they joined them in a unification hug: Ethel moved first, followed by Cheryl before Mr and Mrs Lewis. :

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