Cold Episode 26


The classroom could be likened to a graveyard going by the fact that not even the breath of the pupils could be heard, that’s how Miss Martha Loved her classroom to be. She sat on her desk busy with the class works piled up in her face and observing the details over the rims of her glasses.

She shifted her gaze from the the books to the kids, who had their heads on their desks, each time she heard even the faintest of noise without moving, only her eyeballs rotating in their sockets.
August got up slowly from his seat at the far end of the wall and walked quietly towards the door.
“August” Miss Martha called without raising her eyes from the books. He stopped and turned in her direction.
“Come here” she commanded, her gazed still fixed on the books. He walked up to her noiselessly, like his feet wasn’t touching the ground.
“And where are you going?” she asked, not looking up for once.
“The toilet” he muttered
“Where?” she asked
“The toilet” he said louder, fidgeting his fingers.
“You could have taken an excuse from me, that would be proper, don’t you think?”
“I’m sorry ma’am” he said
“Good, next time, say excuse me miss”
“Yes ma’am”
She dismissed him with a wave of the hand and he walked briskly out of the classroom and headed straight to the toilet. He locked the door and climbed the covered water cistern to access the small window above it. Through the window, he observed the school backyard and everywhere was clear with nobody in site.

He climbed the toilet seat and heaved himself up through the window and effortlessly climbed out the other side. He dropped his feet on the floor and broke into a run, climbing the short back fence of the school and running into surrounding bushes.

* * *

“How do you think he will feel when he sees you again” Oscar asked looking at Jaycee who watched the school gate from the passenger side of the blue sedan.
“I don’t know but I wouldn’t want him to see me”
“I know but you know”
“Know what? Must you always talk?” Jaycee asked staring at him.
“No, I was just thinking and imaging the thrill when he sets eyes on you, he may run, you know, thinking you may be a ghost and all”
He chewed his gum mechanically and smiled as he talked. Jaycee laughed and tilted his head to the side, shifting his gaze to the road ahead of them.
“Like the ghost in the church graveyard?” he asked with a grin
“He knows I’m no ghost”
“Yea, but he thinks you live in a grave yard”
“Mad mad, I think you are better off dead”
“Hahaha” Jaycee started to chuckle and stopped halfway, all of a sudden.
“Look who we have here” he said, watching Jaime clear his car at the other side of the road.
“Jaime Rodneck” Oscar mouthed slowly.
“The fuck is he doing here?”
“His son schools here you know”
“Fuck you Oscar”
“Welcome” he replied with a grin, Jaycee smiled and tugged at the pistol tucked into his pants
“I could take a shot you know?”
He threw a gaze at Oscar who scoffed.
“And you can be sure of your second death bro, Nancy ain’t here”
“Oh, my Love and savior”

From the other side of the road, Jaime got down from his car and shut the door, observing his wrist watch at the same time.
“1:50 pm” he whistled and walked into a store across the road, trailed by the eyes of Oscar and Jaycee.

“I could take a clean shot and I would be sure to have him” Jaycee muttered.
“Man at least be grateful, he is looking after your brother for fucks sake, give it time bro”
“Cool, one day, I will have a go at his cop ass”
“I thought you already charged August with that?”
“It’s gonna take a million years for him to be able to do that, he may even fall in love with the man”
“Yea, considering he has a cute daughter who’s all over August” Oscar commented with a broad smile on his face.
“I may kill you before I kill him eventually”
“No you won’t, you love me bro”
He let out a dry laughter and observed Jaycee who had a smile at the corner of his lips
“I hope you ain’t thinking about going out there for him”
“Not really, but now that you mentioned it, I’m considering it”
He threw him a stare and grinned savagely.
“Good thing I got the wheels”
“I know a lot about drive by shooting”
“I just pray you are not serious about this” Oscar said with a tone of seriousness in his voice.
“I pray so too”
Jaycee replied absent mindedly, massaging his pistol.

August crept back into the school in time before dismissal. He clutched a white shovel as he walked back to the toilet window. He dropped it against the wall and climbed back into the building through the window.
He made his way through the scanty hallway and back into the class without a word from the teacher. He sat down on his seat at the far end of the wall, smacking his lips in satisfaction.
Time dragged on and everyone waited quietly for the dismissal bell. August played and replayed his simple plan in his mind. He smiled at himself and nodded with satisfaction each time.

The clock above the classroom board clicked 2 pm and the school bell followed. The pupils all stood up, happy that the boring day at school was over, the race for who will make it out the classroom door first began but not after August had slid through.

He ran down the hallway and around the school building, making his way to the back where he dropped the shovel. He picked it and observed it closely, he waved it around and nodded. Dragging it behind him, he trudged on, back into the hallway and moved through the flood of student unnoticed with his tool. He moved a little distance and stopped. From where he stood, he could see Terry’s back turned in his direction, he was standing with 2 of his friends, yelling out his point at everyone around. August squeezed his face and put his hand against his racing heart, heaving a heavy sigh, he walked on, dragging the shovel behind him.
“Terry!” he called out, moving quickly in his direction, the shovel heavy and ready in his hands. Terry turned swiftly to respond to the call, setting his face for the impact with the shovel. August put all his energy in the effort and landed him a fatal blow on the face with the shovel. He fell immediately on impact, August followed up with another blow, he got him on the head as he lay writhing in pain, the two friends with him bolted as the pupils around stood around watching with awe.
“Please, don’t hit me again”
Terry begged, his left hand in the air as he crawled away from his assailant. August moved closer with murderous intent. Terry let out a blood curling scream as another blow landed him squarely on the head and left a gash at the side of his blond hair, he passed out as blood tickled out of the gash, August let the shovel drop beside his still body, he let out a smile of satisfaction as he stood over him, victorious in his own terms.

He looked up from the body and saw a teacher running towards his direction, he took a quick turn and dashed in the opposite direction.

Jaime walked out of the store clutching two packs of cookie in his hand and walked to his car and pulled the door open. He dropped them on the seat besides the drivers seat and sat down, with the door still open. He checked his wrist watch again and the time came back as 2:15 pm.
“They should be out by now” he murmured and got out of the open door, adjusting his trouser.

“A black Mercedes car” Jaycee sang out, watching a black Mercedes car pull up from behind them “This is not good”.

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“What?” Oscar asked.
“Every single bad news I ever came up against is associated with this make of car, got to be ready for the worst” he said. Pulling out his gun from his pants. Oscar grabbed his own piece from underneath his chair and placed it on his laps.
They watched the car pull up in their front and came to a halt before them.
“Now what?” Oscar asked
“Just wait and see what happens next”
“Do you think they are here because of you?”
“I don’t know”
“Maybe you should have stayed underground like before”
“Don’t be a sissy man” Jaycee whispered.
They sat there for another 10 minutes, the tensile atmosphere within the car could not go unnoticed, they switched their gaze from Jaime who rested on his car to the black Mercedes parked in front of them, the car was so still that it gave them the creeps, no one had gotten down from the car and the glasses were all tinted.
The next 5 minutes saw August run out of the school gate into the street. They saw him at the same time Jaime saw him, the Mercedes came to life again.
“August” Jaycee gasped and flipped his door open, sliding his blue face cap on, he jumped down from the car with his gun held tight by his right hand.
August made out Jaime in time and rushed at him breathing heavily. Jaime grabbed him as he came to him.
“What’s the matter?” he asked as August panted continuously, trying to catch his breath.
In a split second, the Mercedes jerked forward and screeched to a stop beside Jaime and August, Jaime raised his face to look at the car, the tinted glass wound down and they came face to face with a masked man, his right hand held a glock pointed at them.
“Put the boy in the car” he commanded.
Jaime stared at him with a stubborn expression all over his Face.
“I said get the boy into the damn car ‘fore I blow you open” he thundered a second time.
Jaycee stood a little distant from the car and raised his gun up, he squeezed the trigger and the bullets flew in through the back of the car, shattering the rear glasses, the masked man withdrew his head back into the car, Jaime took the distraction as an opportunity and grabbed August, he dashed around to the other side of his car and withdrew his pistol from its strap.
“Stay down” he yelled at August and waited some seconds before slowly and discreetly creeping up the front of the car.
The sunroof of the Mercedes snapped open and the masked man came out of it, pulling an assault rifle along with him, Jaycee saw him early enough and dashed further down the street. The man pulled the trigger and the gun let out a cackling sound, firing leads at Jaycee who dodged in time.
“Shit, told that boy to be careful” Oscar muttered and started the engine of the car.
From the side of the car, Jaime took an inconsistent aim and fired at the man, he missed and gained his attention, he turned to shoot at him but stopped on a second thought. He went back into the car and faced his driver companion with his black hat. He shook his head at him and he hit the steering wheel with his fist.
“I’m not leaving here without him” he yelled and drove the car back with rage and full force. He pulled up behind Jaime’s car and opened his door, jumping out of the car with his assault rifle.
Jaycee ran forward, reducing the distance between him and where they stood, he fired aimlessly at the car again, the man in hat shot a look at his direction and their eyes met. Jaycee held his gaze with a shock expression all over his face. He smiled at him and jumped back into the car compelled by shots fired by Jaime.
“Williams!” August yelled as the man got into the car.
“Stay the fuck down” Jaime yelled at him. He was standing and trying to get a better look at the man in hat. He couldn’t mistake the face of his brother. He tried running to the car but was held back by Jaime. The Mercedes Jerked forward and dashed further up the road, escaping into the bend ahead.
Oscar did a 180 degree turn and stopped right before a stunned Jaycee.
“Get into the car man”
He opened the door and called out to him. Jaycee snapped out of his shock and jumped into the open door, Oscar screeched the car forward and drove away through the other end of the street.
“Damn it, that was fucking Williams” he snapped.

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To be continued