Cold Episode 27


The white fluorescent light emanating from the tube lit the room brightly enough and every detail in it could be seen clearly. The clock on the wall chimed 4pm, the little sound from the alarm was followed up by Oscar’s voice.
“Chill bro, there’s got to be explanations for all these”
“There’s no fucking explanation for it, how do you go about explaining something like that, Williams, who was supposed to be dead turns up alive and that’s not the main deal, check it out, he turned up in a black Mercedes, the same make of car that kept coming for us until Maria and Joseph” he chocked a little and continued “until they both died from it all, what the fuck was he doing in there and by the way, what the fuck is he still doing alive?”
He didn’t wait for an answer to his question, he kept pacing around the scantily furnished room like he had been doing for the past couple of minutes since they came back from the shootout.
“You are supposed to be dead too, you know?” Oscar said and Jaycee paused in his march around the length and breadths of the room.
“This is different, you know that Oscar, this is different” he said, pointing his finger at him to drive home his point.
“How is it different? Because you survived long enough for Nancy to get to you?”
“So? what’s your point?”
“You don’t think someone must have saved him too? Remember, were you able to see his body after the shooting at the Town Square, no?” he asked rhetorically and adjusted himself on the seat to continue “Since there was no body, it could be possible someone took him away, maybe to hide him from the police just like you are hiding now,” Oscar explained, looking up at him from where he sat and shifting his gaze to Nancy who sat at the other end of the room, she kept mute, staring at the blank wall, lost in thought.
“And that someone owns a black Mercedes Benz, the same fucking car that kept coming after us?”
“Could be a coincidence,” Oscar replied with a shrug.
“A coincidence? 3 Mercedes cars, all black with tinted glasses, firing shots each time they show up is no fucking coincidence, here in St Mathews, that’s what we call a gang and I’m proposing that fucking Williams is part of that bloody gang.”
“And you are saying he actually was in the plan to get you all killed?” Oscar asked with an expression of disbelief all over his round face.
“Since he’s been alive all these while and kept away from all of us, I’d say everything is possible, I won’t be surprised if he was also involved in Pops and Mom’s death,” he commented with a smug at the side of his face, Oscar scoffed and fell back on his seat.
“This is all incredible,” he gasped
“Baby come and sit here.” Nancy called out to Jaycee for the first time, he obeyed and walked over to her, she got up and sat on the arm of the couch, making way for him to seat on the chair.
“Just don’t get worked up, I’m very sure we will figure it all out soon,” she said and rested her head on his shoulder.
“The Donatti family,” Oscar muttered and smiled, Jaycee shot a gaze at him followed by Nancy “I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a knock on my door and open it to see Joseph and Maria smiling back at me.”
“And our parents too, God, it would all be so perfect,” Jaycee murmured with a mix of sadness and smile on his face and an eyes that portrayed his wishful thinking.

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August sat at a corner of the 2 in 1 sofa to the audience of Jaime, Kate and Janet. He switched his gaze from one person to the other with a frightening boldness glaring out of his eyes.
Janet observed him with pity all over her face. Deep inside, she was glad he had taken care of Terry, a feeling she dared not express in the presence of her parents. Anything to keep a smile in that little face he had come to adore was welcomed to her.

Jaime stared continuously at the little face besieged by anger and vengefulness, he tapped his feet on the floor waiting for replies to his questions which he was repeating for the third time.

“August, why did you attack Terry?,” he asked for the fourth time, August moved his gaze from Jaime’s face to Kate’s and back to Jaime.

“I wanted to kill him,” he blurted out, shocking Jaime and Kate. They exchanged glances, Kate’s lips went a few degrees apart and she swallowed hard, Jaime maintained his composure and sent his attention back to August.

That was all he could ask, all his time as a cop, he had never seen so much hatred and anger in the words of a little boy as he had seen in Augusts.

“He bullied me, he punched me and insulted my family, I wanted to kill him for that!” he yelled out without pause.
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier on about all the bullying?”
August blinked several times and that was all he did. He had no reply to that question, even if he asked a hundred times.

“Go to your room, both of you, I will call you back when I need you.”
He was out of words and had no knowledge of what to say next. August got up from the chair and moved in the direction of the room, Janet held his hand and they both walked out of the parlor. Kate flashed Jaime an I-warned-you look and moved to seat beside him on the table.

“So what now?” she asked.
“I really don’t know, I have never known anyone so young that ever had such bitterness in his heart.”
He stared at the blank wall, lost in thoughts as he spoke.
“I don’t know what you want to do next, but we sure don’t want him in our family, he’s a bad influence for our daughter,”
Kate relayed her fears and Jaime nodded.
“Right, but where do we send him? He has no body,” he said and put a hand on his forehead, scratching at it.
Kate kept mute and the parlor was silent for a while before Jaime spoke up again.

“I think I will be sending him to Harry, he needs a change of environment,” he said, looking at Kate for her opinion.
“Your brother?” Kate asked and he nodded slowly.
“Better, just get him out of our lives, Janet’s still too little to be around him.”


Williams dropped the phone on the table and rubbed his palms together in an effort to generate warmth. He looked at Carlos who was fiddling with his mask and staring back at him, a smiled passed the corner of his mouth and Carlos shook his head.

“How did you know Jaycee was still alive?” Carlos asked him. He smiled again and heaved himself on the sofa facing the table and Carlos.
“I just guessed, his body wasn’t found remember.”
Carlos nodded and stared at him wide eyed.
“The girl, Nancy, she wasn’t found.”
“She is none of my business,” Williams replied, looking into space.
“So what now, are you going to kill Jaycee?” he asked and Williams shook his head slowly and thoughtfully.
“No, was never my idea in the first place, and he is my brother too, that would be too cold blooded.”
“What next?”
“Nothing for now, I just need to be sure that August is fine,” he said with a dent of sadness in his eyes.
“He should be, he’s with a cop, he is fine,” he assured and he nodded.
“I don’t like those midnight visits to the graveyard, I don’t like them.”

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