Cold Episode 28

The cool winds blew through his hair and for a minute, it seemed soothing, replacing the piercing pain that burned his flesh.
He laid on the wet glass, soaked wet with water and his own blood. He gasped for breath at intervals and felt the life slowly draining from his body.

When the wind had reduced, he rotated to his back and stared at the starry sky, wishing for death to hasten it’s ritual. Strings of tears fell down the side of his face as his body shook from sorrow and self pity.

He must have been lying there for an hour when the sound of feet in the glass startled him. He painfully raised his hand and felt his hips where he would have normally strapped his gun and it was empty. He threw his head back on the ground and prepared himself for whatever that was coming for him. He shut his eyes and in the distance, much like in his own mind, he thought he heard his name, he murmured a “Yea” with his eyes still closed.
“Jaycee, Jaycee!!” Nancy yelled and fell on her knees beside him.

“Oh God Jaycee!” she cried in the darkness, combing his wet hairs with her hand. He opened his eyes slowly and saw her face, he smiled weakly and muttered some inaudible words.
“Baby say something,” she begged and held his bleeding hand.

“So I’m dead then?” he managed to ask and she shook her head violently, her tears mixing with the blood at the side of her face.
“No, you are not dead baby.”

“But you are dead, I saw you, I yelled out your name but you never moved, but now you are here, you are hear baby and I’m with you, how is that possible?”

“I’m not dead and you are not dead, now keep quiet and let’s get you out of here.”

She turned out stronger than she had ever thought of herself.

They stumbled through the hilly path, she held on to him as he had managed to carry himself with all the strength left in his weak body which was not much.

“I can still remember what came into my mind when I opened my eyes and saw you there,” Jaycee whispered and made a sketch of her eyes with the pencil and made it bolder when he thought the outline was perfect.

“What was that?” She asked trying not to move her face from it’s position.

“I will Live,” he whispered and thickened the shade on her pupil, switching his gaze from her face to the drawing paper, “even though I wanted to die, I saw your face and saw a thousand reasons to live but yet, there were a million reasons to wish for death.”
He erased a part of her eyelid and brushed the debris away from the paper.

“But then, I saw you and the desire to live overcame all.” he muttered and smiled in her direction, comparing what he had on paper and her face.

She moved her left hand and felt the outline of his face slowly and he rubbed his skin against her palms. She smiled and pecked him on the forehead.
“I would have drowned in the river if you had died.”

Her eyes moistened as she looked at him with an eyes filled with all her heart’s content.

“Do I draw in the tears?” he asked with a smile that made her fall in love each time. They both laughed.
“Yes, draw everything.”

“I’m done then,” he announced and spread the drawing paper on the table, she took a peek and admired the work of art. Only the two of them knew that it was Nancy on that paper, probably because they both knew he was drawing her. If he had said he was drawing a rock with a face-like features, it would have been understandable.

She let out a fake yawn and Jaycee shook his head at her.

“It’s Okay to laugh, at least I can draw something, you can’t even draw your own hands.”

She threw her head back and laughed.

“At least, my drawing of my hand will look more like a drawing of my hand, an octopus would look better than your own drawing.”
“Thank you, let’s play another game, say a game of card?” he suggested and smiled at her with a wink, he knew he was going to trash her like he had always done. She shook her head in disapproval.

“I know another game,” she said with a naughty smile at the corner of her face.

“It’s called making babies.” she replied. Jaycee returned her naughty smile and engaged her in a hot kiss.

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Janet stormed out of the house and sat on the wooden staircase, supporting her head with her hands. She stared at the sky, barely seeing the sun making it’s way into the golden cloud. She sniffed from time to time.
August walked out from inside the house and dropped himself beside her on the steps. He threw his face in the direction of the road too and for a minute none of them said a word.
“I don’t want you to go,” Janet said without looking at him.

“I don’t want to go.” he replied. She turned to face him and put her hand on his lap.
“I want to go with you August.”

He looked at her and fought the urge not to cry. He squeezed her hand and wiped off a tear that was running down her cheek.

“Your father won’t allow it.”

“I don’t care, I will sneak out with you.”

He looked at her and wished it was possible although he knew it wasn’t.

“You are silly and a little girl, how can you sneak off with me Without your father finding out?” he asked her and she looked away, pushing her little mind to think out a way. She gave up with a sigh when she couldn’t think of any way she could do it.

“I don’t know,” she murmured and tears ran down her face. August held her closer to himself and consoled her. She dug her face into his chest and sulked.

“This night, we will go to the graveyard together.” he promised and tears slowly ran down his face too.

Jamie and Kate’s shadow darkened the window facing the veranda as they watched the two kids holding onto each other. He smiled and gave a slight nod while Kate frowned in disapproval.
“I wish he could stay, he is turning out to be the brother she never had,” he whispered. Kate left the window and walked over to the table, she packed her skirt with her hands and sat on the table, facing her husband who stood at the window with his hands inside the pockets of his grey trouser.

“He can’t stay,” she said slowly.

“You should get me a little house at the graveyard you know? Then I won’t have to move from here to there each time.”
“Don’t worry, I’m sure we could find a suitable empty grave for you there, Jaycee replied with a wide grin. Oscar hissed and moved over to a chair, landing heavily on it.
“Come on man, don’t be a sissy, it’s just this night and besides, we are going with you.” he said, taking a glance at Nancy and back at Oscar.
“Sure, I just hope your psycho brother won’t show up at the party.”

“We have guns too, remember?”
“Yea, except that his are much bigger and more lethal.”

“Come on bro, why are you so scared, don’t make me ask Nancy to do it,” he said with a smirk. Oscar looked at him and then at Nancy, he smiled and gave in.
“I’ll do it, so you won’t have to blame me for her death.”

“I bet I will do it better,” Nancy bragged and they all burst out laughing.

“I know but don’t bother, I got it.”

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To be continued