Cold Episode 29


August had decided to spend his last night with the only member of the Rodneck family that he actually loved. They had bade each other goodnight at exactly 9pm. They walked into their room and shut the door behind them.

“Now, it’s going to be scary at the graveyard,” he whispered to her, sliding the window open.
“I don’t mind, you will be there with me, right?”
“Yea, just don’t want you to start squealing or anything.”
“I happen to be braver than you,” she announced, he turned from the window to face her in the darkness, the bright moon cast it’s rays on her face.
“No you are not,” he replied.
“Yes I am.”
“You are not!”
He was determined to let the argument drag but she wasn’t. She was too eager to be at the graveyard for the first time.
“Can we get going now?” she asked, he turned back to the window and climbed out. She followed behind him and he grabbed her halfway, helping her to the ground.

They made their way through the streets, slipping through alleys at intervals and moving in the shadows, away from the lights of the moon.
Far behind them, Jaycee walked, his hand clutching his pistol strapped to his waist.

They branched off at the church entrance and trudged slowly to the back of the church, wading their way through the cluster of wooden crosses on the graves, the walked to Joseph’s grave, he introduced her to him like he was there live with them, she wiped a tear from her eyes when she noticed the sorrow in his voice.

“Don’t cry, I’m sure he is in heaven,” she consoled with a teary voice.
“He killed people too, they were bad people but God won’t allow killers into heaven, right?”
“God will forgive him and accept him, I will pray for him every night.”
He nodded and so much wished she was right about the forgiveness, he still had his doubts. He clutched her hand and led her to Maria’s grave.

“She was my only sister, I killed the man that shot her.”
She squeezed his hand at the revelation and sniffed. They stood silent for a while before she jerked her head up and took a look around the entire graveyard. The sheer size of it and the core silence got to her and she shivered from fear for the first time.

“I think someone is here,” she whispered, holding onto him. He took a look around and everywhere was silent.
“Nobody is here, it’s just us.”
“But I heard something,” she insisted and he frowned.
“It’s just your mind deceiving you. You are scared already.”

They both sat on the grave in silence for some time, the sound of movements from behind them startled them and they turned with a jerk, Oscar appeared before them with a broad smile. Janet was already on her way to freaking out when August grabbed her and calmed her down.

“Sorry I took too long, had things to take care of,” he apologized and August nodded.
“Who is she?” he asked, nodding towards Janet.
“My friend, her name is Janet.”
“How are you Janet?” he asked, taking a seat on the grave beside them. She murmured a “fine thank you” and kept mute again.
“So August, how’s school?”
“I’m leaving town tomorrow,” he announced. Oscar gave him a sharp looked which he returned.
“To where?”
“New York.”
“Why, who’s idea?”
“Jaime, I took care of Terry and again something happened,” he answered, suddenly feeling a tinge of pride, remembering his encounter with Terry.
“Okay, One at a time boy,” they both heaved s sigh and he continued “What happened with Terry?”
“I put him down with a shovel, it was after school and he was begging me, lying there on the floor but I took my revenge well enough.” he replied with pride and Oscar nodded.
“There, you are on your way to becoming a real Donati.”
August nodded with a smile of satisfaction on his face.
“Now, the second part, what happened?”

He told him the story of the attempted kidnap and the shoot out, Oscar expressed mock surprise as he drew him a picture of the event. He pulled a paper from his pocket and handed it over to him.

“This is an address, you can always send a letter while you are gone.”
He took the paper and slipped it into his pocket.
“We have to Go home,” he muttered, getting up from the grave, Janet followed suit.
“Okay. Don’t forget to write when you can.”
He was interrupted by the sound of moving feet. Janet clutched tighter to him while Oscar drew his pistol.
They combed the dark silent grave yard and everywhere was empty.

“Did you hear that?” Oscar whispered and August murmured a yes. They kept silent for some seconds before they saw a dark, lone figure walking towards them, the moon highlighting the silhouette of a firearm in his hand.

“Who are you?” Oscar shouted and got no reply. An uneasy silence followed in which the three of them stood there in visible fear, Oscar torn between the decision of making a run for it or blowing the advancing stranger into bits. He was still at it when Carlos walked into their clear view, his gun pointed at Oscar.

“Drop it,” he ordered coldly, nodding towards the gun in Oscar’s hand. He hesitated but the sound of Carlos releasing the safety catch of his gun compelled him. He dropped the gun to the ground slowly and slid over to his feet.

“Now, August, follow me,” he commanded, picking the gun from the ground.

August stood for a while staring at the dark face which shone under the light of the moon.

“No!” he snapped. Everyone turned to look at him, a great deal of surprise on each of their faces.
“Ain’t got time to waste with you kid, get moving,” he snapped.
August moved back, clutching Janet by the hand, he dragged her closer and broke into a run, Carlos made a move to go after then, shifting his attention from Oscar, he grabbed the opportunity and threw a punch across his face. The stun sent him tumbling over the grave, he fell face down still holding onto the two guns.

Oscar dropped a kick on him and missed by a hair as he rotated to his back and fired the two guns at him, he jumped to the ground, picking himself up as fast and made a run to the side of a grave, using the big cross as shield.

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Carlos got up from the grave and search his surroundings with eyes.
“Come on man, show your dead face so I can be through with this, I got a kid to catch,” he yelled, doing a 360 degree spin in search for both August and Oscar, the guns ready in his hands.

Oscar peeped from behind the Cross at him, he had his back on him, yelling away into the night.
He crawled out from behind the Cross and stood up stealthily. He did his calculations and made a dash for Carlos and would have nailed him if he hadn’t done a last second shift. Oscar’s punch flew through the air and threw him off balance.
Carlos popped in a feet for him and he tumbled to the ground, just before him.

“Here we are again, my gun and your gun in your face, any last wishes?”
Oscar looked up at him in anger, the smug on his face hit hard at him and he felt so angry and defeated.

“My last wish, when you are done killing me, you can go fuck your self!”
“Oh, I will try to remember that,” he replied with a grin.
“And one last thing,”
“Watch out for August, he will decapitate you soon enough.”
“Oh,I look forward to that, now get up and get on your knees,” he commanded, Oscar got up on his knees, backing him and ready for his execution.

He thought he heard the hammer click and closed his eyes, the sound was distance but a little loud, he felt the heavy body drop on his back and the weight sent him crashing to the ground under the weight of Carlos. 2 more gunshots followed and Carlos spread out, still on him.

“You look quite comfortable there.”
He could swear with his life that the voice was Jaycee’s. He heaved the body off him and lay back on the ground, staring up at the boyish grin.
“Impeccable timing bro,” he replied, breathing heavily.
Jaycee gave him his right hand, he grabbed onto it and he pulled him up from the ground.

“I saw it all,” Jaycee said with a smile.
He bent down and brushed off the dust from his body and then straightened again.
“Saw what?”
“You, you could have hit him before he got to you, you just stood there staring at him.”
“Fuck it man, I thought it was you bro.”
“Yea right, you thought it was me, I knew Nancy would have done it better than you,” he said with a grin and Oscar shook his head, he could take the joke at least he came out alive and he was glad about it. They shifted their attention to the body on the ground, observing it like cops on a crime scene.

“What do we do with him?” Jaycee asked, giving Oscar a stare.
“He died in a grave yard, if you ask me, there’s no where more perfect.”
“Good then, pick the guns lets get out of here.”
“The kids?”
“I bet they are at home now, we will meet again, at least I’m glad August happened to have more guts than you.”

Oscar gave him a long stare and he burst out laughing. He knew the taunting was just about to start as they walked out into the street, passing Williams in his black coat hidden at a dark alley.

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To be continued