Cold Episode 30


Each time he looked into her eyes, his soul seemed to know a kind of peace he couldn’t explain, whenever she was there, nothing else seemed to be real except what he felt for her. Even the thought of her being his seemed a mirage. He could stare at her for a stretch of seconds and not blink, she would often taunt him over his stares.

“The way you look at me, one would think you would eat me if you had the chance.”
“I would eat you if I could.”
“Why don’t you try,” she replied, flashing her natural long eyelash at him.
“I would have to kill you to eat you, I will sure die after you.”
She giggled and hugged him.

Times like that was one of those moments he would wish a day would last 1000 hours and not 24 hours. He could never get enough of her.

Kim was the only person Williams could swear that he loved, she came just when he needed her and now she was dead. The whole world could squeeze into the hole she left in his heart and it would still look like a drop of water into the ocean.

He couldn’t cry for her, he didn’t see tears as the best he could give her, he just swore to send the people that killed her after her.

She had been a victim of the politics. People wanted her father dead and she just happened to be in the way, in the end she was killed, her father too.

“You know, when I think of it, I just fail to figure it out,” he started, smiling up at the star lit sky.
“What dear?” she asked, working on his hairs, twisting them into a coil.
“It’s just how I have managed to live all these whiles, not knowing someone like you and then all of a sudden, you showed up and it’s like I can’t even breath when you are not there.”
She shut her eyes and dropped her head on his, he inhaled the scent from her hair and smiled.
“I love you Will,” she whispered.
“I love you too Kim.”

They walked through the green field holding onto each other, their path lit by the moon. They walked to her car and lay against it.
“I am going to miss you,” he muttered and kissed her lightly on the lips. She held his head and pulled it closer to her face, she bit his lips lightly and they went into a kissing spree, neither of them wanting to let go.

“I could do this all night,” he murmured, biting her earlobes.
“I could too but it’s getting later, dad would be worried.”
“Yea, so how’s tomorrow going to be?” he asked.
“I’m free like air, hope you are still coming over?”
“Sure thing, just put your old man somewhere he won’t be a bother to us.”
She laughed and rubbed the tip of her nose against his and he laughed too.
“He is running out of town tomorrow, don’t know where he is going though, so he won’t be a bother.”
“That’s cool, so it’s all us alone.”
“Sure, come let me drop you off, it’s already 10pm.”

She let him drive her like she had always done. They drove through the silent street, falling in love over and over again over a blues playing on the car stereo. Each time he looked at her, her deep blue eyes came at him, tearing his heart into shreds leaving him helpless against his own emotions. He loved her and there was no denying it.

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“When do we get to be together forever?” she asked, placing her head round his shoulder.
“Soon, after I talk to your dad.”
“Are you scared of talking to him?” she asked, beaming her bright eyes on him.
“No I’m not, just want to know when it’s convenient enough, the gap between both our families is as big as.”
“As big as what?” she asked, her eyes still on him.
“I don’t know, maybe as big as the gap between St Mathews and Georgian.”
She let out a giggle and roughened his hair with her left hand.
“I knew you would say that.”
“Really?” he asked, shifting his gaze from the road to her eyes.
“Yes, but then, our love is there to bridge the gap, not so?”
“I guess,” he replied and nodded.

He pulled over in front of their house and turned to face her.
“I hate saying goodbye each time,” he muttered and kissed her.
“Tomorrow is ours dear, I love you like sick,” she whispered and hugged him.
“Yes, Tomorrow is ours and I would make sure we grab it for ourselves alone, no Mr Taylor to ruin it for us.”
She laughed and rubbed her nose against his.
“I will lock him in the basement if he tried to,” she whispered and they both laughed.

Glances exchanged and the promise of meeting again tomorrow were made, he kissed her Goodnight, the last he ever did, the moment he walked out of the car was the last he ever saw her alive.

He banged his fist against the wooden table as the memories flash through his head, he could almost feel her touches in the dark room. He bit his lips and anticipated the feeling he would get if she was there to kiss him. His eyes grew red with fury and he shook his head, clenching his fist.

“I will get them all, even if it will mean my fucking life.”

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