Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 24


A minute of silence was observed between Gavin, Ezra and Beryl along the passage in the hotel. Gavin made sure the pregnancy result was totally out of sight but it was no use coz Beryl had already seen it.

“Honey, is anything wrong? What’s the paper all about?” Beryl asked again yet, no response. She glanced at Ezra who folded her hands suspiciously thereby increasing Beryl’s perturbation which made her yelled at Gavin.

“I demand to know what’s on that paper!” she slightly pushed him and dragged it from him. After reading it, she raised her head up saying,

“Somebody should explain this to me”

“Let me explain” Gavin began. “Ethel’s mother forced her daughter to me a month ago and i angrily gave in knowing that i can’t actually impregnat a woman. Just now, this lady brought this saying that Ethel has been hiding it from me”

“All what you are saying now is that Ethel is pregnant for you, right?” Beryl glared at Gavin.

“You’re such a big lair. I knew you were making mockery of me when you told me you’re impotent too” she flung the paper at him and hurried out of the hotel angrily with Gavin pursuing her. Fortunately for Cheryl and Jaydan, they arrived with her car at the moment then she humped inside and closed the door.

“Beryl, listen to me.. Beryl..” Gavin called continuously until she drove out. Cheryl and Jaydan glanced at each other wondering what was happening. Gavin also entered his car and drove out running to the house. : However, music from the DJ continued driving people crazy to the extent nobody noticed what was happening except Ethel who stood up when Ezra arrived.

“Where went you?” she asked.

“Let’s go home” Ezra moved forward followed by her.

“I saw Gavin and Beryl hurrying outside. Any problem?” Ethel’s inquisition continued but there were no answers given to them.


Mr and Mrs Lewis were in the sittingroom when Gavin barged into he house running into his room. In the room, he brought out his dairy, opened several pages swiftly. He saw a foreign number he was looking for and dialed it immediately-that was the number of the doctor who diagnose him for low sperm count.

“Hello, doctor”

“Hello, who’s this?”

“Lewis Gavin”

“Oh, my God!” the doctor exclaimed. “Mr Gavin, you left to Nigeria without letting me know. Actually i have been trying to reach you but all to no avail. The result of your low sperm count was swap. It wasn’t for you. We are very very sorry for that” Gavin opened his mouth widely in disbelief.

“Doctor, are you actually saying that I’m not impotent?”

“You’re one hundred percent healthy Mr Gavin” the doctor replied.

“Thank you” Gavin hung up the call. He sluggishly went to the sitting room and collapsed on the couch.

“What’s it son? How’s the party going?” the father asked.

“It’s going well, Dad” Gavin replied.

“So, xup with the long face?” the mother added.

Gavin dropped the pregnancy result on the center table and told his parents the story, even what his doctor had said.

“That’s a good news son!” Mr Lewis stood up grabbing the paper from the table.

“This is really good news!” The wife smiled but wasn’t looking happy coz she knew it was all her fault. Gavin knew about it too but didn’t want to blame her thus letting the past be past.

“Dad, it’s a good news, yes, but I’m not gonna marry Ethel. Beryl is the woman i love” Gavin said.

“Marry whosoever you wonna marry son in as much as you’re okay” the mother supported.

“Fine by me too” the father added.

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At Ezra’s apartment, Ethel boiled in anger after her friend told her what she did. Both were seen standing and walking angrily in the sitting room.

“You shouldn’t have done that Ezra!” Ethel shouted.

“Gavin had to know the truth. For how long did u intend keeping it from him?”

“But that doesn’t give u the right to do it without my knowledge!”

“The deed has been done already” Ezra walked into the room with a frowned face.



Cheryl returned home after the party gradually began to end. She saw Beryl’s car key on the floor of the sitting room. She looked at the cushion to see her jacket flung carelessly too. As she walked up through the staircase, she also saw her footwears on the stairs.

“What’s happening?” she thought running to Beryl’s room. She pushed it open to see her trying to hang herself to death.

“Jesus! Beryl, what are you doing?” she rushed and brought her down from a stool she climbed on. Beryl sat on the floor crying bitterly. Seeing her tears, Cheryl began to cry too.

“Why do you want to kill yourself, sis? Do you want to leave me like mom did?”

“Cheryl, is better i die than to live a fruitless life” Beryl replied crying.

“What do you mean?”

“Cheryl, i have no womb oh”

“What! Why? I mean how come?”

“It’s a long story I’ve been meaning to tell you and mom” After thinking and shedding tears for a while, Cheryl embraced her in consolation…

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