Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 23

Cheryl drove Jaydan right into their compound which was illuminated by light from different poles and bulbs. There was a swimming pool circulated by white light too. Both were seen sitting closely together on it’s edge in a way they played gently with the water using their legs. Cheryl wore a light sleeveless purple gown with a flower design at the chest region while Jaydan was in a three quarter short and a blue T-shirt even though he looked thin in it due to frustration from policemen.
“Why did you bring me all the way from the hotel?”
“Nothing?” Jaydan looked at her.
“I just wanted to spend some time with you alone” Cheryl splashed water with her legs and bent down her head. “Is that bad?” she finally looked at him with a smile.
“No, actually i love it too. It’s too noisy at the hotel” Jaydan answered.
Both became quiet all of a sudden. The atmosphere of love and romance circulated the arena. That was actually what Cheryl wanted. She looked away from Jaydan but felt a hand that turned her head back to him in a way both stared at each other’s eyes.
“I really i appreciate all you’ve done for me” Jaydan began. “You stood beside me when i thought my world has ended. I have always wanted to say this; you are the one after my heart. I’ve always loved you”
Cheryl remained speechless feeling her whole body sunk with the glimpse of every details of his statement. Jaydan brought his head closer and began to kiss her which she reciprocated caressing his hair with a hand. Suddenly, he fell inside the pool and both laughed…
Back to the hotel, inside a lonely room, Gavin sat with Beryl on the edge of a bed.
“What are we doing here?” Beryl asked with a surprising face.
Gavin totally turned and grabbed her hands again. “You need to listen to me. There is something i want to let you know about me”
“You’re getting me scared. What’s it?”
“Back in the state i was diagnosed for low sperm count” Gavin stared at her to know her next reaction. It was as if she was dreaming as the stare lingered. She had once heard of coincidence but this was more than it so she withdrew her hands from Gavin’s.
“Are you trying to mock me, Gavin?” she asked.
“I just told you the truth”
“But how come?”
“I don’t know”
Both became silent believing that God must have brought them together.
“Listen, Beryl, we gonna adopt children, okay?” Gavin suggested.
“I’m okay with that” Beryl grabbed his hands back. “Let’s not bring the past again. What matters most now is that we love each other” she said.
It was like a heavy burden got relieved from their shoulders after they let out their secrets, yet, found themselves compatible. They gradually began to kiss each other making use of the larger area of the bed. Beryl raised her legs without breaking the kiss. Ever since she had the report of her womb, she had never had sex with any man. Therefore sexual feelings and sensation rushed down her whole body as the kiss went on. She suddenly break it and began to unbutton Gavin’s shirt in a hurry. However, Gavin also zip down her gown caressing her erected nipples through her bra. Both became naked and got down satisfying their sexual urges..
Back to the pool, Cheryl had joined Jaydan swimming and splashing water at each other until they came closer. Cheryl caressed his cheek and said, “I love you too, Jaydan” she kissed him again. Sooner did she notice her body being lifted up-Jaydan was actually carrying her out of the pool into her room. He laid her on the bed after taking off the wet cloth. Cheryl laid face-up wearing only a white pant and bra watching as Jaydan took off his cloth too. She couldn’t think or say anything as if she was charmed by his love.
Jaydan laid on her resuming the kiss and eventually took off her bra. He moved his mouth to the nipples making her moan softly and feeling her pant wet with vagina fluid and throbing clit that longs to be stimulated. As if Jaydan read her body, he placed a hand in her panties and began to stimulate it with his mouth still on her nipples. “Oh, yeeeahh” she moaned with eyes closed moving her waist up and down and spreading her legs…
After the long lasting sex, Beryl entered into the bathroom while Gavin dressed up. As he stepped outside the room, he saw Ezra standing at the door.
“Hey, what are you doing here?”
“I know you as a good man. Due to the love i have for my friend, Ethel, i wouldn’t want her to suffer alone”
“What are u talking about?”
Ezra handed the pregnancy result to him saying, “You think you’re impotent but that’s a lie. Ethel is one month pregnant for you. So i want you to kindly take up your responsibilities”
“You must be kidding” Gavin took a very good look at the result. “This is serious” he said.
Just then, Beryl came out to see him hiding the paper.
“Honey, whatsup with the paper?” she asked taking a glance at Ezra who wasn’t smiling..