Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 7



The atmosphere became dark likewise the unknown surroundings circulated by bushes. Even the interior part of the building became dark too that even Beryl barely saw the faces of the men standing before her. She had not come out from the dilemma of seeing her mother and sister lying beside her as if dead. Just as she cried bitterly with hands and legs tied, Rex lit a candle which illuminated the room making her to see the faces of the men torturing her and her family. She looked from Tunde, Raymond, Rex to Jaydan.

“You b——s!” she exclaimed glaring at Raymond. She was able to recognise him because he use to work with her late father and had made advances to her which she rejected and turned him down.

“You are making a mistake, Beryl” Raymond began. “I’m not a b—–d but my nephews here are because your father made them to be so. Your father killed their parents for money ritual!!”

“My father didn’t kill anybody. He suffered to produce Scotryl Company which i began to manage after his death. I guess you are just making this up to see that i suffer because i didn’t allow you get in between my legs”

“Nonsense!” Rex interfered angrily then Beryl directed her eyes to him. His face was also familiar to her. Only then did she understand that all planned and worked together for the downfall of her family, even Tunde, her worker.

“Wait, i have seen you in my office before. Aren’t you Gavin’s friend?”

“Yes, also the son of the parents your father killed. I’ll make each of you suffer before seeing you die like a sick fowl”

“My father didn’t kill your parents!”

“Shut up!” Rex rushed and gave her a hot slap which rendered her speechless and heartbroken. She endured the pains winking her eyes continuously.

All these while they were exchanging words, Jaydan had been staring at Cheryl feeling sorry for her. He was actually the one who went to their house to kidnap her and the mother as instructed by his brother. Suddenly, Raymond’s phone rang- Mrs Edna was calling.

“Hello, Edna” Raymond began to move away from the room as he answers the call. By hearing the name, ‘Edna’ Rex looked at his uncle coz he knew Edna to be Gavin’s mother wondering the kind of business they were doing and how they knew each other.

“Where are you? My husband just kicked me out of the house” Mrs Edna replied on the phone.


“Just tell me where you are. Have you gotten the girl, Beryl, i told you about?”

“Sure” Raymond gave her the address.



Mrs Veronica and her daughter, Ethel could be seen vomiting in the sitting room as Mr Edwin walked back to the bedroom with the calabash of unclean water. They had been made to drink from it which was actually the reason why they were vomiting.

“I’m finished” Ethel began.

“How can this be happening to me?”

“My daughter..” the mother tried to hold her but she flung out her hand in anger standing up.

“Don’t touch me again, mother! You caused all this, If not the way you’re obsessed with money, father wouldn’t have done what’s his doing. You turned me into a s–t, a choiceless and valueless woman because of money. I hate you! Mother, i swear, if anything happen to me, i will never forgive you and father” she ran inside her room.

On the other hand, Mr Edwin had gone back to the room, wrapped the two dead bodies back in a large bag then shuffle them in a wardrobe. They weren’t smelling anymore coz the ritual had been completed. The dead bodies were actually a woman and a man. Could it be Rex’s parents?

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Mrs Edna arrived at the hidden area making sure nobody followed her. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on the girl who she believed that ruined all her plans and break her happy home. So she stepped inside the room neglecting the presence of the men as she glared at Beryl.

“So you’re the Beryl, huh”

“Who are you?”

“I warned you to stay away from my son but you wouldn’t listen!”

“Your son?” Beryl thought for a while. She remembered Gavin’s mother calling her to stay away from her son. So she raised her head.

“Are u Gavin’s mother?”

“Yes, and am gonna kill u for ruining my plans and my family! Ever since my son set his eyes on you, he has gone bonkers!” she began to slap her while Rex met his uncle at a corner.

“This wasn’t the plan. What’s this woman doing here?” he whispered.

“I know, Rex. But believe me, she’s on our side. She wants Beryl dead as much as we want the family wiped out” Raymond replied.

However, Mrs Edna kept beating Beryl to the extent Jaydan couldn’t tolerate it anymore, so he shouted,

“Enough! I said enough!” Mrs Edna stepped back breathing hastily. She angrily walked out followed by Raymond immediately to a place where nobody hears them.

“Make sure that girl is dead”


“Alright, come take me home” Mrs Edna requested trying to leave but Raymond pulled her back.

“Which home?” he asked then Mrs Edna stared at him..

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