Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 6



Mrs Veronica, Ethel’s mother, couldn’t believe her eyes as she gasped in tears on the staircase. The two dead bodies she saw in her husband’s room got her terrified. Ethel, who stood beside her left going to her father’s room to confirmed what the mother saw. As she walked in her slot appearance, before the entrance of the room, she saw smoke coming out from it thereby slowing down her locomotion.

“What mother said might be true” she thought and went closer. Even the smell that came out from the room gave her the notion that something very bad was happening inside the sanctum. Immediately she looked through the open door, she screamed seeing two dead bodies lying on the floor and a smoke coming out of a calabash. Her father dressed like a ritualist with a bowl of unclean water in his hands.

“Daddy, what’s going on here? Why are you dressed like a ritualist?” Ethel asked waving her hand across her nose. Without a reply, the father stood up carrying the bowl of water and heading towards her. There was a red fabric tied round his head and waist. Seeing that, Ethel began to move backward gradually. She noticed that a human characteristic had gone out of her father. Therefore she hurried back to meet her mother who had stood up in fear already. Both tried to run out of the house but found the door locked.

“Why?” they wondered coz that was the same door through which they entered. Everything seemed to them as if they were trapped! However, Mr Edwin had climbed down standing few metres away from them.

“My husband, what are you trying to do?” Mrs Veronica asked.

“I’m trying to do that which you have been trying to do” the husband replied.

“I don’t understand”

“You have been trying to use our daughter to be rich by forcing her to marry the son of a rich man. Now we gonna be rich after we all drink from this calabash. It contains the water of the dead bodies you saw in the room”

“Oh, my God!” Mrs Veronica swallowed hard. She felt her waist tightened by the hands of Ethel who started shedding tears already. She regretted ever having such parents; a mother who forces her to a man she doesn’t love because of money and a father who is now trying to use her for money ritual.

“My husband, whose dead body are those?”

“It doesn’t matter! You two must drink from this calabash to complete the ritual” Mr Edwin concluded then moved forward.

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Mr Lewis, Gavin’s father, walked to and fro in his room. His mind wandered up and down on the scene created by Gavin, Ethel and her mother a few minutes ago. “I can’t believe this” he began to think. “My own son impotent? No, no, no” he robbed his hand on his head in a woozy manner. But he suddenly stood at a spot and brought down his hand then began to say aloud,

“Did i just call him my son? I think i heard the woman saying that Gavin isn’t my son. Wait.. I think that’s what my wife has been hiding from me..” as he wondered in worry, Mrs Edna, the wife, entered the room with a piteous face. She knew that everything had gone out of hand, therefore she went on her knees immediately.

“Please, forgive me my husband” she began to say but the husband interrupted.

“Who is Gavin’s father?”

“It’s Raymond”

“Who’s he, and how come?”

“He is a man in my past” the wife began. “I never wanted you to know that’s why i have been forcing Gavin to marry Ethel so that her mother wouldn’t expose me coz she is the only one that knows about it as a friend” Mr Lewis became devastated with anger burning inside him.

“You b—h!” he slapped the wife painfully. The gravity of the slap drove her on the floor. Then he began to pull out her belongings. “You are going back to the past to meet the man in your past!” he shouted as he flung the wife’s bags out from a wardrobe..

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It was a local building, almost like an incomplete building where Beryl battled with Tunde who tried to rape her but the unveiling of his mask by Beryl made him adjust backward. Beryl couldn’t believe her eyes as she jumped up from the local bed. Of course the food she finished eating gave her the energy. Seeing that, Tunde pointed a gun at her.

“Don’t you dare make a move”

“Tunde, you! My own employee! Who are you working with?”

“Shut up!” Tunde shouted then began to tie her hands and legs at gun point. Just after he finished, Raymond entered carrying Cheryl on his shoulder. She was also tied and blindfolded. Raymond placed her beside her sister on the floor.

“Cheryl? Cheryl!” Beryl shouted.

“I said shut up!” Tunde thundered again.

“You bastared! What have you done to her?” as Beryl lamented, Rex and Jaydan carried Mrs Laura, her mother inside too in a dead position.

“No, no, mom? Mom!” she began to cry and wished someone like Gavin was there to safe her and her family without knowing that he was in the police cell for a crime he didn’t commit.. :

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