Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 5


Gavin couldn’t understand anything that was happening. He knew Beryl had an ugly past which she had once wanted to tell him about but he didn’t know the connection she and her family had with Rex.

“This is beyond what I thought,” he said out loud which made the doctor smile.

“You raped and tried killing her but didn’t know it would come to this and now it’s beyond…”

“I said I am innocent,” Gavin barked furiously as he rushed and held the doctor by his shirt collar, thereby shaking him vigorously. “Repeat after me, Gavin is innocent!”

“Gavin Is innocent,” the frightened doctor repeat with trembling lips.

“Come on, continue till I tell you to stop.”

“Gavin is innocent, Gavin is innocent, Gavin is…”

“Stop young man, officers arrest him,” a police constable interrupted while Gavin turned. The doctors office was filled with uniform men.

“I am innocent,” Gavin kept on shouting and struggling as two officers handcuffed him and led him outside.

“I think he is innocent,” one of the police officer said.

“Shut up and fall out,” the constable shouted.

“Please try everything you can to make sure he faces judgement,” the doctor pleaded.

“Yes sir, always at your service, sir,” the constable saluted and walked out of the office.. :



By now Beryl had finished eating and was picking out food particles from her mouth with tooth pick. “Guess you enjoyed the food?” the masked man asked.

“Very well, thanks,” Beryl smiled in appreciation and dropped the used toothpick inside the tray.

“You’re welcome, my angel.”

“My angel,” Beryl repeated.

“Yes my angel or are you not?” the person asked as he shifted close and covered the space between them. Beryl felt uncomfortable and it really showed on her facial expression.

“Please tell me who you are.” She couldn’t tell if the guy was smiling or not but she felt he was smiling at her uneasiness because his lips moved and the mask covered only his eyes. The guy kept moving close to her and kept moving back till her back rested on the wall and there was no room for her to escape.

“Show your face, please,” she pleaded, almost crying.

“Do you like me?”

“Like you?, what sort of stupid question is that,” Beryl flared up but the guy held her left hand.

“Let go of my hand immediately!”

“Hey, be calm. I’m only here to do what I’m paid for.”

“Paid for, do you know that you are a fool?”

“Yes but why do you ask if I’m a fool? “

“Because you accept being paid to do rubbish and I don’t think you know that you’re a fool.”

“I don’t see how that is your business, besides I only want to enjoy myself with you.”

“With who? You see why I say you’re a fool, a very big one at…” The guy interrupted her by placing a finger on her lips and pulling her into his strong arms. It felt warm in her body cos it’s been long she felt the touch of a man but she was determined not to let that fool her.

“Let go of me, now!”

“Tell me you’re not enjoying it?” the guy said and tightened his grip on her.

“Let me go, I say.”

“Not so fast, my angel, not until I have had a taste of you.”

“You fool,” Beryl screamed.

“Call me whatever you like, I don’t care,” the guy said and turned her face to his, then tried kissing her but she struggled. They struggled on and on but the guy overpowered her and was able to tear the top she wore, thereby exposing her cleavage which heaved inside the tight bra.

“Just be calm and surrender. I swear you will enjoy me, you will even be screaming for more,” the guy said, licked his lips and pushed her on the bed. Beryl became calm and lay obediently on the bed but as soon as he climbed on top of her, she reached out and quickly tore the mask from his face.

“Tunde!” she shouted and shoved him away furiously… :



“Dad! Why are you dressed like a ritualistic?” Ethel asked but the father ignored her, took two steps down the stairs and two steps back, then disappeared into the room again.

“Mom, what did you see? Please talk to me.” By now, Mrs. Veronica was already crying.

“When I entered the house, it had a foul smell and I followed the smell up…” she paused.

“And, mom please continue. You followed the smell up and?”

“Oh Jesus!” Mrs. Veronica exclaimed, placed both hands on her head and scattered her hair.

“Mom!…” Ethel frowned impatiently. “Two dead bodies, Ethel, the dead bodies of Rex parents. We have been living with dead bodies right inside this house, eheii, Chimoo!” Mrs. Veronica wailed and clutched her b—-t with her body shaking at the same time.

“This must be a joke, excuse me,” Ethel pushed her mom aside and ran upstairs… .

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