Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 4



Raymond stood speechless as he and John exchanged looks. He was very certain someone was trying to make his plan backfire but he was determined not to let that happen and so he moved closer to John in a calm manner and looked directly into the eyes of the gun.

“How much did he pay you to betray me?” he wanted to know.

“A she not he,” John smiled.

“A she?” Raymond repeated, wondering who the ‘she’s could be.

“Don’t think too much, sir… “ John started to say but paused and dropped the hand he held the gun, then moved closer and covered the space between he and Raymond. “There is a ‘he’s that is partnering with the ‘she’. They are both fighting the same course and their goal is to help each other get what they want.”

“What are you saying?” Raymond asked. “I don’t understand a thing.”

“What I am saying is that, you are an intruder and you deserve to die,” John said and with that he cocked the gun and raised it up, then pointed it at Raymond. “Say your last prayers.”

“Do you really want me dead?”


“Fine then,” Raymond smiled and raised both hands in the air. “Kill me and get it over with.” John, without thinking twice or saying any other thing, pulled the trigger with a victory smile on his face but his smile soon faded away as the bullet bounced back and drove straight into his chest making him drop the gun and fall to the floor.

Raymond laughed satisfactorily and bent to pick up the gun. He looked at the John who lay dead with his eyes bulging out and stood erect.

“Wow! What a surprise death, in your next life, you will learn not to think twice before you take any action,” with that he gave John one last shot before he rushed to where Cheryl and her mother lay. He felt Cheryl’s pulse and she was still warm, so he quickly tugged the gun in his trouser pocket and carried her out on his shoulder… :

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Edwin stood up as his wife entered the room but instead of answering her question, he started laughing. Mrs. Veronica was baffled as she watched her husband laugh.

“What are you doing with this?” she asked again and covered her nose. The husband stopped laughing almost immediately.

“What does it look like? Now get out before I harm you,” he commanded but she refused to heed. “I said get out of this room before I harm you,” he shouted, this time more thunderously. This made Veronica turn and run out of the room. As she ran down the stairs, she collided with Ethel and slumped on the base of the stairs while Ethel held her in her arms.

“Mom, what’s wrong and why do you look terribly scared?”

“Your father, he…” her voice trailed off. Ethel was confused.

“my father did what?”

“Go up stairs and see things for yourself,” the mother said.

“Mom, what are you talking about?”

“I said go upstairs and…”

“Don’t you dare come up,” the father shouted from top. Ethel looked up and almost fainted at what she saw of her father… :

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“can you please pull off the mask, I want to see your face,” Beryl pleaded. She sat on the edge of the bed in a well lit room. In front of her was a side stool and on it was a tray of an appetizing breakfast.

“Eat first and I’ll tell you who I am,” the masked guy said.

“He called you patosky.”


“What’s your real name?”

“Eat first and I’ll tell you. My identity is hidden now coz you might faint when you behold my face.” Beryl was still confused.

“Are you Tunde, my employee?” she asked but the person just smiled and leaned forward to dish out the food for her. “Are you Tunde?” she repeated.

“And what if I am?” he asked but she couldn’t answer… :



The doctor in charge walked back into his office to meet Gavin still standing but this time, he rested his back on the wall.

“Mr. Gavin, the police will soon be here.”

“What for?” Gavin left where he stood and walked up to the doctor.

“You are guilty of coz and they are coming to arrest you,” the doctor said in clear terms.

“Well!” Gavin pulled out a chair and sat on it. “No one will be able to carry me out of this office.”

“But I will,” a voice said from behind and Gavin turned.

“Rex,” he shouted excitedly and stood up to hug him but Rex went stiff. “Thank God you are here, I’m in deep s–t.”

“I don’t think I have any business with you Gavin because the doctor called me here, “ Rex said bluntly and pushed him aside.

“Doctor, can I please see my fiancee that this idiot raped and tried to kill.”

“Rex!” Gavin called out in surprise. “When did Beryl’s secretary become your fiancee? Are you for me or against me?”

“I am against you coz Beryl’s father murdered my parents and you are in love with Beryl,” Rex said in anger.

“This is a joke,” Gavin chuckled.

“Fine, wait till you rot in jail and we will know if I’m joking or not.”



“You want to betray me?”

“No, you betrayed me first.”


“Doctor, I want this young man to be arrested and locked up behind bars,” Rex concluded and with that turned and left the office… .

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