Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 3



The ‘NO’ that Gavin had screamed out left the doctor speechless for a few seconds and when he finally found his voice, he asked,

“Mr. Gavin, do you know gravity of the offense you just committed?” but Gavin ignored and still stared at him pointlessly. “Mr. Gavin?” the doctor called again, lightly tapping his shoulder but that alone caused another explosion on the part of Gavin.

“I said I didn’t do it, what don’t you understand? Is it ‘I’, ‘said’, ‘didn’t’ or ‘do it?” Gavin stood up and shouted. It was obvious he’s innocent and that the thought of going to jail for a crime he didn’t commit was driving him crazy.

“Please calm…” the doctor began

“Hey!” Gavin interrupted. “Don’t tell me to calm down coz you know very well that I won’t.”

“Fine,” the doctor stood up and walked to the door. “Keep on screaming and shouting and watch me take action.” With that, he opened the door and walked out of the room. :



Raymond opened the door of a room and walked into it but unlike Beryl’s room, he immediately switched on the lights as he entered. To his utmost dismay, he found Mrs. Laura Scott and Cheryl lying motionless on the cold tiled floor. “They should have been awake by now, what’s happening?” he asked rhetorically as he moved closer to and touched each of them. “My goodness! John?” he screamed and jumped back.

“Sir!” John responded behind him. Raymond without turning to face him, pointed at the two bodies and asked,

“What happened to this two?”

“Which two sir?” John asked stupidly. That question alone got him two thunderous slaps that could send one on an errand in the cemetery.

“How dare you question me, you fool?” Raymond shouted and made to slap him again but John moved back quickly coz the next slap would have probably damaged his eyes.

“But sir, I don’t know what happened to them,” John began. “They both had woken up long ago, I even fed them but the reason behind their dead body is what I don’t know.” Raymond’s eyes became teary and blood shot as he stared at the two bodies, after few seconds of staring, he turned and made to flee out of the room but a gun shot stopped him as he felt the heat of the bullet on his left leg. He looked down at the bullet and then turned back slowly, only for him to meet the shocker of his life. John was right behind him with a gun pointed directly to his forehead.

“This game has taken another dimension, sir. Please say your last prayers,” he said without a smile and cocked the gun.. :

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Mrs. Veronica, Ethel’s mom opened the door to her house and walked in but soon began sniffing her nose due to the bad smell that emanated from the house. She did meet her husband in the sitting room.

“What’s smelling like this?” she asked rhetorically as she ran upstairs and went straight to the room she shared with the husband. She noticed something odd as she held the door handle, the door had never been closed before except at night but she opened the door anyway.

“Father Lord have mercy,” was what came out of her mouth as she looked into the room. The bad smell was actually coming from there. “Edwin! What are you doing?” she spat out in fury but the reply she received was less of what she expected… :



Rex was seen pacing around his sitting room, restlessly. Though he knew betraying his friend was bad but he just had to. He really wanted to revenge his parents death. Soon the door opened and Jayden came in, looking rough and tattered. He was also breathing heavily. Rex immensely turned to him,

“How did it go?” he asked.

“It was tough but we succeeded in killing one while injuring the other because she will be of help to us later,” Jayden explained.

“Good,” Rex smiled satisfactorily. “Mission almost accomplished, now go in and get ready for the real game which is about to begin.”

“Yes boss!” Jayden saluted and moved into the inner room while Rex laughed softly in a revenge tone… :

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