Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 2


Gavin stood speechless for seconds, staring at Nora’s body. To say the least, he was shocked beyond words. Soon, he started screaming for help as he carried her and rushed out of the office. Workers in other departments of the company were seen running into the office in a confused manner as they saw Gavin rush out of Beryl’s office with a bleeding and almost lifeless Nora in his arms. Minutes later, Gavin’s car was seen driving speedily out of the company premises… :

“I don’t even understand this madam’s new boyfriend o, madam no love am, but he’s still trying to force himself on her and look what he has done now, this office is full of blood, “ Gloria complained as they stood, staring at the blood stain on the spot where Nora had lay.

“Who knows, maybe he even tried to rape Nora and when she resisted, he decided to act fast,” Ruth added.

“Chai, women,” James who was also inside the office shrugged.

“Always talking, like parrot,” he eyed Gloria and Ruth, then hissed and walked out of the office.

Tunde, who had been quiet all along just turned to Ruth and smiled. Ruth turned round just in time to catch him smiling at her,

“And you, what’s making you smile?” she asked with a frown.

“Nothing really,” Tunde replied, still with a smile, then excused himself and walked out of the office. Ruth and Gloria threw a questioning look at each other and asked in unison,

“What’s making him smile like that??” And that was one but more than one question which of coz you(the readers) will be shocked to find out the answer… :

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*** :

Beryl was still on the floor, in the dark room, thinking about her mother and sister. She thought of how bad they would feel especially as she had not seen them in a while. Soon, she heard the door creak open a second time, so she braced herself up, ready for anyone or anything that comes her way.

“Baby, I’m sorry. You know how this things are?” *silence* “Yes baby, you can trust me on that, I’ll sure deal with her.” *Another silence* Beryl listened carefully to the person talking. She couldn’t remember how she got to where she was at the moment and was trying to make meaning of what the person on phone was saying but she understood nothing!.

“Sure baby, she is worth billions of Naira and we’ll soon be swimming in money like Dangote.”

“Fool,” Beryl barked. “Do you think Dangote makes his money through illegal means?”

“Patosky,” the voice inside the room called out.

“Yes boss,” another voice answered from outside, then footsteps were heard.

“Take this crazy girl out of here and get her something nice to eat and drink,” he ordered. Beryl felt relieved as she heard that,

“Yes! Yes! I need food, yes food!” she screamed in excitement as she was raised up by someone and led towards the door in the dark.

“The boss, I think this girl is insane,” the person holding Beryl complained.

“it’s the effect of the drugs,” came the reply. “Just make sure she eats very well.”

“Yes boss.”

“Am I really insane?” Was The question Beryl kept asking herself as she the person led her through the dark.

“Baby, let me see to the other two, they too should be awake by now.” *silence* “I love you, baby.” *Hangs up and smiles to himself* “Girls and their stupidity, just wait and watch out as I deal with you, love fire… “

: ***


Gavin tried calling Rex as he paced round the hospital reception but his number wasn’t going through. “Oh God! What have I done to myself? What if something bad happens to this girl now?” he asked rhetorically. “Nurse,” he called as he saw one of the nurses emerge from the inner corridor and walk to the counter. “How is she?” he asked, trembling.

“Please sir, have patience,” the nurse answered simply and walked out of the reception. Gavin hit his forehead as he stood, tapping his left foot on the floor. After what seemed like eternity, the doctor in charge came to meet him. He wore a white overall and on his neck hung a stethoscope.

“How is she?” Gavin asked but the doctor looked at him in pity instead of replying. “Doctor, please talk to me, is she dead?” he asked again. He was obviously scared. The doctor sighed deeply, “Let’s talk in my office, privately.” With that, he turned walked towards the long corridor he came out from. And now, Gavin was more scared than ever as he followed the doctor to his office.. :


“Please, have a seat,” the doctor said calmly and gestured at the seat opposite his desk, then turned and sat on his, behind the desk. Gavin hesitated for a while before he pulled out the chair and sat on it. The doctor sighed again and rested his hands on the desk, then leaned forward. “Mr. Gavin,” he began. “At this point in time, it’s only the truth and nothing but the truth that’ll save you from going to jail…” he paused to watch Gavin’s reaction.

“Jail! As in, you mean prison?” Gavin asked stupidly.

“Yes prison Mr. Gavin. You will be locked up if you don’t tell me the truth now,” the doctor explained.

“Locked up, for what? Is the girl dead? “

“I know your girlfriend is missing and you are not sound emotionally but… “

“But what, doctor?”

“That Won’t save you.”

“Save me? What are you talking about doctor, is the girl dead? “ Gavin asked and stood up, irritatingly.

“Just calm down and tell me,” the doctor lowered his voice and removed his glasses. “Did you try molesting her, what I mean is, did you try raping her before beating her up?”

“I am doomed,” Gavin said out loud and fell back on the seat. He couldn’t find the right words to use in answering the question he was asked but definitely, he knew he was doomed, like D-O-O-M-E-D.

“What will I say to him now that’ll make him believe me?” he thought.

“Did you do it, Mr.?” The doctors voice jolted him back from wonderland and he shouted

“NO!” before even realizing it… .

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