Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 1


”I was diagnosed of low sperm count which means I can never father a child”… *** All surprised faces were directed to Gavin concerning the statement he had made but he showed no sign of care whatsoever to the different thoughts that ran through their mind as at that moment, the only thing he could do was to let out a chuckle as he bent to pick up his bag. But as he made to touch the handle of his box, his father held his hand midway.

“Where do you think you are going to? “ Mr. Lewis, his father asked. His facial expression quickly changed from surprised to confused.

“Dad!” Gavin called in tone that seemed sober. “Can you please let go of my hand?”

“Not until you tell me where you’re going,” the father commanded, still with a confused look.

“The woman after my heart is missing and you don’t expect me to sit back here and listen to the miserable things you guys have to…”

“Will you shut up, you fool” the father interrupted and tightened the grip on his hand.

“Dad please, let go, you’re hurting me, and yes, this is the second time you’ve called me a fool because of this harlot,” Gavin complained and shot Ethel a dead look. The father ignored him and turned to face the wife, who sat on the couch, staring silently at them.

“Are you just gonna sit there and watch? Won’t you say something?”

“She is speechless because she knows what she’s done. How can a son be impotent and the claimed father is potent?” Gavin questioned as he gave his mother a look to kill.

“Gavin, for God’s sake, I am your mother and so I deserve some respect,” Mrs. Edna said hurtfully as she stood up while Mr. Lewis slowly released Gavin’s hand as his buttocks landed on the couch.

“Well, you can keep my belongings here coz I’m outta here but before I return, dear momma, just make sure you go bring back my biological father,” Gavin said and hissed loudly before leaving the house in annoyance.

“Mom, why did you let him go just like that?” Ethel asked as she found her voice after Gavin was gone.

“He’s gone s–t, to go find the woman after his heart,” Mr. Lewis said and stood up. “Why don’t you also go out there and find the father of that b—–d you are carrying?” he concluded and disdained them before walking out of the sitting room… :

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Beryl open her eyes and took a deep breath. Everywhere was dark and the pains she felt was agonizing. She tried lifting up herself but realized her hands were tied to something which she couldn’t figure out because of the dark room. Just as she contemplated on what to do, she heard some footsteps.

“Hey! Who’s there? I need help please,” she pleaded in a voice that was barely audible. Soon she heard the door creak open, but while she strained her eyes to see, a cold hand touched her laps which made cold shivers run down her spine.

“Hey beauty! Don’t be scared, it’s me,” a voice spoke. She guess the person was right next to her because the breath fanned her neck. “I have been waiting for you to wake up,” the voice continued.

“Who the hell are you and why hiding your face in the covers of this dark room?” she asked. The person ignored her and held her right hand. “Show yourself if you’re a human.” The person beside her chuckled and tightened his grip on her hand.

“Don’t tell me you can’t recognize my voice or have the medications knock out the little brain you had?” Beryl felt insulted and she didn’t hide it,

“How dare you talk to me in that manner,” she barked furiously while trying very hard to set her hands free. “Show yourself, idiot, I say show yourself,” she screamed at the top of her voice, then she felt the person release his hold on her.

“Now I can tell someone without mixing up words that you have officially gone insane but I won’t just conclude, I’ll leave you for a while and come back later, probably you’re just acting up,” the person said. She thought the lights would come up but within a few seconds, she heard footsteps that grew distant till the door was opened and shut again… :


Gavin ran into the reception, through the long corridor and he barged into Beryl’s office like one who was being pursued. Nora, the receptionist, who was at her desk when he ran in quickly left the receipts she was arranging and followed him.


she met Gavin coming out of the convenience. “Excuse me, sir,” she began. “if there’s any problem, then it should be sorted out at the reception.” Gavin ignored her and started going through Beryl’s file one after the other. “Please sir, you really have to go now, I can’t risk loosing my job,”

Nora pleaded without moving closer to him but Gavin still paid deaf ears and continued opening each files. It was obvious he was looking for a prove of something. This time, Nora couldn’t bear it any longer. Although rumors had it that Gavin was her boss lover, she felt he had no right to barge into her office, let alone going through her files, so she moved closer to him and held his left hand to prevent him from touching anything further but that act alone was the biggest mistake of her life cos the next thing Gavin did was to turn round and push her roughly without thinking twice.

Nora screamed as she saw herself face to face with the hard tiles. By the time Gavin realized himself, Nora lay motionless on the floor as her head bleed profusely… :

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