Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 8


Though Mrs Edna and Raymond were at a distance where nobody could hear them but from the way Raymond held her arm attracted Rex’s attention therefore observed both of them.

“Leave my arms!” Mrs Edna forcefully withdrew her hand from Raymond’s.

“What do you mean which home? Don’t you have a home? Please, take me home coz my husband has kicked me out of the house” she added.

“Have you forgotten I’m married with kids at home? Where the hell do you think you’ll stay? Wait oh..” Raymond glanced through the entrance of the room to see Rex looking at them. So he dragged Mrs Edna out of sight into a darker area. “Why did your husband kick you out by the way?” he asked. Mrs Edna kept quiet not trying to shock him with the news that her first son, Gavin, is his son not her husband’s. It’s obvious she also married Mr Lewis because of money and at the same time having affair with Raymond which led to the reproduction of Gavin.

“He kicked me out because i made his son, Gavin to run out of the house by forcing him to marry another girl” she replied.

“But why would you force your son to marry another girl?”

“It’s none of your business okay!” Raymond thought for a while.

“Where is your son now?” he asked.

“Nobody knows where he is. He actually carried his bag insearch of that idiot, Beryl. That’s why i told you to kidnap and kill her. Make sure you do that” Mrs Edna began to leave.

“Where are you spending the night now?” Raymond’s voice could then be heard by Rex and others inside the room.

“Gavle Silver Lounge Resort, my son’s hotel” she replied but suddenly came back standing before Raymond with a lower voice. “I saw two people lying beside Beryl. Who are they?”

“That’s none of your business too” Raymond replied.

“Well, have it your way. They are of no use to me” she finally went out.



This was actually the time the company opens but everything became dormant with all the workers assembled at the reception to deliberate on why their manager, Beryl had not been to work for days. Rose, the secretary, also the senior, served as the boss to others. She looked from James, Gloria and Ruth then asked,

“Where is Tunde?” Nobody answered but she continued. “I’ve notice him to be absent for days just like our madam. What’s going on?”

“I think we should go to madam’s house to ask her mother or sister her where about” James suggested.

“I’ve gone there but didn’t see anybody” Rose replied.

“Let’s ask Nora, her receptionist” Ruth suggested too.

“Nora is still in the hospital” Silence took over the reception as the workers reasoned about the strange situation.

“I think we need to inform the police coz i believe it’s a kidnap issue” Rose said.

“Why don’t we ask James the where about of Tunde?” Gloria inferred with a disdainful look at James.

“Why me?” James glared.

“Is he not your friend that you normally support always?”

“Watch your mouth or..”

“Or what!”

“Quiet!” Rose exclaimed. Just then, they saw a troop of policemen coming with guns. In front of them was Rex. Rose recognise him.

“Uhm.. officers, this is the place the rape took place. I need it to be shut down” Rex commanded the officers then all the workers became shocked especially Rose.

“Rape? Who rapped who?” she asked.

“A worker called Nora was rapped here yesterday by one Mr Gavin” a police officer explained and the workers gasped while Gloria glanced at Ruth.

“Officer, nothing like that happened here yesterday. In fact we were about to come and report..” Rose wanted to say but was interrupted by Rex.

“Shut up!” he looked at the policemen. “Officers, lock this place and lets get out of here!”

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Nora woke up to see the doctor standing beside her. She couldn’t believe that a push from Gavin rendered her unconscious. She was on Scotryl Company uniform-a skirt and a T-shirt.

“Doctor, what happened” she sat up feeling her head heavier than initial.

“You were rapped” the doctor replied.

“Rape?” Nora’s face was full of surprises and confusion. She tried to recall vividly what happened. “No, doctor, i wasn’t rapped. Nobody rapped me. I was only pushed down by..”

“Sheeehhh” the doctor interrupted with a finger across his lips and slightly showed Nora the head of a gun that rested beside his trouser. It was covered by a white doctory robe. “You have to admit and tell everybody that you were rapped otherwise you are die” he added.

Nora became shocked and understood that something fishy was going on. Just as she thought, Rose, Gloria and co rushed inside the quiet ward then the doctor adjusted backward.

“Nora, what happened?” Rose asked but she didn’t respond.

“Is it true you were rapped by that madam’s boyfriend?” Gloria, being an amibo asked immediately… :

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