Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 9


Rose and co stared at Nora as they waited for an answer. They could see her shivering and glancing at the doctor to the extent he became suspicious in the eyes of the girls. When the doctor noticed it, he said,

“Who are u girls? I guess it’s time to let her be”

“Doctor, we just want her to tell us the truth. Our company has been locked down because of this” Rose insisted.

“Tell us Nora, were you rapped?” Gloria queried again. Now with all seriousness, yet Nora kept quiet.

“Come on, young girl, tell them the truth” the doctor inferred. Nora looked at Rose steadily, the look became intense that even Rose tried to figure out what she was trying to tell her but unfortunately she shook her head positively.

“Yes, i was rapped” she said aloud then glanced at the doctor again.

“By who?” James asked.

“Madam Beryl’s boyfriend” Gloria and Ruth gasped in disbelief while Rose straightened up quietly still staring at Nora. She knew something was fishy. Sooner were all of them sent outside by the doctor even when they requested to take Nora along. Outside the hospital, the guys stood in amazement. Only Rose walked to and fro with her hair slid occasionally in confusion.

“Why wouldn’t the doctor allow Nora follow us? Something isn’t just right”

“Wait oh” Ruth began.

“We all were there when Madam’s boyfriend carried Nora running to the hospital. If at all he rapped her, why must he also be the one to carry her to the hospital?”

“Excellent!” Rose turned sharply.

“We must find out the truth. But first, let’s go report the missing of madam Beryl and her family to the police” they all hurried out.

Back inside the hospital, the doctor led Nora to a lonely room and locked her up.


Mr Lewis, Gavin’s father climbed down the staircase well dressed with a briefcase. Already, all his house workers were back doing their duties. He instructed them and went straight to Gavle Silver Lounge Resort to find his wife coming out through the gate. She became shocked to see him.

“Good morning my husband”

“Who is your husband and what are you doing here? Get out of this place! I don’t want to ever see you around any of my properties again!” Mr Lewis pushed her out. He summoned the receptionist of the hotel instantly who stood in amazement. The young girl wore a white shirt which she tucked-in in a black plain trouser. An ID-card could be seen hanging on her neck.

“Now listen to me” Mr Lewis began. “Any day you allow this woman into this hotel, you’ll be sacked! Even her son”

“Sir, you mean Gavin, your son?” the girl wanted to be sure.

“Quiet my friend! Did i mention him as my son? Even him!”

“Okay, sir” the girl hurried back to her duty post.

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As Mrs Edna shed tears on the way regretting her past, so as Nora began to escape from the room where she had been locked by the doctor. The room had a drum and other sharp materials. She looked up to see the ceiling open so she pulled the drum to a corner, climbed on it, and began to climb inside the ceiling. Though she didn’t know how she was gonna come out but needed to be free.

She climbed silently making sure nobody noticed her presence until she found her way to the backyard of the hospital where she broke a ceiling and jumped down. Due to the building had no fence, she escaped from there running continuously… :

On the other hand, Raymond and Rex stood in Rex’s apartment. Raymond was in a plain trouser with shortleeves shirt while Rex on jean trouser.

“So, how did it go?” Raymond asked.

“Perfect, the company is closed down” Rex replied.

“Good, we must go now and finish up the family of late Mr Scott”

“Sure” As they tried to move, Rex’s phone rang. He stopped to pick the call after seeing the caller to be the doctor.

“Hello, doctor”

“The girl has escaped”

“Oh, s–t! How can you be so stupid? F–k!” Rex cut the call then looked at his uncle. “The girl has escaped from the hospital”

“That means we have to leave as soon as possible coz the police will be coming after us” Raymond concluded and they ran out..

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Ethel couldn’t sleep or slept alone throughout the night knowing that there were unknown dead bodies inside the house. Therefore she slept on the same room with her mother. She could be seen lying asleep on the floor and her mother on the bed. Suddenly, both rushed up at the same time to the voice of Mr Edwin who was shouting in his room. They hurried to go see the cause of his shout. At reaching the door of Mr Edwin’s room, they slowed down remembering the dead bodies. Ethel walked behind her mother with hands engulfed on her waist to take precaution.

When they finally opened the door, they screamed at the sight of thousands of money pumping out from the wardrobe and Mr Edwin standing before it with smiles on his face. “Money..” Mrs Veronica moved forward smiling too. Just then, a knock came from the door-Mrs Edna was knocking.. :

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