Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 10


Due to the love of money, Mrs Veronica became not only happy with what she saw but was overwhelmed at the sight of the thousands of money pumping out from the wardrobe. Though she heard the knock at the door but paid deaf ears to it. She was too obsessed with money! For that reason, she had had issues with her husband for the past few years.

There came a time she threatened to quit the marriage because the husband had a problem with his career thus rendered them bankrupt. But now, lo and behold money calling right in her presence without even having a rethink on how it came about. What a stupid woman? She glanced at her smiling husband.

“My husband..”

“This is money, woman. Never will you complain of it again”

“Amen ooh” However, Ethel felt reluctant to enter into the room with her. She was a good girl but misled by her mother. That didn’t erupt her brain not to distinguish between good and bad. She wore a short knicker jean that was more like a bomshot and a red sleeveless top tied round her neck. Suddenly, the mother turned to see her surprise face.

“My daughter, look at money. Come inside” Ethel shook her head in disagreement.

“No, mother, no!!” she ran towards the door, opened it to behold Mrs Edna but ran pass her immediately. The mother who ran after her also came to the door but stopped glaring at Mrs Edna.

“Veronica, what’s happening? What’s wrong with your daughter?”

“I should be asking you what you’re doing here”

“I came to see if you can accommodate me. My husband has kicked me out and denied me the access to all his properties, even my bank account” Mrs Veronica laughed in a mockery manner clapping her hands at the same time.

“What did you expect when you were messing around with Raymond? Now your past has come crushing down on you. I don’t want to see you in my house not now that we are very rich” she banged the door then locked it from inside forgetting she was after her daughter. Oh!

“Please, i beg you, Veronica” Mrs Edna began to shed tears. She thought of what she said about being rich but waved it off. “Veronica, remember that you’re the cause of all this thing oh! Please, help me!” she pleaded.

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The speed in which Nora ran along the road made people wonder what was pursuing her. She was a good runner back in her high school days where she always came first in a any female race competition. That alone gave her fame added to her figure-eight body typology which drove male students crazy. Even straight female students admired the structure and wished they could also feel the texture of the body thus knowing how sweet she would be down there.

One of them once approached her but she made it specifically clear to her that she isn’t a lesbian. Nevertheless, she ran along a street that led to Scotryl Company. At reaching there, she saw some policemen parading around the company. One of them was able to recognise her therefore approached closer. Even the bandage on her head made everything clear to him.

“Hey, what are you doing here? You should be in the hospital” Nora didn’t respond immediately still trying to catch her breath with two hands on her knees. Just then, Rose and co arrived running to meet her. They couldn’t believe it was her. They had suddenly changed their mind about informing the police.

“Nora, what happened?” Rose asked.

“I escaped” she replied.

“Escape?” the policemen drew closer.

“Yes, the doctor had a gun and forced me to admit that i was rapped” she looked at Rose. “That’s why i couldn’t tell you guys the truth”

“Young lady, you mean you weren’t rapped?” the officer asked.


“Are you sure?”

“Yes! It’s a set up” The officer made a call instantly and they all headed to the hospital with Nora and Rose only.

When they got there, the doctor was nowhere to be found and all went to the station where Gavin was released. He kept glaring at Rose and Nora as he dressed up. Sooner did a senior police officer came out.

“We are sorry sir for the inconveniences. We promise to get to the root of this case”

“I can’t believe Rex set me up!” Gavin shouted in anger.

“Do you know where we can find this Rex?”


“Madam Beryl and her family are also missing sir” Rose interfered.

“What!” Gavin turned sharply looking at her but turned back to the police officer. “Do whatever you can to find them. I’ll take care of Rex myself” he ordered.

“On it sir. Hey, move it!” the officer commanded his men and all began to drive to the residence of Mr Scott to start the investigation from there.


Ethel ran into the apartment of her old friend, Ezera, panting continuously and suddenly broke down in tears as she slumped on the floor. Ezera, who rushed out from the kitchen hearing the door banged forcefully became surprise. She went to the door to see if there was somebody behind the panting and crying of her friend but found nobody. She locked the door.

“Ethel, what’s the problem?” she asked standing before her… :

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