Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 11


Ezera had to drag Ethel up to the couch behind her. They were age mates, the same height and body type-slim. The only thing odd about them were differences in personality and body complexion. Ezera was darker than Ethel. They had been close friends from high school, yet, Ethel had never mentioned to her about the way her mother forces her to marry and sleep with the son of a rich man all because of money.

Though there was a time they separated for a long time due to Ezera went to the village after her education. That was when Ethel met Beryl and both became friends.

“Ethel, talk to me. Who is chasing you and why are you crying?” Ezera sat opposit her trying to dry her tears. Would she tell her the truth about her panting and crying? That must be a very hard decision. She tried to hold her tears then turned to Ezera.

“Please, can i stay with you for sometimes?”

“Sure, what are friends for?” Ezera stood up. “Let me finish up with the breakfast. I guess this is not the right time for you to tell me what the problem is” she shook her butt into the kitchen.

Her parents weren’t rich and lived in the village but she lacked nothing coz her uncles help her. They were actually the one who found her a minor job and an apartment for her too.



Cheryl and Mrs Laura the mother had already woken up to find Beryl in between them. They had looked around the room to see nothing but a burnt candle and scattered local bed. Their eyes had also being unfolded but their hands and legs glued together with a rope.

“Beryl!” Cheryl had shouted when she woke with her eyes uncovered then began to cry. “Is okay, everything gonna be alright” Beryl had also consoled her sister with tears in her eyes.

“What problem is this for Christ sake?” Mrs Laura had cried bitterly also consoled by her daughter.

Presently, three of them sat on the floor waiting for the next action to take place without seeing any single person. Already, Beryl had briefed them on the person behind their kidnapping and the reason why. Suddenly, Tunde and Jaydan entered with guns. Cheryl was shocked at the sight of Jaydan therefore said,


“Do you know him?” Beryl asked.

“He’s my.. my.. my friend at school” Cheryl looked at Jaydan again and said. “What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, Cheryl, my friendship with you was an unexpected coincidence. You’re now my worst enemy! Your father had my parents killed for nothing but money!” Jaydan replied without a smile.

“What are you talking about? My father didn’t kill anybody!”

“Ask your mother, she’ll tell you” Cheryl and Beryl looked at their mother who remained quiet thinking about the past. Everything that was happening were echoes of the past. Some past event reflect in the future and determines the future too whether good or bad. A mistake made in the past might cause a tragedy in the future.

Mrs Laura was waited by her children to say something but she remained quiet nodding her head as if gone insane.

“Mom?” Beryl began.

“I may not know the full story. What really happened?” she asked. Suddenly, Raymond and Rex rushed in. They were breathing fast like dogs. Instantly, Raymond brought out his gun and pointed at Mrs Laura while Rex pointed his at Beryl. Seeing that, Tunde positioned his own at Cheryl too.

“It’s time to wipe you out from the surface of the earth” Raymond said.

“Please, don’t do this. I beg of you!” Beryl and her sister pleaded in tears. Only Mrs Laura seemed absent minded at the gun point which proved that she was ready to die. She also recognised Raymond as someone who once worked with her late husband, therefore said,

“What made you believe that your brother and his wife were killed by my husband?”

“I don’t have time for this s–t!” Raymond raised her finger to pull the trigger..

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The police had gone to the residence of Mr Scott to see blood stain in Cheryl’s room. Gavin, Rose and Nora were there. The senior officer called them for an interrogation as a way to locate Beryl and co. They were standing in living room while other policemen search around the house.

“Mr Gavin, when last did you see the Beryl?”

“That was yesterday at a restaurant where i confessed my love for her but she slapped me and left angrily” Gavin replied.

“Wait..” Rose interfered then all looked at her. “If madam Beryl was angry about that, there is a tendency that she was also sad and when she’s sad, she goes to the cemetery”

“How do you know?” the officer asked.

“I’m her secretary, i know some of her lifestyle” The policemen began to run to the cemetery without Gavin who drove back home with his car but unfortunately saw his mother sitting at the gate of the house crying. He stepped out from the car to know what was going on. Before he could ask her mother anything, Mr Lewis, the father arrived in his own car too.. :

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