Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 12


At the gate, Mr Lewis packed his car behind Gavin’s and stepped out angrily. He wore an expensive dark green senator with shoes that has it’s mouth pointed upward. On his wrist was a golden chain watch and necklace of the same type and colour hanging on his neck.

Gavin, haven’t wondered what the mother was doing outside crying, the expression of anger in his father’s eyes increased the perturbation. Initially, he thought the reason of all that was about his impotency he announced to them the previous day in a way to defeat Ethel and her mother but waved it off. That was his own echo of the past he tried not to remember again coz, definitely, it will affect his future. He knew all that, yet fell inlove with Beryl not knowing that she has her own echo of the past too that she tried to forget. But how can one forget that she/he won’t ever have a child? It’s frustrating and heartbroken! Nevertheless, Gavin couldn’t do anything but to stare at his father coming like an angry loin.

“Dad, what’s going on? Why is mom outside crying?”

“I should be asking you what both of you are doing at my gate”

“I don’t get it!” Gavin exclaimed. How would he had known the reason behind his father’s actions because he had already left the house the previous day before Mrs Veronica finally exposed the mother in the presence of his father.

“listen Gavin, i don’t want to see you or your mother around my house or any of my properties again!” Mr Lewis warned. He looked at Gavin’s hand to see his car key jingling in his finger, so he moved closer and said, “Hand over the car keys to me” When Gavin hesitated in confusion, he forcefully dragged it from him.

“Thank God you aren’t my son, you impotent fool” he concluded. His last words did not only render Gavin speechless but also broke his heart thereby activating his tears gland to produce tears but he held it back as a man and watched the gate opened as the father drove the two cars inside the compound then the gate closed. He turned to his mother.

“Mom, whose son am i?” he asked calmly.

“It’s a long story my son” Mrs Edna replied. Gavin became totally weak and sat down on the floor. His head wandered to several things; first Beryl, second, his past and third, his real father. Thank God he had his credit-card with him and some amount of money in his account..


The policemen arrived to the cemetery but found nobody there. Its entry has a hallow gate that enable people see several graves with the sign of crucifix on each of them. The ground of the entry was more with sandy soil starting from the main road.

One of the men watched the ground critically to see marks of motor tyres and suspicious foot steps that seemed like a fight took place around the arena. He squat down looking at it attentively.

“Sir!” he waved his hand for the senior officer to come. “It seems this is where the kidnapping took place” The officer observed it critically too. “Trace this tyre marks to the main road and tell me the direction it followed” he instructed. The policeman did as he said tracing the mark to the mean road.

“Sir, it headed west”

“Alright, move it!” they ran out of the cemetery going west with much observation and unification.

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As kind as Gavin is, he took his mother to a hotel room to get all the details he wanted about his identity. The room had an active rotating ceiling fan and an Air Condition. A large bed could be seen at a corner covered with white bedsheet. Beside it was a refrigerator, table lamp and a wooden cardboard that has a few chest of drawers.

Mrs Edna and Gavin sat on the edge of the bed quietly but not in a close range. Gavin wore a brown jacket with an inner black polo. On his feet were white canvas worn over an ash jean trouser.

“Mom, who the hell is my father and does Judith know about this?”

“No, she doesn’t” Judith is Gavin’s sister who school abroad. Mrs Edna gave birth to her four years after Gavin. She is the only true child of Mr Lewis. Just as Mrs Edna wanted to answer Gavin’s second question, her phone rang-Judith was calling.

“Hello, mom”

“How are you Judith?”

“I’m not fine, i wonna come back home”

“You mean Nigeria?”



“Coz there’s no place like home, mom” Mrs Edna smiled.

“I guess you should call your father dear” she said.

“He isn’t picking my calls. What’s going on and how’s my brother Gavin?” Judith was still inquisitive.

“He’s with me here”

“I wonna speak with him” Mrs Edna handed the phone to Gavin and entered into the bathroom still regretting her past. After Gavin ended the call with his sister, he checked the phone’s dialed contacts. The last contact he saw was Raymond. He also went through her messages to the the address of the hidden area Raymond sent to her. He reasoned critically then understood that there was a time the mother threatened Beryl and hated her. With that gesture, he flung the phone and the bed running to the hidden area using the address.. :

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