Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 13


In the hotel room, Mrs Edna came out of the bathroom to find her son gone. She headed towards the window through which she saw him entering a taxi. “Where’s he going to?” she murmured with a hand on her chest. She sat on the edge of the bed for a while then reached her phone. The first button she clicked displayed the message Raymond sent to her thus giving her the idea where her son was going to.


Gavin didn’t want to call the police until he confirmed his gesture. Since he knew a road to the address, a shorter one, he didn’t hesitate to be there as soon as possible. Though the policemen were on the right track too but the possibility of them getting to the area on time was very low.

Gavin could be seen running into a narrow bushy road. There were no completed buildings, all he could see were bushes and scanty uncomplicated buildings. He wondered where he was going but didn’t lose hope.

“Since this is the address i saw on my mom’s phone that means something must be happening here regardless it’s nature of quietness and loneliness” he thought then stopped after running for a while. He tried to listen but his panting alone couldn’t let him hear distant chattering or anything, so he waited to catch his breath. Just then, he heard a female voice that shouted,

“Please, don’t kill her, i beg you!” The voice sounded familiar and Gavin turned to the direction sighting a building with a closed roof without windows.

“Beryl?” he said then continued running again until he got there making himself unknown as he hid at the widow seeing everything. However, Raymond had left his fingers on the trigger calling on Tunde to finish Mrs Laura up as he stepped outside. Before Tunde could also pull the trigger neglecting the shouting and crying of the two sisters, Gavin had defeated Raymond outside, took his gun and pointed it on his head as the other hand wrapped round his neck. He dragged him into the room.

“Stop or he dies!” he shouted then everybody’s eyes went to them.

“Gavin?” Beryl called with an overwhelming happiness. Already, Rex had pointed his gun at Gavin too.

“Release him now!”

“Never, until you release Beryl and her family” Gavin replied.

“I see” Rex turned his gun at Beryl. “I guess you gonna let go of my uncle or you see her die” he said.

“No, no, no, please, don’t kill my daughter rather kill me” Mrs Laura defended. Just then, Mrs Edna arrived. Seeing the position Gavin held Raymond, she became terrified and knelt down before them as everybody looked at her surprisingly.

“Mom, what are you doing? I can’t believe you are part of this!” Gavin lamented.

“No, please, bring down your gun. He’s your father!” Mrs Edna confessed then everybody became shocked and quiet even Raymond. Meanwhile, the policemen had surrounded the building. As the silence lingered inside the room, Rex shouted,

“I don’t give a demn!” he pulled the trigger at Beryl.

“No!” Gavin screamed along with Cheryl. Suddenly, a bullet from one of the policemen also shot Rex and he died instantly. Seeing that, Tunde jumped through the window to run but was also shot dead. Raymond also hit Gavin hardly, took the gun from him to shoot Cheryl but another policeman shot him dead too. Only Jaydan and Mrs Edna stood at a spot with hands up while Gavin rushed Beryl…

*** : ***


Ethel sat on the centre of Ezra’s bed with her legs folded and two hands placed on the jaw seriously lust in thought. Suddenly, Ezra entered with a towel tied from her chest. She just came out from the bathroom heading towards the wardrobe.

“Babe, you’ve not told me why you don’t want to go back to your house”

“My parents want to ruin my life” Ethel replied.


“My mother is making me to be obsexed with the son of a rich man”

“Obsexed?” Ezra sat on the edge of the bed interestingly. “Wait, are you saying that your mother made your mind to be consumed with the thought of having sex with a..”

“Yes..” Ethel interrupted.

“But why?”

“Because of money”

“Gosh! That isn’t right” Ezra placed a hand on her shoulder. “Is okay, you can stay here as long as you want if that’s the case” she added then Ethel nodded her head without telling her the main reason behind her decision to stay there.


Back to the hidden area, Gavin rushed Beryl to find out that she only fainted while the mother collected the bullet for her just to safe her life. Seeing that, Cheryl began to cry while Gavin untie their hands and legs then began to wake Beryl up.

“Beryl, can u hear me? Wake up” he patted her cheek continuously until she opened her eyes.

“Gavin, what happened?” she looked at her mother to see her lying dead on the floor then began to cry also. Gavin stood up, turned to see Jaydan handcuffed and being pushed outside.

“Officer, take this woman too” he pointed at his mother.

“What?” Mrs Edna became surprise..

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