Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 14


“How can you tell them to take me too, son?” Mrs Edna asked bringing her hands for a handcuff which of course was cuffed by the policeman. Already, Jaydan, had been pushed into the back of the police vehicle. As they led Mrs Edna to the vehicle too, the senior officer came inside the room with a hand in his pocket. He looked at dead Rex on the floor then to Mrs Laura seeing how her children cried beside her.

“Sir, we’ve called an ambulance to come pick the dead bodies” he told Gavin.

“Okay” he replied. Just as the officer wanted to step forward, Rex groaned alive on the floor moving his hand slowly.

“Oh, he’s still alive” the officer ordered him to be taken into the vehicle and all drove out straight to the hospital where he was admitted and taken care of instantly. However, Mrs Laura, Raymond and Tunde had been taken to the mortuary. So we have it, the news went online and other media: radio and television. The world, especially Mr Lewis and Ethel heard about the death of Mrs Laura Scott and the kidnapping of her family.



Gavin brought Beryl and Cheryl home. Rose and Nora were more than happy to see them but at the same time sad about the death of their mother. Some policemen with the senior officer followed them home too. All could be seen sitting in the living room except some officers, Rose and Nora who stood behind couches like body-guards.

“We’re sorry for your loss” the senior officer began sitting directly to Beryl and her sister. “We want to know why you were kidnapped by those men” he added.

“They believed their parents were killed by my father thus trying to take revenge” Beryl replied.

“You mean Rex’s parents?” Gavin inferred.


“But he never told me about it”

“I guess he kept it from u because of their plans to take revenge. But they should have reported to us” the senior officer clarified then looked at Beryl again. “We would like to know how it all happened”

“You mean why they believe my father killed their parents?” Beryl asked.

“Yes” Beryl glanced at her sister before taking another glance at Gavin. She didn’t know exactly what happened in the past, so became afraid that she might say what would put her or her remaining family into trouble.

“Umm.. before my Dad established Scotryl Company, he needed some people to work for him in one of his small scale businesses and Raymond was one of them..”

“Who is Raymond?” the police interrupted.

“Rex’s uncle, the man shot dead” Gavin replied then Beryl looked at him wondering why he didn’t refer him as his father coz she witness when his mother confessed that. Nevertheless, she waved it off and continued her story.

“Raymond introduced his brother to my father and his brother introduced his wife. After sometimes, it was heard that they had been missing and killed too. A year later my father died after doing successfully making us get to the level we are now”

“Were the bodies of the two couple seen?” the officer asked.

“I don’t think so”

“That means there is a probability that they might still be alive”

“If so officer, i want you to carry out an investigation on that” Gavin interfered looking at the officer who stood up immediately.

“Okay, sir” he left with his men.

The room remained only Gavin, the two sisters and two workers who approached closer to their madam but to see Gavin standing up instantly to leave too. He instructed both of them.

“You girls should please take care of your madam for now” he said then turned to Beryl to see her staring at him without knowing what to say. Gavin also lacked words immediately their eyes caught steadily. Coincidentally, both were thinking about the same thing; the hot slap Beryl gave to him at the restaurant. Remembering that, Gavin came back to his senses.

“Umm.. Beryl, I’m sorry for your loss.. umm.. see you later” he began to walk towards the door. At reaching there, Beryl stood up and said,

“Thank you!” Gavin turned with a hand on the doorknob. After series of eyes contact with her, he clutched the knob and went out without a word. That got Beryl worried.



It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Christian song could be heard from distant and close neighbourhoods. Ethel was still sleeping on the bed wearing a pyjamas given to her by Ezra. She sluggishly woke to see her friend coming out from the bathroom with a towel tied round her chest again and moving towards the wardrobe.

“Babe, good morning” Ezra greeted with a smile but from her movement, Ethel knew she was in a hurry.

“Where are you rushing to?” she asked

“I can’t believe you’re asking me that” Ezra turned. “I’m hurrying to church” she added. Ethel had no idea that the day was Sunday and had never been to church. So she jumped down from the bed.

“May i follow you to church?” she requested..

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