Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 15


Ethel also took a bath after Ezra approved her request. She stood before a standing mirror wearing only a pant and a bra and rubbing cream all over her body. She occasionally admired herself in the mirror remembering how she made herself so cheat for Gavin to use. She heaved a heavy sigh then bent to rub her legs with the cream but turned instantly to the voice of Ezra.

“I guess this cloth gonna fit you” Ezra raised the cloth up with her two hands. It was a red long gown that seemed a bit long for Ethel coz she hardly wears something that goes beyond her knees except trouser. She smiled looking at it which made Ezra changed her mind.

“I can change it and get you a skirt and a shirt if you don’t like it” she wanted to go back but Ethel called her back.

“Its okay, Ezra, after service today I’ll go get my cloths. But before then, i think this gown is much more better”

“Okay, try it” Ethel wore the gown before her friend who couldn’t believe how fitted it was on her.

She moved closer to help her zip up then bent to get shoes for her too. She had always been lonely wanting a second person in the house and now she has Ethel which was her biggest happiness.

“You know what, Ethel..” she handed the shoes to her and watched her wear it. “I’m happy that you’re actually staying with me but after today’s service, I’ll follow you to your house to tell your mother to change her ways and obsession towards money and let you live a valuable life like a beautiful young lady you are. You know how tough we use to be for men back then in school” she chuckled along with Ethel.

“Yes, i know that, Ezra, but i don’t want you to go talking to my mother about anything. She will never listen to you”

“I disagree on that. First, let’s go to church”

“Okay” they found their way to church.

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Gavin had no choice but to release her mother from the police station. Both were seen in the hotel room sitting quietly on the edge of the bed after the mother had told him everything, even the reason why she forced Ethel on him. Suddenly, Gavin stood up angrily.

“I can’t believe how you messed up a happy family! I can’t believe you also planned to kill Beryl all because of your stupid secret! Now look at us..”

“It’s a mistake of the past oh” the mother cried.

“Yes, a mistake of the past. Now i believe you can hear the echo. Look at where it has landed us. I spent my whole life believing that Mr Lewis is my father not knowing that I’m the son of a heartless crook! And to my greatest dismay, my own best friend who also betrayed me is my cousin brother. How small this world is.”

“Son, you need to forgive me oh” the mother went on her knees with tears in her eyes.

“How many people will you tell to forgive you, mom? Is it my father, Judith or Beryl? You better start fixing up your mess from today coz i want my life back” Gavin entered into the bathroom leaving her mother to cry.



Ethel barged into the house and began to park her belongings. Her room became scattered due to how hurriedly she flung her clothes and other things into her box. Just then, Mrs Veronica, the mother entered.

“Ethel, where have you been and what are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m leaving this God forsaking house without you or my father’s help” she closed the box and began to go out. The mother followed her.

“Listen, Ethel, your father and i have planned to leave too to a better house, a mansion. There is money now” Ethel turned just in the living room.

“Never will i partake on that blood money, mother. Don’t you watch movies? They don’t last!” she turned heading towards the door. Sooner did her father came out too and said,

“You can leave if you want. Because you’ve drank the water in which the money was made, any day you tell anyone about it, you will die” Ethel stared at her father reasoning what he said. That was the only thing she had been avoiding. How would she go about it now? Nevertheless, she spat on the floor of the house and left instantly.



Rex had been healed but wasn’t discharged from the hospital. Of course he knew he would be going straight to jail if discharged. Meanwhile, Jaydan had been in a police cell regretting his actions. As Judith was summoned home by Mr Lewis, her father, so as Ethel sat quietly in a doctor’s office twisting her fingers in fear.

She dressed like a virgin Mary. A head-tie, long voluminous gown and a jingling rosary on her wrist. She had been feeling strange lately so decided to do a test. Suddenly, the female doctor entered and sat opposit her.

“Young lady, you are a month pregnant”

“Doctor, that can’t be true”

“See the result yourself” the doctor handed the result to her. She looked at it critically and confirm that she was a month pregnant.

“If this is true that means Gavin isn’t impotent” she absent-mindedly thought..

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