Cold Episode 1


By Chipappii

The neighborhood was dimly lit by a half Crescent moon. The streets were empty save for some movements of domestic animals at intervals. The time was 10 pm and everywhere was quiet.

In the dark a shadow lurked, a shadow that belonged to a man, a man on a big black coat, black gloves on his hands and a black hat to cover his head which also hid away his face. He eyed his wrist watch from time to time and took a glance around like he was waiting for someone.

From the far end of the streets, a couple approached, a man and a woman, holding onto each other, oblivious of their environment. They walked slowly and playfully and were so engrossed in each other that they didn’t see the man walking up to them and when he stopped right in front of them, they jumped from fright and stopped dead in their track. The night was dark but with the aid of the moon, they could see the outline of the Glock as he pulled it from his trouser and pointed it in their face, the horror was visible in the face of the woman as her husband stared at their assailant with his mouth open.

“If you want our money, you can have it, all of them but please don’t shoot us” the man found his voice while his female companion stuck to his side in rigid fear.
“The money, you can have it” the man repeated in a shaky voice to his silent assailant.
That was the last thing he said. He cocked the gun and before the couple could have enough time to think about it, he had pulled the trigger. Four loud bangs, two for each of them.

St. Michael’s street was a ghetto after the devil’s own heart. They didn’t need to commit to him to make him happy, in a few years, they had managed to turn it into a vacation joint for the Ruler of hell himself. Evils weren’t just evils there, they were norms and generally accepted. Only a few of its inhabitants have managed to fight there way out of there and when they made it, they came back and carved out a haven out of the shithole for themselves and exploited the rest of the populace.

They formed a government of themselves, by themselves and for themselves. Like in all corrupt society, the chain moved in a triangle there, the poor masses contributing all for the benefits of the uplifted few leaving the rest with nothing but frustration, hatred and contempt for each other.

Two members of a very significant family in the lower circle has just been murdered. The parents to the most feared and respected member of the community.
Joe knew that anybody with the balls enough to pull a trigger on his parents wouldn’t hesitate in doing so too to the rest of his family. His family was more valuable to him than anything and two members of it has been capped. Whoever did it has priced his goods and was going to get a very good bargain.

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Joseph Donati is the first born out of five children of Mr and Mrs Mark Donati. He was just 22 when his parents were murdered that night and that automatically transfered to him the leadership of his immediate family.

It is often said that the people who are to be feared are those who feared nothing. Joseph falls into this category of people. He has seen it all and done it all that it meant nothing to him any more.

Shot three times at the age of 15 and a miraculous survival, he now sees himself as less prone to death. He had gathered enough respect and fear for his family. They were the link between the rich and the poor.

He is the eldest of the Donati family, the second child a girl, Maria is 20, the third child a male, William is 17, the fourth Jaycee, a male is 15 and the last, August a male as well was only 5.
They were all strong and self dependent, they were equally fearless as their eldest brother.

Joseph was tall at 5″8 and well built, a little bit of macho with bushy eyelash and hairs too. His colour, Ebony black fitted his soft and smooth skin and added a type of beauty to his already handsome face.

Maria on the other hand was light skinned and stood at 5″5. She was slim and had the hour glass shape, flat stomach, upright breasts and wide hips gave her the body of a female athlete but she can’t even name a single Gym in the neighbourhood. Her voice, when she spoke, sounded like a professional opera singer and when she sang, the whole atmosphere stood still. Maria was very pretty like her mother, only that she looked better.

William was the quiet type who people often mistook for meekness, he was no where near meek, just that he doesn’t like being predictable. He was a little above 5″6 and still growing. He was slim unlike the rest of his brothers and rarely wore a dazzling. He was the man for keeping a secret.

Jaycee was the perfect youth and second to Joseph when it came to being fearless and daring. The only things he didn’t do were the things that were impossible to him like Jump up and pull a plane from the sky, as long as he can attempt it, he would try to do it and it often came with consequences, he looked younger than his age and had this boyish handsomeness about him. The way he looked and smiled could throw any girl off guard. He was the best friend to Little August, a position he beat Maria to.

There is nothing much to say about August. He came as a surprise and wasn’t intended. His parents had decided to stop child birth when he came, nevertheless, he came and was the most loved in the family. He was dark in complexion and had a fine face. He was always tagging along Jaycee whom he fondly called Jay.

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To be continued