Cold Episode 2

Losing both parents the same day was bad enough but having them murdered was more that Joseph could take, someone had dug hands into his eyes and he wasn’t going to let the person walk. He knew it wasn’t robbery as most people, especially the police had insinuated, nothing was taken from them.

He also knew that no one could make an attempt on any member of his family without solid backing and if that was the case, then he’d have to be more careful and fast in finding out whom the foe is.

The responsibility of taking care of the family which had always laid partially on him has now fully been passed on him. Fending for them was far more easier than protecting them, theirs was a wild family and for long they had been protected by the reputation that Joseph had gained for himself, but now, things seemed to have changed for them. Their parents had been killed and it was just them alone.

Maria was totally devastated, the death of her parents was a fatal blow on her. Her Family was her world and meant everything to her. She was now the official mother of the family and had sworn to protect them even if it would cost her life. She made sure that little August was always within her reach and rarely let him out of her sight.
Williams was just being himself. Always reserved and kept to himself. Not even the death of both parents brought out the emotions in him.
Jaycee had cried when he first heard the news and had since wiped his tears. He decided crying wasn’t going to bring them back so he had to move on. There were so many things to keep him busy and so many girls to help him out of his sorrow.

August was saved the details of the gory affairs. All he knew was that he no longer saw his parents, his mind was probably too young to notice that. But then he knew he had parents and all of a sudden, they weren’t there anymore.

Stanley was a 25 year old resident of Georgian street, the heaven next to st Mathew. He stood at 5’8, light skinned and slender with an overall cuteness. He was the only child of his parents, Jim and Martha Curtis. He wasn’t born rich, he had worked his way up to where he was by dealing secretly with the rich folks. His jobs for them often included selling out on the members of the ghetto and petty things like that.
He was the first and only boyfriend to Maria Donati. Joe was skeptical about the affair but Maria had a strong mind of her own and wanted what she wanted.
Although wanted by many people, Stanley had succeeded in keeping her only to himself which surprised a lot of people, faithfulness was a rare virtue which occurred in st Mathew like an eclipse.
Stanley had rushed down to the Donati residence when the news of the death of their parents got public. He spent most of his spare time watching over Maria like she was going to do something stupid but she was stronger then that. The Donatis were a strong family. Though his presence helped in pacifying Maria, she needed to be around someone she loved.
The investigations into the death of the Donati parents had commenced immediately their bodies were discovered and had ended faster than that. The police in St Mathews were corruption personified and only needed a little nudging for them to let the case drop. Nobody relied on them though, the killer may have as well payed them to carry out the assassination themselves.
Joseph soon embarked on the investigation himself, he had control over the largest gang group known in the hood. Fearless daredevils who was loyal to him above all else. Whatever classified information he wanted, he got it as easily as looking up google. No matter what it took, all he needed was to ask questions and the answers would come immediately.
Why would anybody want his parents murdered?
Who was bold enough to pull the trigger?

Who was behind the gun man?
And most importantly
How did the shooter know where his parents would be and what time they would be there?

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These were the questions that littered Joseph’s jotter. Questions he needed answers to. If anyone was bold enough to put a hit on his family, he would have to have extra guts and extra backing. He had drawn up a list of all the assassins he knew, from the professional ones who were professional enough to hit a family like his and walk undetected down to the naive ones who were stupid enough to carry out hits without asking questions or to be used by people.

He carried out several meetings with men from his gang who worked 24 hours to unravel the identity behind the crime. So far none of the names on their list had clicked. Everyone had his alibi.

“What are we missing here?” he had asked in one of his meetings with Lugo, a top member of his clique

“Maybe we should widen our scope, include more suspects?”
He had suggested.

“Good suggestion, i am going to get the fool who did this, even if it meant tearing down Georgian and St Mathews ” he had threatened
” You think a rich folk is involved?”
“I believe so, a lot of guts and a lot of money should be involved, money that can wipe fear from the mind, but i don’t think a Georgian would do sh1t in St Mathews without a middle man, they may have lived here once but things change, that link is what i need”
“True, bribery must also be involved, the police, we should check them out, don’t you think?”

“Yea, talking about the police, the spot my parents were killed in, it was an open area and always patrolled by cops, but that night was different, there was none”
“So you think someone killed the patrol that night for some reasons?”

“I don’t know, why don’t we ask the police? After all, they are our friends ” He said with a wry smile on his face

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To be continue