Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 20


Jaydan and his brother, Rex, rode in a police van while Beryl and Gavin in a private car-Gavin’s. They were running to the new residence of Mr Edwin as instructed by the senior officer. Gavin, who was on the steering wheel occasionally glanced at Beryl to see her quiet and lost in thought. She was actually thinking about the food flask she saw at the police station.

“Hey, is everything alright?” Gavin broke the silence.

“Yeah” Beryl replied then both remained quiet again. After the quietness lingered, she continued. “I’m actually wondering about something”

“What?” Gavin glanced at her concentrating on the busy road too.

“I caught my younger sister yesterday evening going out with a food flask. After series of fumbling answers she gave to me, she never went out again with it. Then as we went to the station recently, i saw the same food flask at the reception. I’m just wondering if..”

“It’s obvious” Gavin interrupted with a smile. “If you are sure the flask is yours, then your sister must have brought food for somebody there”

“And who could that be?”

“I don’t know. Maybe her boyfriend in the police cell” Gavin smiled.

“But she told me she doesn’t have a boyfriend” Beryl said thinking beyond scope. “Could it be that she brought the food to Jaydan coz she once said he is her school friend?”

“Exactly! If so, that means the little girl is in love. What a coincidence?” Gavin looked at her to see her reaction.

“No way! Never will i allow that happen” Beryl shook her head negatively with passion of hatred for the Innocent family who caused the dead of her mother and made them suffer. Gavin remained quiet seeing that she had become angry. :

Mr Edwin and his wife were lying on the floor at gun point when Gavin and co arrived. He was shock to finally know that the so called Mr Edwin was Ethel’s father after seeing Mrs Veronica. They were also familiar in the eyes of Beryl too.

Rex gently climbed down from the police vehicle with his brother both on handcuffs. They were taken inside the building for them to confirm the dead bodies. At opening the room, Jaydan began to shed tears while Rex tried to hold his own. They saw their dead parents a bit fresh vomiting money.

“Are they your parents?” the senior officer asked.

“Yes, sir” Rex replied.

“But how come? Why are their bodies still fresh after all these while?” he added.

“The man will explain. Let’s go” They came downstairs standing before Mr Edwin and announced that, yes, he was responsible for the missing and killing of Rex’s parents. Hearing that, a shout from Beryl echoed in the whole building. She looked around whether to see Ethel but she was nowhere to be found. She brought out her phone, called her and told her the situation on ground but Ethel simply told her that she wasn’t and won’t be part of whatever that was happening there.

“Please, i will confess” Mr Edwin began as all listened to him making the senior officer change his mind from taking him to the station first. “I was frustrated by my wife’s money obsession a year ago. I lose my respect as the head of the family all because i didn’t have money. So i met a friend who introduced me to a ritualist. I was asked to bring a man and a woman. So i saw the two couple at a restaurant, poisoned their drink and monitored them on their way home. The poison killed them and i carried them to my house where they had to stay for weeks before my family and i drank a water that comes from their bodies. I was given a charm to prevent the bodies from decaying totally and from horrible smell..” before Mr Edwin could finish, he became dumb and held his throat battling with unseen spirit likewise his wife. Suddenly, both began to vomit blood and eventually died.

“Fuck you!” Rex exclaimed bitterly trying to kick dead Edwin but the police held him back as he started crying along with his brother.

“I guess it’s all clear now” the senior officer stepped forward looking at Rex.

“It’s just unfortunate that the day this incident happened was the same day Mr Scott went on a business negotiation with your parents thus making you think he was actually responsible for their death” he concluded.

The news also went viral in the whole city and Ethel couldn’t bear it but to cry in Ezra’s apartment. Jaydan and Rex returned to police cell but Rex was put alone in a private cell because of his health until the case would be finally settled and closed.

As Cheryl was returning to the police station to pick the food flask, so as Gavin was driving to pick Beryl for the dinner date at 5pm. He drove her from her office going to one of the most expensive restaurant. On their way across the police station, Beryl saw Cheryl trying to put the food flask inside her bag.

“Stop the car” she commanded then Gavin applied the break.

“I was actually right about the flask” she said looking her sister crossed the road in a hurry. Gavin smiled.. :

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