Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 21


Beryl watched her sister cross the road. She adjusted on her seat, whined up the front glass of the car as a way of telling Gavin to put it back in motion which he did smiling at the whole drama.

“Allow the little girl to explore and exercise her love to whosoever she chooses..”

“Not with Jaydan” Beryl interrupted with a frowned face.

“Why?” Gavin topped another gear thereby changing the velocity of the car.

“These are people that wanted us dead for goodness sake!”

“But you aren’t dead”

“My mom is” Silence took over the car as Beryl looked away from Gavin and slid her hair backward. She concentrated on passengers who struggled to enter a cab as a way to forget the conversation but Gavin pushed further with it.

“These people are my cousins you know”

“Which people?” Beryl turned to him again.

“Jaydan and Rex”

“And so what?”

“You should consider your sister’s love for the poor boy”

“I don’t give a demn” Beryl concluded while Gavin let out a smile again. Finally, they arrived at the restaurant. Gavin addressed a chair backward for her to seat.

“Thanks” she sat down likewise him. An order was made then the date kicked off. They discussed on how Scotryl Company will continue supplying it’s delicious juice to Gavle Silver Lounge Resort and how Gavin’s father has accepted Mrs Edna, his wife back thus making them a big happy family again. Both became quiet for a while occasionally glancing at each other with a smile. Suddenly, Gavin leaned forward as if he wanted to swallow her.

“What?” Beryl leaned backward.

“When i look into your eyes i see so many things which i can’t really describe. You are such a unique lady but deep down inside, you’re bothered about something but i really want to let you know that love conquers all” Gavin grabbed her hands again on the table between them feeling her delicate palms and gently rubbing her fingers. “All I’m saying is that, i love you Beryl. Please, say yes to me and let our love grow stronger” he added waiting for her to say something. She wanted to withdraw her hands again but he held them tightly.

“Gavin, let go of my palms. You’re hurting me” Beryl tried so hard to unlock his hands from hers. Luckily for her, he released them without smiling and his voice changed harshly.

“Why do you always act this way!?”

“That’s because I’m not the right woman for you!” Beryl’s voice began to break in cry. “I’m half a woman, Gavin. I’m a woman without a womb. Don’t you get it?” the tears finally dropped. Gavin stood up from his seat, walked round and knelt beside her chair. Beryl didn’t understand what he was doing until he brought out a ring and said,

“Then marry me my love, please”

“Are you crazy?” Beryl stood up.

“Yes, I’m crazy for you” She couldn’t believe it. She looked around the restaurant to see other lovers looking at them with smiles on their faces. Some nodded their heads in a way of telling her to accept the proposal. Therefore she looked at Gavin again with a smile too but the tears continued rolling from her eyes,

“Yes, i will marry you” she brought out her fingers and Gavin put the ring in one of them. Surprisingly, people began to clap as they hugged each other..

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Ethel had finished crying for her late parents. She sat on a bed inside the room with a pillow placed on her thighs. She was actually thinking about her future before Ezra entered with a food.

“Food is ready”

“I don’t wonna eat”

“You must be joking” Ezra sat beside her. “What is it?”

“Just thinking about how I’m gonna start a new life without my parents”

“What about the pregnancy? Don’t you think is time to let Gavin know he’s responsible for it?”

“No, i don’t want it to look as if I’m trying to snatch him away from Beryl, not now they’re together” Ezra thought for a while. She quit the conversation and brought the food closer to them coz she knew that a time would come when Ethel will tell Gavin the truth without nobody forcing her.


Back to the restaurant, Gavin seated with Beryl both smiling continuously. She had already told him how she lost her womb.

“I need one more favour from you” Gavin requested.

“Okay?” Beryl drank her wine.

“I’ve talked to the DPO, he said Rex’s case is in your hands. You’ll decide whether he’ll go to jail or not coz the case is a murder one. So i beg you to close the case then I’ll bail him and his brother out”

“No problem. We can do that tomorrow”



“Thank you so much” :

The date ended happily and the atmosphere was changing to darkness when Gavin dropped Beryl at her place after kissing her. As he drove home, he heaved a heavy sigh.

“I’ll tell her about my own past later” he concluded in thought.

Beryl entered into the house with a face full of happiness. She glanced at the ring in her finger again moving towards the kitchen where an aroma of food was coming from. Immediately she entered, she saw Cheryl washing the food flask while a pot of soup boiled at another corner..

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