Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 22


Cheryl turned to see her sister standing at the door. “Beryl” she called happily. “I heard the news about the so called Mr Edwin who used Rex’s parents for money ritual. At least the world knows that our family is innocent” Without exchanging words, Beryl entered fully into the kitchen standing beside her sister whose mood suddenly changed coz she knew there was a problem whenever her sister keeps mute for such an interesting story she brought up.

“Sis? Any problem?” Cheryl kept the food flask before her and saw the engagement ring on her finger. She shouted happily and embraced her without minding her wet hands. “I knew you were pulling my legs when you said i should get married before u. Thank goodness you are finally engaged! Oh my God!” she exclaimed. Beryl let out a smile not to be so mean to her sister coz seeing her happy always gives her some joy. “Who’s the lucky guy? Tell me!” Cheryl asked curiously.

“Who do you think?” Beryl threw back the question.



“Yes! The long awaited moment is approaching very fast” Cheryl jumped in excitement.

“Okay, enough!” Beryl’s face and voice changed. She carried the food flask and said, “I saw you coming out from the police station with this flask. What were you doing with it there?” Cheryl’s jumping and clapping stopped instanly as she lowered her face slowly to bring up another lie but her sister’s voice made her change her mind instantly.

“Don’t you dare lie to me again” Beryl had said.

“I gave someone food with it” Cheryl raised her head up.



“Why?” Cheryl remained quiet and bent her head down again twisting her fingers. She wasn’t afraid to tell her the truth about her feelings for Jaydan but was afraid she might not approve it coz he wanted them dead.

“Is he your boyfriend?” Beryl asked.

“No” Cheryl shruggled her shoulder then became bold. “Sis, the truth is that I’m kinda inlove with him even before mom died. Though the relationship isn’t official yet because he has not made any approach. He only thought our dad killed his parents. Now the truth is out, i guess everything is okay. We should forget the past and never allow it come between us and the future” she concluded hoping it sounded convincing.

“You know what Cheryl..” Beryl took a steps forward. “Initially, i wasn’t in support of your love idea but i think I’m cool with it now. Let’s forget the past and never allow it come between us and future” she walked towards the door and slightly turned. “I have good news for you. Jaydan will actually be coming out of police cell tomorrow”

“Really? Thank you so much, sis” Cheryl ran and hugged her.

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Gavin bailed Rex and his brother thus throwing a unification party at the hotel. Different colours of light could be seen shining and rotating at every angle as music blaze out from unseen speakers. The DJ was at a corner joking with the disk as people danced according to the beat of the hip hop music of a popular Nigerian artist, Davido.

Ethel and Ezra were invited by Beryl and, of course, Judith didn’t miss it since she loves partying especially the one that has to do with unity. Jaydan and Cheryl sat opposite each other with a table in between them. They weren’t dancing rather drinking, chatting and admiring each other. As they chatted, Judith came behind Cheryl and said,

“Better hold him tight coz people like me normally snatch boyfriends” she danced out while they giggled. At another corner were Gavin and Beryl feeding each other with drink. Ezra and Ethel weren’t dancing too. Both sat at a spot being entertained by others’ dancing steps. Unknowing to Ethel, Ezra brought the pregnancy report hoping to give it to Gavin without her knowledge. I guess tonight gonna be a disaster. Suddenly, the music stopped. Everybody looked at the stage to see Rex with a microphone.

“Good evening everyone” he began. “I thank God almighty and each of everyone of you who are here today. The purpose of this party is to unite together and forget the past without allowing it come between us and the future..”

“Woooh! Yes baby!” Judith shouted. Rex continued as Jaydan joined him on stage.

“We hereby apologize to our cousin brother, Gavin and his lovely fiancee, Beryl even Cheryl for everything we have done to them. We are deeply sorry” Gavin hurried to the stage and embraced them likewise Beryl and Cheryl who dragged Jaydan down from the stage going outside. Beryl monitored them.

“What are we doing outside?” Jaydan asked.

“Come with me” Cheryl led him outside the gate and opened her sister’s car.

“Get in” she said as she humped on the driver’s seat.

“Where are we going?” Jaydan was still inquisitive. Before he knew it, Cheryl set the car in motion..

Back into the hotel, the DJ slid another disk and people began to dance. Just then, Gavin led Beryl to a lonely room to tell her his past too.. :

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