Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 19


Jaydan and Cheryl’s eyes caught in the police reception. The visit was a surprising one. Jaydan never believed he would see her there not to talk of bringing him food. So he shamefully sat on a long bench provided for people like him. He wore only a boxers. His complexion become darker than initial and his hair was totally unkept.

He couldn’t look at Cheryl’s face as the policewoman handed the food to him. Mare looking at him, one can deduce that he had not eaten cooked delicious food for weeks.

“Umm.. officer, can i sit with him?” Cheryl requested.

“If you want” she replied. Cheryl walked into the inner chamber and sat beside Jaydan without minding how dirty and smelling he was. She didn’t say a word rather watched as he devour the food like a hungry lion that has not eaten for months. But to her greatest surprise, she saw tears dripping from his eyes into the food coz he was too ashame to raise his head up.

“I know how you feel” Cheryl began. “As a friend, i want you to know that i have no grudges against you..” her cell phone beep thereby interrupting her. She looked at it to see a message from Prisca that read thus:


Cheryl stood up instantly and said looking at Jaydan even though he didn’t raise his head up,

“I have a test. I’ll come back to pick the flask after lectures. Bye” she hurried out. Just at the door, she slowed down to take another look at him feeling the pains he was passing through.

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As the police were about to discover the new residence of Mr Edwin, so as Gavin and his mother returned to the residence of Mr Lewis, a father and a husband to them. They could be seen in the living room standing few distance before Mr Lewis and Judith. Already, Mrs Edna had gone on her knees with tears in her eyes while Gavin stood beside her.

“I pledge not to make the same mistakes i made in the past. Please, forgive me my husband and accept us back” Judith waited for her father to say something but he didn’t make a comment which made her to drag his cloth secretly in a way to say: SAY SOMETHING NA!

“Alright, I’ve forgiven you” Mr Lewis finally said smiling at his daughter’s attitude.

“Yes!” Judith rushed and hugged the mother leading her to the father who also embraced her.

“Hey, Gavin!” she also embraced him but suddenly left to the bar as Gavin embrace his father too. Before they knew it, Judith came back with two champagne bottles.

“You know what, we gonna celebrate and forget the past coz it normally comes between us and the future” she popped one of them shouting. Only then did she remember to also share cups thereby making her to run back to the bar. The father and others giggled at her actions. She was a simple girl with a simple lifestyle.


The police finally arrived at Mr Edwin’s new residence. It was one of the biggest mansions in the city surrounded with electrified fence. The ground of the voluminous compound was tiled from beginning to the end. Five different latest cars could be seen parked at the garage. However, the policemen had climbed down from their vehicles and knocked at the gate which the gateman opened before they entered admiring the structure of the building. Suddenly, Mr Edwin and the wife came out surprising to see them.

“What’s going on here officers?” Mr Edwin asked.

“Are you Mr Edwin?” the senior officer threw back the question with a hand in his pocket. Already, his men has surrounded the building.

“Yes? Any problem?”

“Do you know about one late Mr and Mrs Innocent?” Hearing that, Mrs Veronica began to scratch her head coz the husband had once told her the owner of the dead bodies which was used for the money ritual.

“I don’t know about them” Mr Edwin replied.

“You were spotted with them sometime ago at a restaurant after they ended a business negotiation with late Mr Scott. After then, they suddenly disappeared”

“I have no idea of what you are saying”

“Sorry sir, but you are a suspect. You have to follow us to the station but before then, permit my men to search your house”

“No, no..”

Without listening to him, the senior officer ordered his men to search the house thoroughly. : Inside the house, one of the men entered Mr Edwin’s room. Of course it was modernized with each furniture sparkling. He searched under the bed, the wardrobe before trying to open a particular room but the door was locked. He shot the key off with his gun and couldn’t believe his eyes; bodies of Mr and Mrs Innocent vomiting money were seen.

“Jesus!” he exclaimed running out. “He’s a ritualist! A ritualist!” he was shouting until he got outside. Hearing that, guns were pointed at Mr Edwin and his wife instantly as the body was confirmed by the senior officer who called Gavin and Beryl for them to come with Jaydan and Rex. Unfortunately for Cheryl, when Beryl went to the station to bring Jaydan along, she saw the food flask..

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