Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 18


Cheryl remained quiet and uncomfortable at the door without knowing the answer to give to her sister. She wore a pink skirt and blouse with a flat footwear. Her hair dangled on her face but she occasionally slid it backward as she watched Beryl finally climbed down the staircase. Thought it wasn’t night yet but she wore a white night gown. She stopped at the center table looking at Cheryl.

“I asked you what’s in your hand?”

“Umm.. sis? It’s a food flask” Cheryl slid her hair again uncomfortably.

“And i guess there is food inside. Where are you taking it to?”

“To eat”


“I want to go and eat it”




“Umm..” Cheryl looked at the bag containing the food flask, raised her head, looked around the room and slid her hair again.

“Sis, you know what? I’ll better eat it inside” she hurriedly began to go into the dining room but Beryl called her back and took a few step forward.

“Cheryl, I’m not a child. I know you want to give someone that food and i demand to know who he or she is.”

“No one. Seriously no one. Excuse me” Cheryl kept the food on the table and ran upstairs. Beryl wanted to call her back at least to continue the incomplete conversation with her but let her be at the moment.



The gateman of the building opened the gate and a car drove inside. There was light at different angle of the house illuminating the arena, even the light from the car enhanced the illumination as it stopped in front of the entrance. Judith rushed out happily wearing a mini skirt and high heel shoes which made her taller than Gavin regardless she’s the younger one. Though she wasn’t fair when she left Nigeria but became fair as she returned with a Brazilian hair.

“Mom! Dad!” she called running inside the house and leaving her luggage in the car for the domestic workers to carry. Immediately she entered, the father opened his arms and embraced her.

“Welcome my daughter”

“Thanks Dad” Judith looked around.

“Where are mom and Gavin?” she asked. Without replying the question, Mr Lewis sat on the couch. “Dad, you aren’t saying anything”

“Your mom and brother aren’t living here anymore” Judith chuckled and waved her head for the Brazilian hair to fling behind her.

“You must be kidding me. Why?” she walked to sit on the chair hand-rest the father sat and placed a hand across the back-rest too. Mr Lewis told her everything so she became shocked standing up at the same time.

“I can’t believe this? Gavin is just.. oh my goodness!” she turned to her father. “Where are they now?”

“I have no idea”

“Dad?” Judith’s voice changed emotionally. She went back to her initial seat and looked at the father’s face. “Dad, i want you to bring them back please, they are the only family i know. Let the past be past and focus on the future. For my sake please bring them back. I miss them already!” Mr Lewis wasn’t smiling until the daughter began to tease him.

“The great Lewis of Nigeria! The only man who opens up a coconut with his teeth but doesn’t chew a gum saying that it’s hard for the teeth. The man who sits at a spot and makes millions of naira! Atagata agbuo!” Hearing that, the father began to smile.

“Alright, enough with the teasing. I’ll bring them back tomorrow coz i miss them too” he promised.

“Yes!” Judith jumped up running to her room.

“Home sweet home! I love Nigeria!!” her voice echoed.

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Cheryl rushed down the staircase well dressed for school. She hung a portable bag behind wearing a jean trouser. “Beryl I’m off to school i have early morning lectures!” she shouted and hurried out. When Beryl heard her voice from her room upstairs, she looked through the window to see the bag hanging on her back. That was weird coz she doesn’t go to school with such bags. She waved it off and remembered the date with Gavin by 5pm then turned to sit on the edge of her bed.

“Am gonna be courageous to tell him the truth today. If he truly loves me, he will accept me” she thought.


Cheryl got to the police station, brought down the bag, brought out food from it and looked at the policewoman at the reception. She could hear the noise of prisoners from inner part of the building. It sounded violently and harsh which made her wonder if at all Jaydan was still alive there.

“Who do you want?” the female officer asked.

“Umm.. Jaydan. I brought him food”

“What’s his surname?”

“Innocent” Cheryl replied as an afterthought.

“A relative or what?”

“A relative” The officer ordered her to taste the food before she went inside to call Jaydan. Cheryl’s heart began to beat faster as she waited patiently.

“God, what am i doing?” she murmured with a hand on her chest. Suddenly, she heard the officer’s voice shouting,

“Move you criminal!!” Immediately she turned to the sound of the voice, she saw Jaydan looking frustrated and dirty then she remembered the time he took her to the school clinic..

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