Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 17


“Let me get the door” Gavin stood up to the door. He became dumb at the sight of Ethel when he opened it. Both stared at each other for a while until Beryl began to wonder what was going on.

“Gavin, who’s that?” she stretched her neck as Gavin opened the door widely for the girls to enter. Beryl sighed to see Ethel walking in with another unfamiliar girl. There was something different about her she couldn’t put a finger on coz her mood of dressing totally changed. They stood at a spot in the sitting room while Gavin returned to his initial seat.

“Hi, Beryl” Ethel said with a smile that showed only her upper teeth.

“I guess you’ve come to make mockery of me again” Beryl glared coz the only person who knew about her womb issue was Ethel. In fact she was the one who advice her to have several abortions as a result damaging her womb.

“Umm.. sorry for interrupting” Ezra interfered. “Actually, we came to make peace not to make mockery of anybody. So please, offer us a seat” Beryl glanced at Gavin whose heart also wasn’t stable coz he thought Ethel would expose him of sleeping with her in Beryl’s presence. But he was sure of two things he would defend himself with; First, Ethel forced herself to him. Secondly, he was impotent if at all she brings up the issue of pregnancy. But at the same time, he didn’t want Beryl to know about that, at least, not yet.

How would he have known that truly he wasn’t impotent and Ethel is pregnant for him? Nevertheless, Beryl offered them a seat.. : Inside Cheryl’s room, she stood close to the window with two hands on the protector looking at the roof of other buildings outside but her mind was in what her sister said about marriage. At the same time, the thought of Jaydan filled her mind so she became totally confuse and picked up her phone to call Prisca, her friend whom she had told everything.

“Hello, Prisca” pause “I want to see you” pause. “Where are you?” pause. “Okay, I’m coming right now” she dressed up, rushed downstairs immediately and went out after taking permission from her sister. :

“Beside me is my friend Ezra..” Ethel began looking at Beryl. “I brought her here to help me plead with you for forgiveness. I know I’ve wronged you by turning my back on you because of the man sitting beside you. All that was caused by my mother but I’m a changed person now. Please, forgive me”

“You see my friend..” Ezra moved in. “I want you to rejoice with the heavenly angels for this one soul that have repented and forgive her in any way she has wronged you”

“Even you Gavin” Ethel added looking at Gavin while her friend glanced at her surprisingly.

“Is he the Gavin?” she asked then Ethel nodded her head positively. Beryl began to smile which gave them the notion that their apology had been accepted.

“I have no grudges against you” she finally said.

“Even me” Gavin added with a smile too.

“Thank you very much” the two ladies stood up and hugged Beryl before leaving..

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Cheryl met Prisca at a love garden sitting alone with a book placed on her thighs. So she sat beside her with hands folded.

“Babe, you sounded urgent on the phone. What’s the problem?”

“It’s about Jaydan”

“What about him? Has he kidnapped you again?”

“Would I be sitting here? No” Cheryl turned to face her. “Listen, in as much as he wanted me dead i still can’t stop thinking about him.” Prisca closed her book and glared at her

“Do you know you’re crazy?” she said but thought for a while.

“Well, i don’t blame him neither will i blame you. He acted out of the loss of his parents. I feel for him shia.. Listen, Cheryl, if you really love him why don’t you go visit him at the police cell. At least get him food”

“Abi, thanks” Cheryl ran out.


After Ethel and her friend left the house. Gavin also stood up. He knew that the atmosphere of love and romance had gone out from the room. Therefore he handed the bag full of clothes to Beryl and said, “I guess we can start from where we stopped tomorrow”

“Are u asking me out again”


“Pick me up from my office by 5pm tomorrow”

“Sure” Beryl opened the bag and smiled broadly,

“Thanks so much”

“You’re welcome” Gavin walked out.


As Cheryl was preparing food for Jaydan, so as Gavin met the senior police officer in his office to know the progress of the investigation. He adjusted on his seat.

“Sir how’s the investigation going?”

“We’re still tracking down a suspect named Mr Edwin” the officer replied. The name sounded familiar to Gavin so he thought critically to remember where he heard it. After frustrating his memory cells without a valuable result, he waved it off.

“Officer, please alert me if u discover anything” he concluded.

“Alright” they shook hands.


After a few hours, Cheryl carefully began to walk out of the kitchen with the food to give Jaydan. As she wanted to sneak out, Beryl caught her from the staircase and asked,

“What’s that in your hand?” Hearing her voice, Cheryl startled..

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