Echoes of the past Season 2 Episode 16


Ethel left the hospital to Ezra’s apartment where she had been staying for a month without knowing the way about of her parents. She sat hopelessly on the floor of the living room with the pregnancy result in her hand. How can that happen to her now she’s a changed person? How would she approach Gavin? Just as she contemplated with a drop of tears, Ezra returned from work.

“Ethel?” she kept her bag swiftly and sat beside her. “What happened?”

“My mother has finished me” Ethel haphazardly gave her the paper of the result without looking at her.

“Oh, my God!” Ezra exclaimed with a hand on her chest. “Ethel, what’s the meaning of this? How did this happen? I mean who’s responsible?”

“His name is Gavin, the one my mother forced me to sleep with all because his father is a rich man. First, my mother and i frame a pregnancy report in a way to finally move into the family but we received the biggest shock of our lives: Gavin announced that he was diagnosed for low sperm count which mean he’s impotent”

“Then why this?”

“I don’t know oh” Ethel began to cry. She suddenly looked at Ezra. “Please, you have to help me. Follow me to my friend’s place. Her name is Beryl. I want to first apologize to her for all my wrong deeds towards her after noticing that Gavin was secretly inlove with her. I was only pushed by my mother”

“Is okay but what about the baby?” Ezra queried.

“I don’t know yet” Ezra exhaled heavily then glanced at the paper again.

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At the side of Beryl and her sister, everything went back to normal after since they buried their mother. The company had started functioning again and Beryl never hesitated to resume work. Though, Gavin had been visiting her but there was no sensitive or romantic talk in coz he didn’t want to receive another hot slap. But the truth remained that both loved each other. Who’s to make the first move again now?

At the residence of Mr Scott, Beryl returned from work. Without going upstairs she flung her bag on the cushion and collapsed there too. She wore a black plain trouser and black suit with white inner shirt which made her, of course, look like a boss and a banker. She had been worried about a particular thing; her womb. That was the only secret she kept from her sister and late mother hoping to let the cat out of the bag at the proper time.

“Cheryl!” she shouted using her strength coz she was so exhausted. Sooner did Cheryl rushed down the stairs standing before her. She wore a bomshort and a white top.

“You called me”

“Sit down” Beryl tapped a seat beside her. That was strange. She had never called her sister in that manner which made Cheryl wonder what the problem could be. Nevertheless, she sat beside her with her eyes fixed on her face.

“I want us to talk” Beryl sat up and looked at her too. “Do you have a boyfriend?” she asked. Cheryl couldn’t believe the question as she let out a smile. The question also made her mind wander to Jaydan instantly coz he was the only one she developed true love for.

“No, i don’t have a boyfriend” she replied. “Why are you asking?”

“Because i want you to get married for the lineage of this family to go on”

“What! Why? Why me? Mom and i have been praying that you get married, now you want me to get married before you. Beryl what’s going on?” Hearing all that, Beryl’s emotions arose thereby making her to start shedding tears. She couldn’t just let the cat out of the bag coz she didn’t believe that she won’t have a child for her whole life. But it has become mandatory that she say the truth.

“Listen Cheryl, i know you are just 22 but you need to get married and forget about me because.. because..” she wanted to say but a knock from the door interrupted her. She cleaned her tears instantly as Cheryl went to open the door to see Gavin standing behind it.

“Coming” she ushered him in then went upstairs immediately. Gavin sat beside Beryl with a bag in his hand. He noticed she wasn’t okay then gently kept the bag apart.

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“Are you worried of something?”

“No, i was just..”

“Beryl” Gavin interrupted by holding her two hands and looking into his eyes. “I know that something bothers you. I want to also let you know that I’ll always be here to listen to you. Beryl, give me a chance to prove my love for you coz i love you with all my heart” Hearing that, Beryl withdrew her hands from his and adjusted away from him with a glare in her eyes. She hated the word ‘love’ coz that was what kept her in the situation she was into. Seeing the glare on her face, Gavin said,

“I think am gonna receive another slap from u but i don’t mind”

“Gavin, I’m afraid, I’m not the kind of woman you’ll like to have as a girlfriend or whatever” Beryl said seriously.


“Because I’m.. I’m.. i mean i don’t have.. umm..”

“You don’t have what?” Gavin tried to help out staring at her. He saw her hands quivering. Just then, another knock came from the door-Ethel and Ezra were knocking.. :

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