Echoes of the past Episode 7



The story Beryl was about to tell pricked Ethel’s interest and so she leaned forward to hear more of it. ‘’Please tell me more. What led to you guys meeting each other?’’ Beryl smiled toothlessly and soon began to narrate all that transpired between Gavin and herself.

‘’But d–n it, that guy is cute, I mean over handsome,’’ she concluded.

‘’Wow!’’ Ethel exclaimed. ‘’Why do I have a feeling that he’s probably someone I know?’’

‘’Really! But I doubt you’ll know him even if I describe.’’

‘’I might know him sha, you never can tell.’’

‘’Okay,’’ Beryl said.

‘’He is tall and fair…’’ she paused and tried to think.

‘’Yes, he wore a black spec.’’ On hearing that, Ethel became more curious. She had no doubt the guy in question was none other than Gavin.

‘’What was he putting on?’’

‘’Black suit, do you know him?’’


‘’Yeah Gavin, that’s his name,’’ Beryl confirmed. Ethel stood up almost immediately and picked up her handbag.

‘’I really have to go now.’’ Beryl stood up as well,

‘’Why, did I say something wrong?’’

‘’No,’’ Ethel smiled ruefully to hide her pain. ‘’I’ll see you tomorrow,’’ she smiled and walked to the door, then without another word, left the office with a heavy heart.

Beryl stared after her, wondering what could be wrong. When she couldn’t figure out any answer, she sat back to continue her work but the pangs of hunger clutched the walls of her stomach and that alone forced her to comply and obey her mother’s voice of ‘’Make sure you eat something…’’ :


Rex couldn’t stop thinking of Gavin and what could be the problem as he sat on the sofa in his small sitting room, constantly drinking from a pack of fruit juice which he didn’t even bother to put in a glass. He glanced at the wall clock and it read 12:24pm. Soon the front door opened and Gavin barged in, looking like one who was being pursued.

‘’Mom is trying to act crazy,’’ Gavin said, panting heavily as he slumped on the sofa, beside his friend.

‘’Keep calm and talk,’’ Rex said. ‘’What really happened?’’ Gavin, without hesitating, narrated everything to him and concluded by saying,

‘’I am not going back home for today. I need a quiet and calm place to think straight.’’ Rex didn’t know what to say, so he simply stood up and said,

‘’Let me bring food,’’ then walked quietly to the kitchen… :

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Mr Lewis got home at about 6:45pm to meet only the wife in the sitting room, who sat on the couch looking gloomy.

‘’What’s the matter?’’ he asked.

‘’Your son has run away from home,’’ the wife fused.

‘’What did you do or say to him while I was away?’’

‘’What else do you think?’’

‘’Don’t tell me you talked to him about that s–t called Ethel?’’ The husband asked but she refused to answer. ‘’Why are you doing this, what do you wish to gain from…’’

‘’Just let it be, okay,’’ the wife interrupted and stood up. ‘’He will come back whenever he feels like,’’ she concluded and with that walked out of the sitting room with her slippers making slappy sounds on the tiled floor. Mr Lewis stared after her in amazement, wondering what had suddenly come over her before deciding to call Gavin to find out where he was… :


Meanwhile, Beryl had gotten home at about 6:30pm but she just lay on her bed, ignoring her phone that had been ringing continuously. Gavin had messaged her that they should meet at his hotel, GAVLE SILVER LOUNGE RESORT, but she wasn’t prepared to go, not after the look on Ethel’s face when she told her about him and the call from his mom, besides she wasn’t even ready for any guys’ trouble again.

She wore a white short and yellow turtle neck polo top.

‘’Senior?’’ Cheryl called as she walked into the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

‘’Any problem?’’ Beryl asked. Cheryl picked up her phone and handed it to her,

‘’Your phone has been ringing.’’

‘’Drop that phone,’’ Beryl said and covered her forehead with her left palm.

‘’Sorry,’’ Cheryl apologised and dropped the phone, then stood up. ‘’Mom said I should inform you that dinner is ready,’’ She added but Beryl didn’t answer her, so she just left the room. After Cheryl had left, Beryl lazily dragged herself up from the bed and also left for the sitting room with her phone… :

Mrs Laura Scott had already changed into her pyjamas by the time Beryl entered the sitting room.

‘’You called me, mom,’’ Beryl said and sat on the couch opposite her. Cheryl was having her dinner at the dining room which is beautifully designed, transparent linen separated from the sitting room.

‘’Dinner is ready,’’ the mother said.

‘’I know mom but I’m not hungry. I’ll eat whenever I’m hungry.’’ The mother sighed deeply and folded her arms. She knew she couldn’t force her against her will,

‘’It’s alright. How was work today?’’

‘’Hiaa! Work?’’ Beryl sighed and shook her head negatively. ‘’Today was ter…’’ she paused as her phone started ringing again but she just hissed and ended the call. ‘’Today was terrible.’’ The mother became curious,

‘’Why not answer the call?’’ Beryl hissed again, loudly this time.

‘’He’s one of those that made my day terrible.’’

‘’He?’’ the mother smiled amusingly while Cheryl who had been listening to them rushed into the sitting room with the spoon she was using to eat. Beryl looked from her mother to the sister with in surprise.

‘’Yes he. Why do both of you look so excited?’’

‘’Ermm… Nothing,’’ Cheryl chuckled in a silly way and returned to the dining room.

‘’Mom?’’ Beryl stared at the mother. ‘’What are you both hiding?’’

‘’You have to talk to him,’’ the mother said. Beryl became more surprised.

‘’Why mom?’’

‘’Just do as I say.’’

‘’I’ll do no such thing mom,’’ Beryl stood up in anger.

‘’Funny, so you mean to tell me that my asking you to call him is what’s making you pissed off?’’ the mom asked, raising her head to look at her.

‘’Yes mom,’’ Beryl frowned. ‘’Goodnight,’’ she added and with that walked out on the mother and headed upstairs

‘’This girl is very difficult,’’ Mrs Laura complained after Beryl left. ‘’Sometimes I wonder if at all she’s my blood…’’ :

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