Echoes of the past Episode 6



The silence lingered on, winding its way across the four corners of the room as Gavin and his mom gazed stealthily at each other.

‘’Who is Beryl?’’ Mrs Edna, his mom asked again, watching him closely.

‘’A friend,’’ Gavin replied and pulled off his suit, then moved and sat on the edge of the bed. His mother turned to him with her hands akimbo,

‘’A friend?’’ she repeated.

‘’Yes mom, a friend,’’ Gavin said and stretched out his hands to get his phone. ‘’Can I have my phone, please?’’

‘’You haven’t answered my question, Gavin. Who is Beryl?’’

‘’She is a friend I met today, my soon to be business partner. Any problem with that, besides who were you speaking with on the phone?’’

‘’I take it to be that she’s just a friend. If there’s any intimate feelings attached with the friendship, do away with it as soon as possible,’’ She said in a calm voice, then handed him back his phone. Gavin tossed his head in disbelief,

‘’Mom! Are you for real?’’ he asked, point-blank as he collected the phone and dropped it on the bed.

‘’I am for real, Gavin. Just do as I say and we continue to live in peace,’’ She concluded and with that walked out of the room.

‘’Unbelievable!’’ Gavin shook his head as he stared at the closed door, then picked up the phone and dailed Rex number. :


Heartland university had resumed lectures in full after two weeks break. That day being a Monday was the second week of resumption and since it was the second semester, no new student was seen. Students were seen in large numbers moving to and fro. while some were half running and half walking to meet up with lectures, some were walking in groups of twos and threes, chattering and laughing. Cheryl was in the group of those half running and walking to meet up with lectures. She occasionally glanced at her wristwatch as she walked briskly and needed no one to tell her she was not just late but very late. But unfortunately for her, it looked like that day was a bad day for her coz in her bid to catch up, she incidentally hit her left foot on a stone along the path which caused her injury.

‘’Ouch!’’ she winced in pain as she stopped and bent down to have a closer look at the injury.

‘’Hey! Are you okay?’’ a voice asked behind her. She stood erect and turned to see a tall fair guy beside her.

‘’Yea, I’m fine,’’ she replied.

‘’But you’re bleeding. Guess you hurt yourself, let me help you,’’ the guy offered and stretched out to collect her handbag.

‘’I’m fine, don’t worry,’’ she smiled painfully and started limping but the guy caught her by the arm and took her handbag from her, then placed a hand across her shoulder and led her towards the university’s clinic.

‘’Girls would never tell a guy they have a problem. They prefer dying in silence,’’ the guy said. Cheryl just smiled and said ‘’

Thanks.’’ Soon they reached the school clinic after about fifteen minutes of walking. Cheryl went inside to be treated while the guy decided to wait outside for her. Cheryl came out about ten minutes later with a bandaged toe.

‘’Thank you so much,’’ she smiled in appreciation as the guy handed her the bag.

‘’It’s nothing dear. Hope you’re feeling a bit better now?’’ he asked as they climbed down the short flight of stairs that led to the clinic entrance and began walking towards the path that led to the lecture hall.

‘’Yes, much better.’’

‘’Can I get your number?’’ Cheryl stopped and stared at him.

‘’I don’t give out my numbers to strangers but because you helped me, I will.’’

‘’Wow! Thanks,’’ the guy grinned and brought out his phone which he gave to Cheryl who collected it with a smile. They exchanged numbers before they resumed walking…

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Beryl looked dead worried as she sat on the swivel chair behind her desk. That day seemed to be a day for her. First it was Gavin’s wahala and now his mom just called her to ask what sort of relationship she was into with her son.

‘’Maybe I shouldn’t have come to work today,’’ she said to herself and glanced at her wristwatch, it read 11:45am. She then stood up and decided to go have breakfast. As she stood up to leave the office, she looked around and realised there were some important files she had left untouched the previous week and that they needed urgent review. In anger and frustration, she sat back and powered on her system. In less than a minute, she became very busy with work…


Rex apartment was no different from a typical bachelor’s house except that it was wide, clean and a flat instead of a two room apartment. He stayed there with his younger brother, Jayden. His parents were late but he had an uncle who visited often. He was in the kitchen, behind the counter, trying to fix up something to eat when his phone rang.

‘’My guy,’’ he chuckled as accepted the call and placed the phone on his ear.

‘’I’m in deep s–t,’’ Gavin said from the other end, sounding worried.

‘’Uh! What happened?’’

‘’I’m coming over.’’

‘’Like seriously, what’s wrong? … hello… hello,’’ Rex shouted into the phone but the line went dead. ‘’Yawa don gas be that nah!’’ he sighed deeply, abandoned his food and walked out of the kitchen to the sitting room. :


Beryl was busy typing on her system when suddenly her office door opened and Ethel walked in, looking really pissed off. Ethel was Beryl’s friend and only her friends were permitted to walk into her office without knocking or formalities of any sort.

‘’Babe, what’s up?’’ Beryl asked and looked up from her PC after saving what she had been typing. Ethel dropped her bag on the desk top, pulled out a chair from under it and sat on it with her chest heaving like one who just returned from a war zone.

‘’What’s wrong nah?’’ Beryl asked again with a worried look.

‘’A guy just insulted me and just to think of it that his mom and my mom are at fault, I’m just so annoyed right now,’’ Ethel complained bitterly.

‘’Like seriously,’’ Beryl adjusted herself on the chair. ‘’It seems today’s a bad day for us o.’’ Ethel was curious,

‘’What do you mean by that?’’

‘’I met a guy today and now his mom is like

‘’What relationship do you have with my son?’’

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