Echoes of the past Episode 8



Mrs Veronica Edwin, Ethel’s mom had just finished having her evening bath and was dressed in her grey coloured pyjamas. She felt sleepy after a long day at her boutique but decided to go check up on Ethel before going to bed. She walked tiredly out of the room she shared with her husband to the sitting room.

‘’Honey,’’ she called out to her husband as she entered the sitting room to meet him sitting on the sofa and reading his newspaper as usual. The sitting room looked good, though not very wide and posh coz Mr Edwin was just an average man, not too rich and not too poor.

‘’Ethel never misses her night show on TV except there’s power outage, why isn’t she here tonight?’’ she asked as she scratched her hair through the hair net she used to cover her hair.

‘’I came back from work to find her lying gloomily in her room,’’ the husband replied without looking up from the newspaper he was glancing through.

‘’Did you care to find out what’s bothering her?’’

‘’Why should I?’’ the husband looked up at her. ‘’Isn’t it obvious she might be suffering from another heartbreak from one of the numerous guys you’ve pushed her to follow around.’’

‘’Nonsense,’’ The wife retorted. ‘’Aren’t you tired of squatting in this three-bedroom truck you call a house?’’ The husband decided to ignore her sarcasm in order not to start up an unending argument, and so quietly adjusted his reading glasses and turned to his newspaper.

‘’You can’t talk again, abi?’’ the wife hissed and walked out of the sitting room. : ETHEL’S ROOM : Ethel lay on her bed face up, probably counting the ceiling. She couldn’t stop thinking of how bright eyed Beryl looked when she was telling her about Gavin earlier in her office.

‘’My angel?’’ the mom called as she walked into the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

‘’Mom,’’ Ethel answered and sat up with a sad face.

‘’How did the meeting go, not well I guess?’’ the mother asked and touched her left cheek.

‘’He said I dress like a s–t and to worsen the situation, he met Beryl today. And you know how guys love flirting around Beryl that they barely notice me,’’ Ethel complained in one breath. The mother smiled and dressed her closer to herself.

‘’Is that why you look downcast or are you a s–t? Come on, don’t you trust your mother again?’’

‘’I do mom, but…’’

‘’It’s alright,’’ the mother interrupted. ‘’The early bird catches the worm remember, besides you’ve got it, so you opposite him, trying to contact Beryl.


Suddenly the door opened and Jayden walked in, grinning from ear to ear but stopped as soon as he saw the angry look on Rex face. Rex stood up immediately Jayden entered.

‘’How many times will I warn you not to stay out late at night all in the name school?’’ he fired angrily. Jayden swallowed hard and lowered his eyes apologetically.

‘’I’m sorry,’’ he murmured.

‘’You’re sorry?’’ Rex eyed him and sat back on the sofa. ‘’Maybe you think…’’

‘’It’s alright,’’ Gavin interrupted. ‘’Go change,’’ he said to Jayden who smiled gratefully and greeted him before going into the inner room.

‘’I keep on saying the same thing over and over again but he just wouldn’t listen,’’ Rex complained.

‘’It’s alright, he’ll come around,’’ Gavin said and tried to smile as he stood up.

‘’I need to rest my poor head.’’

‘’Some girls are just so heartless,’’ Rex hissed.

‘’I’ll go see her tomorrow,’’ Gavin said as his voice sank low, then walked to the door that led to the corridor. Rex laughed tauntingly,

‘’Are you sure you’re normal?” he asked while Gavin stopped and turned to face him.

‘’No, I’m not normal coz thoughts of this girl is driving me crazy,’’ Gavin said and disappeared through the door… :


Beryl had arrived the office earlier than usual coz a client had called her the previous night to order for new samples of the fruit juice and cake she had produced. She was out from the room where the juice was being packaged for sell and was about entering into the bakery for inspection when one of her workers walked briskly and excused her.

‘’Any problem, Gloria?’’ she asked.

‘’Not at all ma but someone is actually waiting at the reception to see you,’’ Gloria replied with her hands folded behind her back.

‘’Someone? Couldn’t you inform the person that I was busy or better still direct him or her to Rose?’’

‘’I did ma but he insisted on seeing you. He didn’t look like one who was in a hurry to leave anytime soon,’’ Gloria explained.

‘’Alright,’’ Beryl said and handed her the record book. ‘’You know what to do with this right?’’

‘’Yes ma.’’

‘’Good, no mistakes please. I’ll be right back,’’ she said and walked away while Gloria went into the room… :


‘’Guys, gist o,’’ Gloria tapped the back of the record book to get attention as soon as she entered the bakery room.

‘’No noise in here please,’’ Tunde, another worker cautioned. He wore a green apron and was putting milk into the mixture of flour in a bowl.

‘’Tell us jhare. Forget Tunde,’’ Ruth, another female worker whispered and dropped the fruit cake pan she held on the small table beside her.

‘’I think madam now has a boyfriend, finally,’’ Gloria whispered too.

‘’Big mouth,’’ another who stood by the oven refuted. ‘’How you take sabi?’’

‘’Was she talking to you? Amebo,’’ Ruth defended.

‘’Better watch your mouth James,’’ Gloria shot at him.

‘’What will you do? Idiot, better go get married, and stop poking your nose into other people’s affairs,’’ Tunde hissed.

‘’Birds of a feather.’’

‘’Allow her talk. One day I’ll cut that her long mouth and put it into this oven,’’ James said.

‘’Oya try am nah,’’ Gloria boasted.

‘’Idiot, if you marry me I wonder if your manhood will cut off.’’

‘’You and I know very well that you are worse than a bad wife, I just pity the poor man that’ll marry you, fool,’’ Tunde said in a mocking tone.

‘’Forget this people and gist me jhoor,’’ Ruth said in a way that showed she wasn’t concerned a bit about anything that was being said but Gloria just eyed her angrily, then used the record book to hit her mouth before walking towards the door that led to the inner room… :

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