Echoes of the past Episode 9


Beryl walked into the reception to meet Gavin who quickly stood up and pull off his specs as soon as he saw her.

‘’Wow! She looks prettier in gown than skirt and blouse,’’ Gavin thought as he stared admiringly at Beryl who now stood in front of him. She was dressed in a red round neck long sleeve cotton gown that had fancy buttons on the hand and in front. She also wore red bracelets with sparkling dangling gold earrings while black stiletto heels adorned her feet. She had equally applied little make up. All this added to her beauty and made her glow.

‘’Good morning,’’ she greeted. ‘’Would you please stop staring and tell me why you’re here again today?’’ she added, feeling a bit uncomfortable. Gavin smiled and stretched to his full height,

‘’Good morning, miss Beryl. I am here so we can talk business. I’m sorry about yesterday.’’

‘’Alright,’’ Beryl smiled too and turned to Nora, the receptionist who quickly pretended to be busy. ‘’Nora?’’


‘’Tell Rose to see to the inspection and inform me once the clients’ package is ready to be delivered.’’

‘’Okay ma.’’

‘’Good,’’ Beryl nodded and turned to Gavin. ‘’To my office please,’’ she said a before leading the way out of the reception while Gavin followed quietly behind… :



The morning looked bright and calm as Mr Lewis sat on the couch in his sitting room, scanning through the newspaper that had been delivered to him that morning. Everywhere looked sparkling clean as usual coz the domestic workers had done their job.

Soon the wife emerged from the dining room where she had placed a tray of sliced bread with fried eggs on the table.

‘’Aren’t you in anyway worried about your son?’’ he looked up from the newspaper and asked her as she came into the sitting room to tell him breakfast was ready. She was already dressed in a velvet green material but still had her hair covered with the hair net.

‘’Why should I be worried about a full grown man?’’ the wife asked as she moved closer to the window to adjust the curtain.

‘’What are you hiding from me, are you doing all this out of fear or due to compulsion, maybe like a blackmail or something?’’ he pressed further.

‘’Do I look like one who is hiding anything from you? Please don’t start, okay! Don’t just start,’’ She hissed and walked towards the stairs.

‘’I just pray my son acts like a man and propose to Beryl as soon as possible,’’ he said and smiled to himself, then adjusted his reading glasses and faced the paper again. The wife’s eyes bulged out in surprise on hearing him say that but she refused to be intimidated.

‘’You both should be ready for war if he ever goes against my will,’’ she said and then lowered her voice. ‘’I suffered and laboured for him nine good months, if he doesn’t listen to me and do as a I say, I will curse him,’’ she concluded, sniffed and climbed the stairs with grudging steps.

‘’This isn’t normal,’’ Mr Lewis thought to himself as he folded the newspaper and leaned on the couch in worried manner… :

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Beryl and Gavin sat opposite each other without saying anything to each other. When the silence became unbearable, she decided to speak up.

‘’Hello Mr. would you please say something and stop staring at me, you’re making me feel uncomfortable.’’ Gavin sat erect and smiled apologetically.

‘’I’ve heard a lot about the tasty fruit cake and juice your company produces, and I must commend, you’re really doing a great job,’’ he began.

‘’Wow!’’ Beryl smiled happily. ‘’Thanks, I appreciate you big time.’’ Gavin moistened his lips romantically,

‘’Yeah, my dad and I have decided to partner with you. You will be supplying to our hotel as well and be sure to be getting well paid.’’

‘’Really!’’ Beryl exclaimed.


‘’Thanks, I’m grateful.’’

‘’Guess you know the name of my hotel?’’ Gavin inquired.

‘’Yeah, or have you forgotten about the text you sent to me yesterday evening?’’ Beryl asked and waited to see his reaction. Gavin’s face suddenly changed from smile to a frown.

‘’You really made me feel bad last night, couldn’t even sleep a wink.’’

‘’Oh!’’ Beryl squeezed her face pitifully in an insincere way.

‘’I’m sorry about that. Your mom called me.’’ Gavin googled at her,

‘’Like seriously. What did she say to you?’’ he wanted to know. Beryl chuckled,

‘’Nothing bad.’’ Gavin sighed,

‘’I doubt that.’’

‘’Let’s discuss the pay so we can sign the papers and enter into an agreement. I’ve got a very busy schedule today,’’ Beryl said, tactically changing the topic of discussion. Though Gavin felt he should prolong the discussion about his mother, he decided to let go. So he quietly nodded and brought out his pen… :



Mrs Veronica Edwin, Ethel’s mom, was standing behind the perfume counter inside her boutique, giving out orders to her workers. The workers were all dressed in a black trouser and purple polo top which had ‘’THE BEAUTY PALACE’’ printed at the back.

‘’Hey! Joy, be careful with that glassy stiletto and you Kelly, get me the sales book,’’ Mrs Veronica ordered as she moved to sit on the arm chair at a corner. She was dressed in blue jean trouser and pink cotton top which made her look younger than her age. Beautiful pink stiletto adorned her feet and on her left wrist were bracelets of different colours. The afro she had made looked like a canopy on her head, coupled with her gold channel earring.

A mere looking at her, one didn’t need to be told she was a woman of class and top-notch. As she sat and began flipping through the sales book, Mrs Edna Lewis entered and walked up to her. She wore a simple velvet green material with low heeled shoes and wore a light make up.

‘’Good morning,’’ Mrs Edna greeted and sat on a chair opposite her, uneasily. Mrs Veronica replied her greetings with a malicious sneer.

‘’Your son insulted my daughter yesterday and you just watched on, right?’’ she began.

‘’Please hear me out, Veronica,’’ Mrs Edna said in a pleading tone. She hadn’t even dropped her handbag. ‘’It isn’t my fault.’’

‘’So it’s my fault right?’’ Mrs Veronica pointed at herself. ‘’Just wait till I expose you to your husband and the whole world, do you really think your past can be hidden without you sacrificing something for it?’’ She hissed loudly and dropped the sales book on the small stool beside her… :

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