Echoes of the past Episode 10



Mrs Edna Lewis swallowed hard. ‘’This isn’t going to be an easy task,’’ she thought to herself. ‘’Just give me a little more time and I promise I’ll make it all right,’’ she pleaded again. Mrs Veronica Edwin stared at her pitifully. All what she saw in the eyes of the woman who sat in front of her was fear of the unknown but she had no other choice coz she was very much determined to use her in achieving her aim.

‘’It’s alright my friend. Just be fast about whatsoever you’re planning to do, if you need my help, you know where to find me.’’ Mrs Edna smiled in relief and said her thanks… :



After discussing the important details of the partnership and all the signing of agreement papers, Gavin rose up to leave while Beryl stood up as well.

‘’Thanks, I look forward to having a nice working relationship with you,’’ she said with a smiled and stretched out her hands for a shake.

‘’’Same here,’’ Gavin accepted the stretched hands with a smile as well. ‘’Dinner tonight?’’ he asked without releasing her hand. Beryl thought silently for a while.

‘’Alright, text me the address later but not your hotel please coz I’ll go there tomorrow with some of my staffs for inspection.’’

‘’No problem angel, as you wish,’’ Gavin said happily. ‘’You’re beautiful, you know? Extraordinarily beautiful and I think I like you.’’ On hearing that, Beryl quickly frowned and removed her hand from his, forcefully.

‘’You need to go now,’’ she said, picked up her phone and walked to the door. Gavin turned to her surprisingly,

‘’Why, did I say anything wrong?’’

‘’No,’’ Beryl answered sharply. ‘’Please leave,’’ she added and opened the door wide.

Gavin was confused. He couldn’t understand the reason why she suddenly started acting rude again. He quietly walked to the door like a teenager who was scared of being punished for a crime he didn’t commit.

‘’Am I still permitted to text you the address?’’ he asked as he got to the door.

‘’No!’’ she said sharply.

‘’This is serious, are you sure you’re fine?’’ he pressed further with concern written all over his face.

‘’Please leave,’’ she repeated.

‘’Okay, bye.’’ He smiled ruefully and stepped out while she slammed the door behind him and leaned on it as hot tears rolled down her cheeks… :



Students were seen moving out of a lecture hall in groups of twos and threes. Some were walking towards another lecture hall while others just rambled around. Cheryl had decided to stay back in class since she had no lectures again for the day but truth be told, she was actually waiting to see Jayden, the guy who had helped her the previous day.

Ever since she started her 200level in heartland university, she had come to love Tuesdays coz she always had only one course. She sat on the long seat, fiddling her phone.

‘’Babe, what’s up nah,’’ her friend, Prisca, said to her.

‘’Don’t you want to go home today coz you always run home every Tuesday after lectures?’’ she asked. Cheryl dropped her phone on the desk top and smiled.

‘’I’m actually waiting for someone.’’

‘’Really!’’ Prisca exclaimed and sat down beside her. ‘’Who?’’ she wanted to know.

‘’One cute guy like that o, the one I told you about,’’ Cheryl said, looking so bright eyed.

‘’Okay, I remember,’’ Prisca confirmed and nodded, then lowered her voice. ‘’So have you guys, hmmm?’’

‘’Haba!’’ Cheryl exclaimed. ‘’You sef nawa o.’’

‘’Sorry nah, I’m just curious.’’ Cheryl hit her arm playfully.

‘’Go away jhoor.’’ Just then, Jayden walked into the hall while Prisca stood up again and picked up her bag.

‘’Hope you’re not leaving because of me?’’ he asked as he walked up to Cheryl and caressed her cheek. There were few students inside the class and they seemed to mind their own business.

‘’Not at all,’’ Prisca grinned and fled out of the lecture hall even before Jayden could say another word while Cheryl laughed softly.

‘’Why is she acting that way? ‘’Jayden asked as he carried out Cheryl’s phone and sat on the spot.

‘’I don’t know,’’ Cheryl replied and added shyly, ‘’Please get up and sit on the seat.’’

‘’Why?’’ Jayden smiled.

‘’Why asking why when you know very well that you’re making me feel very uncomfortable.’’ Jayden chuckled and dropped her phone, then reached out and took her hands in his.

‘’Have someone ever told you how beautiful you are?’’ Cheryl looked down shyly and refused to answer. ‘’Come on girl, why acting like a kid?’’ Jayden questioned and released her hands.

‘’I’m sorry,’’ was all Cheryl could say. Jayden leaned forward and lifted up her chin with his right fingers, then looked into her eyes, romantically, but Cheryl shook her head and looked down again.

‘’Gosh!’’ Jayden exclaimed. ‘’You’re so shy…’’ :



Gavin got home, looking tired, worried and unhappy. He had wanted going back to Rex house but decided against it. He walked sluggishly into the sitting to meet the shocker of his life.

‘’Hey! What are you doing here?’’ he questioned with authority as he removed his specs, then looked around the sitting room and up the stairs, expecting maybe his dad or mom to come downstairs. Ethel stood up seductively and dropped her phone. She looked sexy and tempting in her short yellow gown that exposed a greater part of her cleavage.

The sight of her made Gavin swallowed hard as he felt cold shivers run down his spine and a pricking sensation down his d–k. She moved closer to him and covered the space between them, then began caressing his chest through the shirt he wore.

‘’No one is here, so don’t be scared coz we have the whole house to ourselves,’’ she said with a charming smile.

‘’Get lost, you s–t,’’ Gavin shouted and shoved her away, trying very hard to sound authoritative. It had been two months since he returned to Nigeria and hadn’t had sex since then coz he had promised himself not to indulge in sexual activities any longer till he found his missing rib but here he was, being tempted.

Ethel wasn’t ready to accept defeat as quickly stood up from the couch she had fallen to as a result of the push and rushed towards him again, panting heavily like a dog. As she stood in front of him again, she pushed him down on the double couch and pinned herself to him… :

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