Echoes of the past Episode 11



Gavin struggled under her but the pressure was too much. One thing he found difficult to understand was where and how she got such prowess. He was known to be the master of different kinds of women back in the state but was shocked as Ethel over powered him. Ethel sat up on his tummy and brought out a small table knife from the shorts pocket she wore under the gown.

‘’Are you ready to cooperate or get wounded by this?’’ she asked and smiled wickedly, then licked the blade of the knife, making it glint with her saliva. Gavin gasped in astonishment and tried pushing her away but couldn’t. even breathing was a difficulty as she sat with all her weight on his stomach.

‘’Please get… up… I… I… can’t breathe,’’ he stammered. Ethel chuckled,

‘’Are you ready to cooperate or not?’’ she asked swinging the knife in his face. The pressure became unbearable, so he said

‘’YES’’ without thinking twice.

‘’Good,’’ Ethel said and stood up from his body, then motioned for him to stand up.

Gavin stood up obediently in pretence and stretched his arms. As soon as Gavin stood up, she quickly lay flat on the couch with her legs wide open.

‘’Now! Do things to me,’’ she ordered without dropping the knife.

‘’Why are you forcing yourself on me with threats?” Gavin asked. ‘’Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?’’ Ethel quickly stood up again and held him by the throat while pointing the knife at his stomach,

‘’How dare you speak to me in that manner?’’ Gavin pushed her roughly, making her fall back on the couch, it seemed the knife he saw her with had brought back his lost sex senses,

‘’I would be a very big fool to allow you harm me because of sex. Something that I drink like water from sluts like you who throw themselves at men,’’ he boasted and climbed on top of her. Within the speed of light, he had his mouth covered on her left boob and his right fingers in her pants, little did he know that was actually digging a pit he would soon fall into with his own hands.

Meanwhile, Ethel dropped the knife on the floor and threw her hands around his head as she began to moan softly… :



Beryl walked back to her seat with tears in her eyes. She felt very bad for treating Gavin the way she did. She liked him, yes, but what she couldn’t bear was the pain of another heartbreak.

‘’Coming over in my direction, so thankful for that, it’s such a blessing yeah, turn every situation into heaven yeah…’’ Despasito remix brought her out of her reverie. That was her phone ringing but she ignored the call at first. When it seemed like the caller wasn’t going to give up anytime soon, she decided to pick the call.

‘’Hello!’’ she began as she placed the phone to her ear.

‘’Beryl,’’ the person sounded from the other end. ‘’This voice sounds familiar,’’ Beryl thought wordlessly. ‘’Is this Kayla please?’’ she asked.

‘’Yes honey, it’s Kayla. I’ve missed you a lot,’’ Kayla replied with so much excitement in her voice. Beryl was overwhelmed with excitement to hear Kayla’s voice again after three years.

‘’Wow, I’ve missed you more my angel. When did you return to Nigeria?”

‘’Last night baby, ’Kayla said in her British accent. ‘’I bought a new sim card this morning and decided to let you know I’m in the country.’’

‘’Wow! I’m so happy, bottle popping tonight,’’ Beryl screamed excitedly. For a moment, she had completely forgotten about her problems.

‘’Sure honey, please text me your address,’’ Kayla requested.

‘’In a jiffy sweetheart.’’

‘’Alright, I’ll be expecting,’’ Kayla smiled and hung up…

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Uncle Raymond’s house was a four bedroom, well furnished apartment. It had all the luxury a house could boast of except that it seemed to make the house look a little bit jam-packed. At the age of thirty, he wasn’t a married but he had two children from two different women. He was sitting on the sofa in his sitting room, watching the twelve o’clock news on AKBC (AKWAIBOM BROADCASTING COPORATION).

Ever since he bought a TV decoder, he had stopped watching AKBC but something pushed him to watch the channel that very day. After the news ended at about 12:25, business places were advertised and much to his dismay, SCOTRYL COMPANY was advertised and Beryl’s number displayed on the screen for contact info.

‘’Like seriously, so this girl is now a manager of a company,’’ he thought to himself as he quickly picked up a pen and paper that was on the centre table to write down the number. ‘’I think this is the right time for me to pay her back with the same coin the father used to pay me, now is the time for me to be super rich,’’ he smiled mischievously and picked up his phone to dial the number… :


Jayden couldn’t take his eyes off Cheryl. Her innocent face made her look more charming and beautiful but there was something about her, something he had to find out as soon as possible to clear the doubt in his mind.

‘’Let me save you the trouble of being so shy even though you actually look more beautiful when you’re shy,’’ he smiled, then jumped down from the desk top and sat beside her on the seat. ‘’So tell me about yourself.’’

‘’uh!’’ Cheryl startled and raised her head.

‘’Tell me about yourself, like your surname, how many siblings you have etc.’’ Cheryl cleared her throat and smiled a bit before speaking up.

‘’My dad is late but my mum is still alive,’’ she began. ‘’Oh! My parents are actually late too,’’ Jayden said and placed his hands on the desk top.

‘’Sorry about that,’’ Cheryl said sympathetically.

‘’It’s alright dear. How many siblings do you have?’’ he asked.

‘’I have just one sister and she’s my senior. The managing director of SCOTRYL COMPANY,’’ Cheryl said and smiled proudly.

‘’SCOTRYL COMPANY?’’ Jayden repeated, looking surprised.

‘’Yes, any problem?’’ Cheryl wanted to know.

‘’Not at all,’’ Jayden smiled. He had a faraway look on his face. The manager of SCOTRYL COMPANY is actually the same person that’s behind the death of his parents according to his uncle but he could only hope and pray that it shouldn’t be the same SCOTRYL COMPANY that Cheryl claimed her sister was the MD coz if it was, it could only be explained in one word which is ‘’TROUBLE…’’ :

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