Echoes of the past Episode 12


SCOTRYL COMPANY BERYL’S OFFICE : As Beryl was about texting her address to Kayla, another call came in through her phone.

‘’Who could this be?’’ she muttered impatiently as she accepted the call and placed the phone to her ear.

‘’Hello miss Beryl! Do you remember me?’’ the person asked from the other end.

‘’I don’t think I do coz this number is strange in my phone,’’ Beryl replied. The caller laughed a bit before speaking up

‘’This is Raymond.’’ Beryl began to shudder in fright,

‘’Raymond?’’ she repeated. ‘’How did you get my number?’’ she asked.

‘’Wow! Forget about that,’’ Raymond giggled. ‘’Now I have your details, I will make sure I make your life miserable.’’

‘’Remember you hurt and left me heartbroken. What else do you want?’’ She asked in fear.

‘’I hurt you, yes, accepted. But was that enough reason for your father to use my brother and his wife for rituals in order to succeed in life?’’ Raymond asked with anger in his voice. Beryl was shocked to her marrow at what she heard, her only past she regretted was sleeping with different kinds of men and having two abortions for Raymond which left her without a womb.

‘’What are you insinuating?’’ she asked.

‘’Really!’’ Raymond exclaimed. ‘’Continue pretending but bear it in mind that I’m coming for you,’’ he said and hung up.

‘’Hello, hello… please listen,’’ Beryl pleaded but the line was dead. She was lost on what to do, so she just dropped the phone and began to shed tears… :



Rex was busy documenting some files in his office when Gavin walked in, grinning from ear to ear. Rex worked in small office where he did everything computer for people like online registration, exams registration etc. the office looked like a one room apartment but was divided into two. One part was used as an inner office while the other was for the customers.

‘’Guy, what’s up?’’ Gavin asked as he pulled a plastic chair and sat opposite him. Rex looked up from the system and motioned at one of his assistants who stood by the door to close the door a bit.

‘’This one you’re smiling like this, any better?’’ he asked.

‘’Why still working here nah after dad had promised to find you a good job?’’ Gavin asked instead.

‘’You know very well I’m not as lazy as you are,’’ Rex giggled.

‘’Idiot, your papa,’’ Gavin laughed and added ‘’Sorry’’ as an afterthought coz he remembered Rex was an orphan.

‘’Tell me what’s making you so happy?’’ Rex asked again. Gavin adjusted himself on the seat and dropped his phone on top of the table.

‘’I don hammer, your guy don hammer today,’’ he screamed excitedly.

‘’Ah!’’ Rex exclaimed. ‘’Tell me about it but please, your voice is too loud,’’ he cautioned.

‘’Konji nah, I f–k today tire like say I never f–k before, the girl toto sweet die,’’ Gavin licked his lips and romanced his moustache.

‘’Wow!’’ Rex exclaimed and leaned forward. ‘’Who is the girl that’s making you act like a mad man,’’ he said and laughed. Gavin laughed as well.

‘’You dey craze. Nah Ethel.’’ Rex smiling face quickly turned into a frown.

‘’Which Ethel?’’ he wanted to know.

‘’How many Ethel do you know? She actually threatened me with a knife, though I acted tough at first, I later gave in coz I couldn’t control myself any longer,’’ Gavin explained.

‘’Guy you don mad, I swear. Did you use any protection?’’ At the mention of protection, Gavin’s eyes widened in terror.

‘’I didn’t o,’’ he replied but Rex only started laughing. ‘’What’s funny nah? It skipped my mind completely.’’ Rex eyed him in anger as he stopped laughing,

‘’Be prepared to be a father very soon,’’ he said and hissed loudly. Gavin’s eyes widened the more as Rex talked about his being a father very soon. The only name that crossed his mind was ‘’Beryl’’

‘’I have to go see her ASAP,’’ he said and stood up.

‘’Who?” Rex asked.

‘’The woman my heart beats for,’’ he said and walked to the door.

‘’You want to see the one you love after f—–g a s–t?’’

‘’Whatever,’’ Gavin breath calmly and walked out… :

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Mrs Edna Lewis sat on a white plastic chair behind the hotel at the rear end of the hotel where the bar was located. She couldn’t stop regretting her actions, ranging from the horrible past which led to the complicated and problems filled present she was in. Soon, Ethel arrived dressed in the same short yellow gown she had worn to her house.’

‘’Good day ma,’’ Ethel greeted and pulled out a chair from under the table, the sat opposite her.

‘’Welcome,’’ Mrs Edna replied absentmindedly. She hated everything about the girl that sat opposite her but she just had to play along with the mother in order not to tarnish her image and that of her family. ‘’How did it go?’’ she asked.

‘’Very well ma, he fell into the trap and I must confess, your son is super strong,’’ Ethel smiled seductively.

‘’She’s more than a s–t,’’ Mrs Edna thought wordlessly and disdained her secretly.

‘’So, what next ma?’’ Ethel asked.

‘’Nothing, just be prepared and let’s hope you get pregnant soon,’’ Mrs Edna replied.



Gavin walked into Beryl’s office, unrestricted. He was surprised to meet her with her head bent on the desk and from the way she sniffed showed she was crying. He moved behind the desk and stood beside her, then tapped her shoulder lightly. Beryl startled and looked up. Her eyes were red and puffed from too much crying. She didn’t know when or how it happened but she quickly stood up and threw her arms across Gavin’s shoulder for a hug. Though Gavin was surprised, he accepted her with open arms and held her tight while she wept on his shoulders… :

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