Echoes of the past Episode 13



Gavin held unto Beryl for about two minutes before letting go. ‘’Thanks,’’ Beryl smiled through her tears. ‘’You came at the right time.’’ Gavin reached out and wiped away the tears that was still dripping down her cheeks, then pulled her into his arms again.

‘’What’s bothering my iron lady and that’s enough to make her cry?’’

‘’Nothing, I’m fine,’’ Beryl smiled painfully again, then pulled out of his arms and made to sit back on her chair but Gavin held her right hand and pulled her back to himself.

‘’I walked in here to meet you, crying. You can’t just tell me nothing, besides you know I won’t believe you,’’ Gavin insisted. Beryl stared at him. What she saw in his eyes was pure love and affection but could she trust him enough to spill her dirty secret?

‘’Can I trust you?’’ she asked.

‘’Of coz you can. Tell me, what’s the matter?’’

‘’Let’s go somewhere else, please,’’ she requested.

‘’As her majesty pleases,’’ Gavin smiled and released her.

‘’Let me tidy up,’’ Beryl said and walked calmly to the door and out of the office… :


Mr Lewis walked into his sitting room to meet his wife busy cleaning the furniture’s. ‘’Honey,’’ he called and glance around. ‘’Where are the domestic workers, why are you doing the job I pay them on monthly basis for?’’ he demanded.

‘’I asked all of them to go home for today, then come back tomorrow morning,’’ The wife answered without looking up at him. The husband was surprised.

‘’When was that?’’

‘’This morning, immediately you left,’’ she replied and sat on the couch she had just finished cleaning.

‘’Why didn’t you inform me first, what’s up with this strange attitude of yours for the past few days?’’ he inquired. Mrs Edna quickly stood up in anger.

‘’Do I need permission before making decisions in my husband’s house?’’ she fumed.

‘’Why are you behaving this way?’’ the husband asked and shifted backwards.

‘’Just let me be, okay!’’ she hissed, threw the dusting rag on the couch and walked out on him… :



Mrs Veronica Edwin was relaxing on the chair inside her boutique with a nylon of popcorn in her hands, on the table in front of her was a pack of yogurt. She kept shouting out orders to her workers at interval as customers trooped in and out of the boutique.

‘’Mom!’’ Ethel screamed excitedly as she walked into the boutique.

‘’My angel,’’ the mom smiled as Ethel moved to sit on a stool beside her.

‘’I nailed it mom, he fell for it,’’ Ethel said and dropped her bag on the table in front of her.

‘’Wow!’’ the mother hugged her happily.

‘’We’re soon gonna be super rich,’’ she said and they both laughed happily. ‘’I’m d–n hungry mom,’’ Ethel complained.

‘’Why won’t you be after that breath taking exercise,’’ the mother chuckled.

‘’Mom!” Ethel hit her arm playfully.

‘’Daughter!’’ the mother laughed and stood up. ‘’Let’s go have something to eat,’’ she said and walked towards the inner room. Ethel giggled and picked up her bag, then stood up and headed outside to wait for her mom in the car… :

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Cheryl walked into the house, looking confused. Her mother was lying on the couch, watching her favourite program on television as usual.

‘’Gooday mom,’’ Cheryl greeted casually and made to walk past her but the

‘’What’s wrong with you?’’ she asked and sat up.

‘’Nothing mom,’’ Cheryl replied and started moving towards the stairs again. Mrs Laura Scott stood up immediately and faced her.

‘’How can you tell me nothing? You come home from school looking confused and gloomy, yet you tell me it’s nothing,’’ she said and placed her hands akimbo.

‘’It’s nothing mom, I am perfectly fine.’’ The mother removed her hands from her waist and walked towards her. Standing in front of her, she placed both hands on her shoulder.

‘’I am your mother and I know whenever…’’

‘’Mom!’’ Cheryl interrupted as she removed the mother’s hand from her shoulder. ‘’You worry too much please, I said it’s nothing,’’ she said and with that turned and ran up the stairs while the mother just stood and stared… :



Gavin and Beryl walked into the eatery, holding hands. Beryl had her specs on to shield her eyes which was red and swollen due to too much crying. They both moved to a secluded area to sit. A waiter walked up to them after they had sat down. The waiter glanced at her wristwatch before speaking up.

‘’Good morning and welcome,’’ she greeted with a smile and handed Gavin the menu book, then folded her hands behind her back. Gavin glanced through the menu book and stretched it out to Beryl but she simply shook her head negatively.

‘’Get us a bottle of wine and two glasses,’’ Gavin said with a smile and returned the menu book.

‘’Okay sir,’’ the waiter said and courtseyed a little before turning to leave.

‘’You asked me to bring you here coz you’re hungry but you refused even touching the menu book?’’ Gavin began after the waiter had left.

‘’Why did you order for wine, what are you celebrating?’’ Beryl asked instead, ignoring his question. As Gavin was about to give her a reply, the waiter returned with a fancy tray on her left palm that contained the wine and glasses.

‘’Why four glasses? We’re only two on this table,’’ Gavin complained as the waiter dropped the tray on the table.

‘’I asked her to double the glasses,’’ A voice said behind him. Beryl quickly looked up.

‘’Ethel!’’ she called out happily and stood up.

‘’Ethel?’’ Gavin repeated and stood up as well as Ethel and her mother moved and stood beside the table while the waiter walked away quietly…

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