Echoes of the past Episode 14



Ethel moved closer to Gavin and placed a hand across his shoulder.

‘’Surprised?’’ she asked, smiling like one who had just won a jack pot. Gavin ignored her and shrugged her hands off his shoulder.

‘’Don’t you dare embarrass me, got it?’’ he said with eyes filled with fury.

‘’What is going on here?’’ Beryl inquired.

‘’He’s my fiancé and we’re engaged to be married,’’ Ethel boasted like a proud peacock. ‘’Or, didn’t he tell you?’’ she added and smiled as her mother winked at her.

‘’Let’s get out of here, please,’’ Gavin pleaded and stretched out to hold Beryl’s hand but she rebuffed him and picked up her phone that was on the table.

‘’Let her be, after all she isn’t a complete woman,’’ Mrs Veronica said to Gavin. Beryl swallowed hard as Gavin turned to Ethel’s mom. She thought of what she could have possibly done wrong to Ethel and her mom that made them develop hatred for her in a short time.

‘’A complete woman,’’ Gavin muttered. ‘’What do you mean?’’ he questioned. By this time, all eyes inside the eatery rested on them. Still with a smile on her face, Ethel moved closer to Beryl and placed a hand across her shoulders.

‘’Leave now or I expose you,’’ she whispered. That was all Beryl wanted to hear. She dreaded being exposed in public and so within a twinkle of an eye, she had fled out of the eatery teary eyes. Gavin stared at Ethel and her mother in a confusing manner before running out after Beryl…

‘’Yeah, it worked,’’ Ethel said excitedly to the mother.

‘’Yeah, let’s relax and watch the drama unfold,’’ her mother chuckled, then pulled out a chair and sat on it while Ethel did same… :

Gavin ran around the eatery like a teenager who had missed his way. He looked around and sighted Beryl about entering a cab, so he quickly rushed to meet her.

‘’Beryl, please listen to me,’’ he pleaded as he now stood beside her by the roadside, then waved at the cab man to drive off.

‘’Just let me be, you actually asked your fiancée to come over to the eatery just to humiliate me, right?’’ Beryl accused.

‘’She isn’t my fiancé, you just have to believe me,’’ Gavin pleaded again and held her hands.

‘’I…’’ he began and paused to look into her eyes.

‘’You what? Come on, complete the lie. Come on, I’m useless, lie to me as much as you want,’’ Beryl said annoyingly.

‘’I know this isn’t the right time for me to say this, but believe me, I doubt if it has any specific time to be said,’’ he started to say again but Beryl just kept mute and watched him. Gavin glanced around him. Different cars could be seen plying the road. The weather was hot but he cared less.

‘’She isn’t my fiancée, it’s you I love Beryl. I fell in love with you right from when I first met you in your office,’’ he said unexpectedly and swallowed hard, but before he knew it, a resounding slap from Beryl landed across his face which left him dumbfounded. Beryl hissed loudly and waved at a taxi. In less than ten seconds, she and the taxi were out of sight… :

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Gavin got home in rage to meet his father in the sitting room, reading his newspaper as usual.

‘’Where is your wife, dad?’’ he barked furiously while the father quickly stood up.

‘’Have you suddenly gone nuts, son. How dare you?’’ the father shouted. He looked more surprised than angry.

‘’Mom has bitten more than she can chew. I will make sure I deal with her here and now.’’ Soon Mrs Edna emerged from the inner room but before she could even reach the sitting room, Gavin rushed to her and landed a slap across her face.

‘’If I should loose Beryl because of the s–t you brought to this house, I will make sure you rot in jail, nonsense,’’ he shouted and pushed his father out of the way, then fled out of the house again.

‘’My son slapped me because of a woman and you just watched on, right?’’ Mrs Edna asked as she rubbed the cheek where she had been slapped.

‘’What else did you expect, a hug, a kiss, an apology or what, tell me?’’ the husband said and threw his hands in despair. The wife’s eyes bulged out in shock.

‘’You mean you’re in support of what your son did?’’

‘’I’m sorry but I don’t have an answer and I don’t think I will ever have an answer to that question, I know the reason behind your actions but if I were you, I would simply change and do the right thing,’’ he concluded and walked out of the sitting room.

‘’He knows?’’ Mrs Edna asked rhetorically.

‘’No, I must get rid of that girl as soon as possible. I have to call Raymond to get rid of her quickly before she ruins my life,’’ she soliloquized and rushed up the stairs to make a call… :

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