Echoes of the past Episode 15



Mrs Edna sat on the edge of her bed with her phone placed to her ear. She was making a call. ‘’Yes, her name is Beryl, Beryl Scott,’’ She was saying.

‘’I know her ma, you are on the right track coz I also need her for my revenge mission,’’ Raymond said from the other end.

‘’Good, just make sure you abduct her, then kill her in three days but make her suffer before the final execution, understood?’’

‘’Sure ma, always at your service,’’ Raymond said confidently.

‘’Good, I’ll deposit some money into your account for a start.’’

‘’That will be great.’’



‘’I don’t need excuses, I need a clean and perfect job.’’

‘’I will give you the best, trust me.’’

‘’I trust you,’’ Mrs Edna smiled and ended the call happily.

‘’Let’s see who wins dear Gavin,’’ she said to herself and stared into the space… :


Beryl decided not to head home straight but rather go to the cemetery. She usually goes there to sit by her father’s grave to cry each time she felt heartbroken. She felt life was being very unfair to her, little did she know that she was in for a bigger and tougher challenge that might either get her killed or deeply wounded… :


Gavin walked in, looking ruffled. ‘’Guy, what’s up?’’ Rex asked and looked up from the system he was working on.

‘’Beryl is nowhere to be found. I have searched everywhere,’’ Gavin said tiredly and sat on the chair opposite him. Rex glanced at his wristwatch, it read 3:15pm.

‘’The last time you left here, you told me you were going to see her.’’

‘’I did, I saw her but now she’s gone,’’ he sighed and placed his head on the table in front of him.

‘’This is serious o, where could she be?’’ Rex asked rhetorically. :


Beryl walked out sadly through the gate of the cemetery. She felt very tired and weak due to hunger and too much crying. As she walked along the lonely streets, a car honked behind her, thus making her stop and turn. The car pulled to a stop right beside her and the left door opened, then a young man whose body structure looked familiar came out.

‘’Who are you?’’ Beryl asked as fear began to creep into her. She had always gone to the cemetery often times and no car was always seen around there after five pm.

‘’I am your worst nightmare, Beryl. I knew you would be here after being absent in your office and at home. I have missed your warmth and tonight will be a very happy reunion for us both,’’ the person said and pulled off his specs.

‘’Raymond!’’ Beryl gasped in shocked and was about screaming for help but a huge hand covered her face and everything blacked out. :


Mrs Laura Scott kept on glancing at the wall clock and dialling Beryl’s number. It read 7:45pm and Beryl was yet to be back.

‘’She never stays out this late, I have to…’’ She paused and stood up as a scream for Cheryl interrupted her.

‘’Mom! He’s going to kill me,’’ Cheryl shouted.

‘’Oh my goodness, what is going on?’’ Mrs Laura thought and ran upstairs. On getting upstairs, she could only hear Cheryl’s screams faintly. There were traces of blood on the tiled floor.

‘’Cheryl!’’ She screamed and made to run to her room but a hand held her firmly from behind, then a substance was placed on her nose which left her unconscious. :


It’s been up to two weeks and yet no sign of Beryl anywhere. The time read 6:45am and Gavin was standing in front of his dad in the siting room with his hands glued to his travelling box and suitcase.

‘’Where do you think you’re going to?’’ his father asked while the mother just sat quietly and watched.

‘’To find my missing rib, dad,’’ Gavin replied.

‘’At where?’’ The father pressed further.

‘’Come on dad,’’ Gavin said irritatingly and released his box and suitcase. ‘’That’s a useless question,’’ he said and threw his hands in the air.

‘’Since when did…’’ the father stood up and started to say but a knock on the door interrupted him, so he swallowed hard and turned to face the door.

‘’Come in.’’ The door opened, then Ethel and her mother walked in

‘’Wow!’’ Mrs Edna smiled and stood up to hug Ethel and the mother.

‘’What a surprise.’’

‘’Yes!’’ Mrs Veronica said sharply and sat down.

‘’Without wasting time, I will hit the nail on the head. When will the marriage preparations begin?’’ she inquired insolently.

‘’Marriage preparations?’’ Gavin and his father asked in unison.

‘’Yes, marriage preparations,’’ Mrs Veronica repeated.

‘’My daughter can never have a b—–d child.’’

‘’I laugh a lot madam but that doesn’t mean you should come to my house in the early hours of the morning to say nonsense. My son isn’t what you think,’’ Mr Lewis defended.

‘’I know,’’ Mrs Veronica chuckled. ‘’But first, let my daughter tell us who impregnated her.’’ Mr Lewis heaved a sigh and turned to face Ethel who stood with folded arms.

‘’Young lady, who impregnated you?’’ he asked.

‘’Gavin,’’ Ethel replied and looked down while her mother brought out a white sheet from her handbag, then handed it to Mr Lewis for clarification. Gavin who had been silent roared into laughter.

‘’Shut up you fool,’’ the father shouted while Gavin obeyed immediately. ‘’You are a disgrace, son, I can’t believe this.’’

‘’I am not responsible dad,’’ Gavin defended.

‘’Stop talking nonsense, this DNA test result confirms everything.’’

‘’The result is fake dad, believe me,’’ he said and moved closer to the father.

‘’I was diagnosed of low sperm count which means I can never father a child.’’

‘’What!’’ the dad exclaimed as everyone’s mouth opened wide in shock… :

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