Dirty Diana Season 2 Episode 5


Previously On Dirty Diana..

” Are you ok?” he whispered in my ear.

“Yeah I’m ok, I’m just scared a little bit, I don’t like scary movies”

“Oh babe don’t worry just look at me”

“Thank you” I said and he kissed the top of my head. I could feel Quame’s eyes on us but I didn’t dare look. I was beginning to get really tired.

“Breakfast is ready” I called

Seconds later they all came rushing in and the eyes gaped in at all the food. I was actually happy at what I have done, it did taste good.

“Wow” they all said

“Wow Diana you make a great breakfast”

“So Diana are you doing anything today” Paa Kwesi asked.

Well it’s Sunday, I don’t have work till next Monday so I guess that’s a no.

“Ohhh let’s go swimming in the backyard” Quame said.

That’s was a great Idea considering how hot it was.

“get a room ready for me, i’m bringing some students over. I’ll explain when i get there”

“where are you going?” she asked with concern but my guilty conscience interpreted her concern as suspicion. Hmmm one other thing about guilt is that it always tells on you.

“Thanks guys oh and where’s Quame

I was cut off by him picking me up.

“Don’t you dare throw me in Quame!!!”

He had a cheeky grin on and the next thing I knew I was being thrown in. I felt another body jump in right behind me.

When I reached the surface I saw Quame laughing at me along with the rest of the guys.

I’m going to get you!!” I screamed.

I tackled him and pushed him into the water

He had the cheeky grin on his face once again he grabbed my waist pulling me towards him I didn’t know why but I just felt a connection like I had with Eric

“Come on let’s go get some lunch I’m starting to get hungry” he said

I just realized I was too and I was still in my swimsuit awkward. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up, we started to make our way downstairs.

Man this is going to be awkward



The lecturer

Henry and I weren’t exactly close friends but were simply like friends who remembered each other when in need of help. We attended the same college and university but i was lucky to further my education while he stayed back to manage his brother’s hotel.

“yea you are right but i had to rush into marriage out of necessity. What i’m about doing won’t change the strong love i have for my wife. You just need to see the girls i’m talking about.

Damn they are super hot and sexy. All you can think of when staring at them is just sex” i poured out with passion while my friend laughed.

“holy me!, I can’t wait to see them” he breathed. “just wait and see for yourself” i replied with a smile.

Few minutes later, I got a call from Comfort. “i have arrived at the hotel sir” she informed me. I instantly told her where to meet me. Henry’s eyes enlarged as he saw Comfort walk towards us minutes after the call.

Comfort really was a beauty to behold. She wore a green top which revealed a fraction of her breasts and a tight fitting trouser which showed off her great waist.

“damn this chick is going to blow your whistle pretty hard mehn” Henry gasped. I smiled and acted cool.

“good evening sir” she greeted on getting to our table, sat beside me and smiled.

“how about your friend?” i asked curiously. “i left her behind sir. I think it’s safer without her” she answered, winking at me.

“so which drink will you take?” I asked calmly, “nothing sir. I’m ok” she answered.

“seriously?” i pushed on.

“yea” she nodded.

I shrugged with resignation and winked at Henry who quickly stood up.

“OK then, let’s go and wrap things up” i smiled, stood up and offered her my hand like a gentleman. She grabbed it and stood up while Henry dutifully led us to the room he kept for us. .

“do have a wonderful time” Henry said with a smile on getting to the room, gave me the keys and calmly left us. I was finally all alone with Comfort inside a hotel room, nervous as ever and about to commit the greatest mistake of my life.


I made my way downstairs with Quame and to the backyard. When Eric saw us he came rushing to me and took me to the kitchen to be alone.

“Are you ok Diana, I’m sorry about my brother.” He said in a worried tone.

I hope Eric still Likes me after I just kissed his twin brother. I might like him more. Ugh why me!!!

“Yeah don’t worry, I shouldn’t have kissed him back can you forgive me?” I asked.

“Yes of course, I think I might like you a lot and I want to know if you wanted to go on a date tonight?” He said

I was so surprised when he said this. I think I’m going to say…. Yes! Ok ok Diana you can do this.

“Of course Eric, I would love to!” I said and kissed him on the cheek.

He look relieved when I said this.

“Where are we going so I know how to dress?” I asked him

“Well there’s a fair tonight and I was thinking we go there and I’d pick you up around 5:30.” He said with a smile on his face.

“Sounds like fun, how about we go get some lunch with the guys” I asked. He nodded and we went to join them.

I think this is going to be the best night ever!! am starting to see clearer that Eric is the one.

Quame : I can’t believe I didn’t ask her out and now Eric did. I wanted to be the guy to take her out. I heard everything they were saying. I know it was a bad thing to do but I had to know. Well I guess I have to wait. I’ll prove it to her no matter what.

Eric : Yes ! I’m so glad she agreed to going out. But I’m still mad that Quame kissed her. I know we weren’t going out or like doing anything but still.

I should probably talk to him about that.


The Lecturer

So how do we go about your friend’s paper. Will you also write for her?” i suddenly asked, fetching out the exam answer papers from the file i held.

“write what?, i don’t understand sir” Comfort asked with astonishment.

“we are here for the exam you missed, are we not?” i asked nervously.

“of we are but you can’t expect me to write the exam here. Can’t you just award marks to us. Did you pay for a hotel room just for me to write an exam i missed?” she protested, while i dropped the papers with embarrassment.

Of course i came for sex but i just didn’t know how to start. She was my student for crying out loud. Yea we somehow looked like age mates but it still didn’t change the fact that i was about selling my dignity for a juicy kitty..

“oh sir you are just dulling me. You are behaving like an old man” she hissed boldly, stood up, took off her top and kicked out her trouser, facing me like a hot stripper. I instantly got aroused over the sight of her juicy body.

I swallowed hard, drew close and grabbed her shoulders furiously. She licked her lips and gently unbuttoned my shirt.

“now you are behaving like a man. You are really so young to be a lecturer, i must confess. How did you get to such position so fast?”

She asked like a playmate. I couldn’t even say a word. My mouth simply was glued with excitement.

Within seconds, i was totally naked before her. She drew back, took off her undies and gently dived to the bed.

“come get me” she invited with a cosy smile.

I quickly pulled on a condom and joined her on the bed where she offered a very succulent forbidden fruit to me and i have to be honest. I really enjoyed every bit of it

However not only did she even offer me the fruit, she equally brought out the passion in her to feed me with such indescribable hungry passion.

But one funny thing about the whole affair was that immediately after the deed was over, my eyes opened and I saw that i was shamelessly naked before my student. I couldn’t even look her in the eye.

“i hope you are giving my friend and I an “A” on the course we just took care of?” she asked, caressing my back with her left hand. I felt totally disgusted and ashamed.
Medicine after death. Lol


We all agreed to go to Papaye for lunch, apparently they call its Maccas which I don’t get but whatever.

We spent about 45 minutes there and then the guys showed me around Osu a bit as well. I can’t believe I’m friends with Eric. I watched their videos on youtube when i was in takoradi and they were very funny.

A few fans stopped us and asked for autographs and pictures. The guys gladly took pictures with all of them and signed as well.

It was about 3:00 when I finally got back to my house. I decided to start to get ready. I took a shower then started on my hair and make up

By the time I was done I actually thought I did good. I’m so glad I’m getting more confident in myself. And most of all I’m so glad I don’t cut anymore. Modelling saved me after people began to compliment me more and I began to see that I actually do look pretty. I still doubt myself but it’s getting a lot better day by day.

It’s 5:20 and I wait for Eric to come pick me up. I make sure I look ok one last time and by then there’s a knock at the door.

There’s Eric, looking gooooood.

He has his hair cut short. He’s wearing khaki trail and a plaid shirt with a jeans vest over.

I hope this goes good!!

To be continue after 70 share