Dirty Diana Season 2 Episode 4


Previously On Dirty Diana.

“please sir you got to help me. I’m 28yrs old, i can’t afford staying an extra year. I’m already way behind in everything” she begged.

“What do you want me to do eeh? so what’s in it for me, why should i risk my career for you?” i asked curiously. She smiled.

“Sir, do you have a guest room in town?


“Are you ok” I asked her with a concerned expression on my face. When I saw her beautiful blue eyes. We were just staring at Each other.

“Yeah I’m ok thanks for helping me

“You look familiar” she said.

“I’m Eric,” I said grinning at her.

“Ohh nice to meet you I’m Diana, thanks again for helping me up

” no problem and don’t worry its sexy”

“Hey you want to come over and meet the rest of the guys in a bit

“Yeah sure I would love to just give me 30mins to change and shower”

” Ok great,

“No i don’t have a guest room anywhere in town, the only way i can help you is to allow you write the exam here in my office.

“S!ir, the second problem is that i’m not the only person affected. My girlfriend also missed the exam” she murmured cautiously.

“get out” i sparked angrily


Diana’s POV

Omg Eric asked me to hang out with him. And he called me ‘sexy’ earlier I can’t believe it. I might actually like him but I don’t want to fall too fast.

“Hey you are Quame, nice to meet you” am Diana

“Hey Eric sorry I took so long”she said blushing.

“No problem it’s ok”

Eric asked me to help him make some popcorn in the kitchen.

“So what did you want to talk about”

“I just wanted to do this” he said and leaned in and kissed me.

I kissed back deepening the kiss. He lifted me up not the counter and I wrapped my legs around him and ran my fingers through his hair.



Mr Lecturer

You girls should stand up” i breathed calmly. They all obeyed and stared at me hopefully. “write down your phone numbers on this paper, i will call when i make up my mind” i added, pushing a booklet towards them.

They smiled happily, wrote down their phone numbers and left while i sat down and thought over what i was about doing. I weighed the risks and consequences of sleeping with them. It definitely would turn me into a cheat and something like that never easily stops once it starts.

And if things go wrong, i could lose my job. I could lose my wife, my dignity and respect. I could lose everything i had struggled to build. But surprisingly, the more i thought about it, the more i had the urge to sleep with the girls.

I really never had the opportunity to enjoy girls as i wanted during my university days because i was very much preoccupied in making a 1st class which i finally earned to the detriment of my social life.

I never had real fun in school and it just looked that moment as if i was being offered all i missed as a student. I never concentrated in the exams i supervised that day, and on getting home later in the afternoon, i freshened up and thought about everything for the last time


We went back to the living room and all the boys were smiling at us except for Quame. They must have heard what was going on. I was so embarrassed. Quame just glared at Eric for a moment then went back to the movie.

I sat on the couch with Eric and laid on his chest. Even though I just met him but I felt so safe in his arms and warm. By the time the movie ended it was 10pm and they wanted to watch another movie.  This movie was also scary so I just laid on Eric chest looking away.

” Are you ok?” he whispered in my ear.

“Yeah I’m ok, I’m just scared a little bit, I don’t like scary movies”

“Oh babe don’t worry just look at me” he whispered back to me.

“Thank you” I said and he kissed the top of my head. I could feel Quame’s eyes on us but I didn’t dare look. I was beginning to get really tired.

I slowly doze off to sleep on Eric chest.

The next morning when I woke up I didn’t know where I was but then everything came back to me …. Eric? omg I’m sleeping with Eric? (not like that) wait …..  do I like  Quame or Eric.

Well I did basically make out with Eric. But the way Quame was just staring at Eric when I was lying on him. Ehh it was probably nothing I don’t think he likes me like that.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I felt something moving under me ( again not like what you are thinking) it was Eric, he was starting to wake up, I then realized it was just me and him in the living room

“Hey babe when did you wake up”

he said in his cute morning voice.

Ouuu he called me babe again I don’t think that will get old.

“Oh not too long ago and where is everyone?”

He looked around and no one was there besides me Of course.

Then we heard a bang coming from the kitchen.

” I think we just found out” he said with a big grin on his face.

We got up and went to the kitchen to see the rest of the boys trying to cook breakfast but were terribly failing.

“Umm guys what are you doing?” I said.

Well we were all hungry and tried to make a big breakfast but obviously you can see it” Paa Kwesi said then Quame and James nodded in agreement.

“Well I could make breakfast if you guys like, I actually like cooking” I said with a smile.

Right when I said that they had huge smiles on their faces and nodded their head.

I started making breakfast and they all left probably going go watch TV

20 minutes later I had made a big stack of pancakes along with beverages and eggs.

“Breakfast is ready” I called

Seconds later they all came rushing in and the eyes gaped in at all the food. I was actually happy at what I have done, it did taste good.

“Wow” they all said

Guys it’s just food hurry up and eat before it gets cold” I said

We all sat down to eat and 20 minutes later all the food was gone.

“Wow Diana you make a great breakfast” skip said picking me up and throwing me on the couch. I think he would make a great friend.

“Skip, skip we just ate I don’t want to throw up” I yelled while laughing.

“Oh yeah I forgot” he said still laughing though.

That’s when all the rest of the guys came in the living room.

“So Diana are you doing anything today” Paa Kwesi asked.

Well it’s Sunday, I don’t have work till next Monday so I guess that’s a no.

“Nope I’m free this whole week until next Monday too, I don’t have work.”

“Oh what do you do?” Quame asked and all of them waiting intently on the answer.

“Well I’m a model, I’m from Takoradi and I got transferred out here for a new line” I said

“Wow no wonder you are so hot and a model” Paa Kwesi said while grinning.

Both Quame and Eric were just staring at him for making this comment.

I could feel my cheeks hot.

” thanks Pee, I was actually really self conscious about myself though but i guess modelling kinda helped that.” I wasn’t going to tell them about how much self conscious I was though I don’t want their pity.

“Don’t ever feel self conscious about yourself, you are beautiful in every way don’t forget it.” Eric said

Awwww he’s soo sweet.

“Thanks, it really means a lot”

“So what do you want to do today? Paa Kwesi said

“Ohhh let’s go swimming in the backyard” Quame said.

That’s was a great Idea considering how hot it was. Oh and I forgot to go check out my backyard I probably have a pool too, I was so caught up in the guys that I forgot to go back there.

“That’s sounds like a great Idea, Ok guys well I’m going back to my  house and change into my swimsuit so I’ll be back in like 15 minutes.”


Mr Lecturer

I finally made up my mind to do it. “this will be the first and last” i assured myself, picked up my phone and called a friend who managed a very popular hotel at the outskirt of the town.

“get a room ready for me, i’m bringing some students over. I’ll explain when i get there” i said and hung up, giving him no time to say anything. I equally dialled Comfort’s number, gave her the hotel address and asked her to meet me there with her friend by 4pm.

I freshened up one more time, grabbed my keys and hurried out of my apartment, but as i got to the car park, i saw my wife driving in with a happy smile on her face. I really wasn’t expecting her to be back from work by that hour because she always arrived home very late in the evening, and so i wasn’t prepared to face her nor had any solid lie at hand.

Right from the moment i started my teaching job in the university, she hardly gave me any breathing chance. Of course she was a professors daughter and must have learnt some things from her parents.

I smiled nervously as i watched her alight from the car. She drew close and hugged me.

“where are you going?” she asked with concern but my guilty conscience interpreted her concern as suspicion. Hmmm one other thing about guilt is that it always tells on you.


I made my way over to my house and went to my suit case, I still didn’t unpack yet, I should probably get on that. I found a white bikini that was super cute

I changed into ripped jeans shorts and a tank top and ran over to the boys, I knocked on the door but there was no answer. I went around to the back and opened the gate to go into their backyard and they were all messing in the pool.

“Hey guys, I see you couldn’t wait for me” I said in a joking manner.

“You took so long and it was getting so hot” Kwesi said defending himself

“You guys are funny”I said while smiling.

I started pulling off my top when I saw all of them just staring at me. I started feeling a little self conscious. Did I really look that bad?

“What, do I look that bad”I asked.

Their eyes widen when I said that. Wait where was Quame, he wasn’t there

“Are you crazy, you have the hottest body I’ve ever seen”. Said James and they all nodded in agreement.

I was pretty surprised at this

“Thanks guys oh and where’s Quame

I was cut off by him picking me up.

“Don’t you dare throw me in Quame!!!”

He had a cheeky grin on and the next thing I knew I was being thrown in. I felt another body jump in right behind me.

When I reached the surface I saw Quame laughing at me along with the rest of the guys.

I’m going to get you!!” I screamed.

I tackled him and pushed him into the water

He had the cheeky grin on his face once again he grabbed my waist pulling me towards him I didn’t know why but I just felt a connection like I had with Eric

The question is which connection is stronger?

We kept staring into each other eyes . He had his hands around my waist and I had mine around his neck.

Quame POV

She’s so beautiful I couldn’t help but pull her close to me. Even though the rest of the guys were there, I didn’t care, I had to feel her lips on mine. I pulled her close and she started smiling, she let out her arms around my neck.

I leaned in and locked her lips. She hesitated at first but then she gave in and started kissing back. We stayed like that for a couple seconds till Kwesi started coughing.

We pulled away and all the boys were just staring…. She looked at all of them and her eyes landed on Eric. She looked like she regretted kissing me. That hurt.

Then next thing I knew she was running out of the pool.

“What was that Quame!, now look what you did!” Eric said

I ignored him and just ran out of the pool to go find Diana.


Mr Lecturer

darling i’m heading back to the school for a staff meeting” i answered, nervously kissing my wife. “staff meeting? haaa” she breathed and looked at her watch.

“yea it’s just an emergency department meeting. I’ll be back in no time” i answered, kissed her again and headed into my car.

Fifteen minutes later, i was at the hotel, very scared, nervous and shaky. I couldn’t believe i was actually there to cheat on my wife. I breathed deeply, took another look at the packet of condom i bought on the way, rubbed my face with my palms, alighted from the car with an office file {In which i hid some exam papers} and headed into the massive hotel, my heart furiously pounding.

“my guy i hope you know what you are about doing?. Hmmm i’m against married men like you cheating on their wives. That’s why i’m yet to marry. I have to enjoy every girl i can get before finally settling down” Henry joked as we shared a drink while waiting for the girls to show up


I found her in my room curled up in the corner.

Diana POV

I can’t believe I did that especially in front of Eric, I feel horrible now. I knew he liked me and I kissed his twin brother Infront of him how could I be so cruel.

When I looked at him after the kiss I saw him hurt. I couldn’t take it anymore I just had to get out of there. I ran out and went upstairs and went into a room with bunk beds probably the twins. I just sat at the corner and cried.

Wait, I ran out on Quame, he must be hurt now too. Why am I so stupid. I then heard foot steps getting closer. Quame saw me crying. I tried to whip away the tears so I didn’t look too weak. I hate being Vulnerable.

“Hey don’t cry it’s going to be ok”

He said trying to comfort me.

“No Quame it’s not, I’m such a bad person I shouldn’t have ran off on you like that, it’s just that since I came here I thought I like Eric, I honestly felt like he was the one but when I saw you, I don’t know, I felt the same way maybe more but I can’t tell and when I kissed you today Infront him I couldn’t help but feel guilty cause I did it right Infront of him”.

I just poured out my feelings to him, omg what have I done.

“Sweety don’t worry I’m sure who ever you pick the other person will be ok”. He said

I felt a bit better when he said this.

“Thanks, like you really know what to say” I said while smiling.

“Come on let’s go get some lunch I’m starting to get hungry” he said

I just realized I was too and I was still in my swimsuit awkward. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up, we started to make our way downstairs.

Man this is going to be awkward.

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