Dirty Diana Season 2 Episode 3


Previously On Dirty Diana.

“good evening sir” a female voice greeted. I instantly knew the voice belonged to one of my students which made me clear my throat and answer with a gruff voice.

“yes?” i asked seriously.

“hello sir, my name is comfort. I’m one of your students.

I was extremely surprised to learn that the girl was in front of my house because I never made the mistake of giving my house address to any of my students..

“what do you want?” i asked.

“your help sir” she replied.

“fine wait there. I’m coming out”

“What is this!” I yelled. All they did was laugh more.

” it’s shaving cream!” Esi was on the verge of crying from laughter.

” It’s 8:00am what do you expect from us.” Blessing said.

” we had to do one last prank before you leave us” Diva said.

When we finally got to the airport they were looking for me, I ran to them screaming their name.

“Hey guys” I said pulling them into a hug.

They started crying.

“Don’t cry guys we will see each other again.” I said Trying to hold back my tears.

“I know but were just going to miss you so god damn much” Blessing  said.

“I’m gonna miss you so much sweet heart. Be safe and I love you.” Dad said

i’ll miss you too and I love you dad.” I told him.

I hugged my mom and she started crying again I consoled her once again and that’s when I heard * flight to Accra is now boarding* I hugged my parents and friends one last time before boarding the plane. I looked back to see my mom and friends crying. I waved goodbye.

This is it the start of my new life.



Hmmmmm, I really spent most of that fateful night thinking of what to do. A part of me wanted to help her, since i still had the answer scripts in my office and equally was the only lecturer handling the course after Dr Boateng travelled to India two months ago, but another part of me frowned over helping her.

I really was caught between doing the right thing or taking the wrong step. It could equally be a set up, which i wasn’t blind about. I just couldn’t reach any decision that fateful night.

As soon as i got to my office early the next day. The young lady walked into my office with a calm smile on her face. I frowned on seeing her which she noticed and drew closer to me without fear.

“please sir you got to help me. I’m 28yrs old, i can’t afford staying an extra year. I’m already way behind in everything” she begged.

“so what do you want me to do eeh?. Supposing you participated in the exam but wrote nothing it could have been a different issue. But you missed the exam. Your record isn’t anywhere” i answered.

“i can get an answer booklet, and write the exam anywhere you want. All i need is for you to accept it when i’m done” she said boldly, giving me the impression that she has done such a thing before.

“so what’s in it for me, why should i risk my career for you?” i asked curiously. She smiled.

“sir, do you have a guest room in town?” she softly asked, slapping my ears with the unexpected question.

“as in a good place to write the exam without any disturbance” she added without fear, while i drew back with shock


I finally landed in Accra here it was 2:30pm. I gathered all my bags and went through security. The agency said that someone would pick me up from the airport to take me to my residence. I seen a tall man holding my name on a piece of paper. The man had no expression at all.

” hey I’m Diana, are you going to take me to my new house?” I asked

“Yes, right this way miss” he said emotionless.

The man helped me with my luggage and load them into the car. It was a black escalade. It was very pretty, I looked at all the people and the shops that were around. It felt like ages before we finally arrived at my new house.

It was a nice little neighbourhood. The house was also pretty nice. It was cool to think that I would have all of this for myself. Ok here I am the start of my new life.

Eric POV

Paa Kwesi,, James, Quame and Daniel were doing a press confrence in the house and I wasn’t really in the mood. I haven’t been in the mood lately since i broke up with Stella. I thought she was the love of my life but I guess not.

I stepped out into the porch for some fresh air and i saw someone. She was beautiful. She was a tanned girl. She had tons of luggage with her for some reason. Oh yeah she was moving in right next door to us.

The man didn’t help her carry any of the luggage, he just left her on the side walk. As she was trying to carry all the bags she fell right over the curb. I rushed over to help her because she looked hurt.

” are you ok” I asked her with a concerned expression on my face. When I saw her beautiful blue eyes. We were just staring at Each other.

“Yeah I’m ok thanks for helping me

“You look familiar” she said. Wow she was beautiful when she was thinking.

“I’m Eric,” I said grinning at her.

“Ohh nice to meet you I’m Diana, thanks again for helping me up

” no problem and don’t worry its sexy” I said, crap I can’t believe I just said that. I’m such a dummy.

“I’m s-sorry I didn’t” I was cut off,she was smirking at me.

“No don’t worry I don’t mind” she said still smiling.

“Ok thanks oh and let me help you with all these bags” I said lifting up one of her suitcases.

When I was done helping her carry in all her stuff that she had. Damn she have a lot of stuff. She offered me to stay awhile. She gave me a glass of water and we started talking. We talked for what seemed like ages. She was so easy to talk to. What I kept thinking was that I wanted to kiss her.

“Hey want to come over and meet the rest of the guys in a bit” I asked. Smiling shyly.

“Yeah sure I would love to just give me 30mins to change and shower”

” Ok great, so I’ll meet you at my house in 30mins yeah?” I asked.

” yup I’ll be there” she said.

We said our goodbyes and I left. Wow this the longest I’ve gone without thinking about Stella. I really like Diana even though we just met.


It was very obvious she had no respect for my personality, probably because i was a young guy or because she has dealt with men much more older than me.

“no i don’t have a guest room anywhere in town” i answered with a strong tone, forcing her to draw back with surprise.

Slowly the meaning of her question dawned on me. I instantly realised the direction she was heading.
I just felt embarrassed before her. I simply felt like a guy who mistakenly saw the pant of a careless lady in public. I looked down, avoiding her eyes.

“The only way i can help you is to allow you write the exam here in my office. And you will have only thirty minutes to write and submit the paper.

!That’s the only way i can help” i suddenly offered with a free mind, expecting her to at least say thank you for such a generous offer. But instead she keep quiet, forcing me to look up and stare at her with astonishment.

“sir, the second problem is that i’m not the only person affected. My girlfriend also missed the exam” she murmured cautiously.

“get out” i sparked angrily


Diana’s POV

Omg Eric asked me to hang out with him. And he called me ‘sexy’ earlier I can’t believe it. I might actually like him but I don’t want to fall too fast because of my past experience.

I ran upstairs to shower. I will start unpacking tomorrow as I had a week before i start work. After my shower I put on some mascara and a thin line of eyeliner. I put on some clear lip gloss as well. I changed into some light wash shorts, a black top and a plaid shirt over. I wore my white low cut converse and my red SnapBack.

I walked over to the house and knocked at their door. Why was I so nervous, I never felt like this before about a guy. well lately

Paa Kwesi POV

We were just finishing up our TwitCam when Eric walked through the door. We said good bye to the fans and shut off the computer. He came into the lounge room.

“Where have you been” I said.

” I was with a girl why?” He said

Cause you missed the whole press conference! look I know you thinking about Stella but she was stupid for cheating on you forget about her! …. Wait you were with a girl!?”i asked.

“Yeah I was, she’s our new neighbour and she should be here in like 30mins to hang out” he said.

” Is she hot, I hope she’s hot!” James said

“Trust me she’s hot” Eric said.

“Ouuuuu I think someone has a crush” Daniel said. We all started teasing him about.

“Shut up, she’ll be here any minute and try not to make a fool of yourselves ”

“Oh we’ve never make a fool out of ourselves” I said sarcastically.

10 minutes later there was a knock on the door.


“Get out from my office“leave right now” i barked, but instead of leaving, she went to the door and ushered in another hot looking girl into my office. I stood up, shaking with anger.

They drew close to my table and knelt before me, shading crocodile tears.

“we are ready to do anything, just name it sir. Please we beg you, don’t let us repeat another year in this school” they begged, leaving me speechless and confused.

Of course I now knew the direction they were heading. They all wanted a straight pass without writing the exam. Even if i was to give them the opportunity to write the exam in my office.

They obviously was going to write nothing. They simply wanted a back door pass even though they weren’t exactly saying it out.

As a young man, silly ideas slowly built in my mind. It was as if the devil just jumped inside me that very moment, turning my head to an another direction….


“I’ll get It” I yelled running towards the door.

I opened it and she was stunning. No she was beautiful. Her piercing eyes held on to mine, we just stared at each other till she started speaking.

“Hey you are Quame, nice to meet you” she held out her hand.

I shook it and pulled her in leaning her up against the door as I closed it.

I was staring at her lips. They were beautiful, our faces nearly touching. I was about to kiss her until Paa Kwesi interrupted us.

“Oh look at this, Quame you are already hitting on Our neighbour and she barley walked through the door” he said.

I saw blushing and she moved away. She was embarrassed. She introduced herself to Quame and. Her name was Diana, I like her name.

“Hey Diana!” Eric said running downstairs and pulled her into a hug. Was something going on between them?

“Hey Eric sorry I took so long”she said blushing. I loved it when she blushed.

“No problem it’s ok”

” so what do you want to do?” She asked.

We could watch a movie if you want?”

“Sure sounds great”

Dians’s POV

Wow. I can’t believe I almost kissed Quame, I thought I liked Eric but now am getting second thoughts. I wondered if he like me though cause I still do really like him. Well we’ll see how the night goes.

I was introduced to James and Daniel but he likes to be called skip better. we finally settled on a movie. The guys ended up choosing paranormal activity 4. I personally hated scary movies but I didn’t want to seem like a whimp in front of the boys.

Eric asked me to help him make some popcorn in the kitchen. I followed him into the kitchen and he popped the popcorn package into the microwave.

“So what did you want to talk about”

“I just wanted to do this” he said and leaned in and kissed me.

I kissed back deepening the kiss. He lifted me up on the counter and I wrapped my legs around him and ran my fingers through his hair. He started to kiss me on my neck slightly biting me a bit.

That would leave a mark. I let out a slight groan. He came back to my mouth and we started kissing again. We were interrupted by the microwave going off. He started to smile at me. I loved his smile.

To be continued after 70 share